Life Reboot

It's time to live your best life! Need the tools to help you build it? Learn to empower yourself and live life to the fullest by letting Lindsay Rielly, Leah Messer, and Brian Scott help you learn to reboot your life.


Life Reboot

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows - Leah and Jason Get Candid About Their Relationship

Jason Jordan is in studio with Leah, Lindsay, and Brian to talk about focus. Plus, how he and Leah stay happy in their relationship and what they look for in a partner.
00:44:18 3/20/2019

Past Episodes

Relationship expert Rob Mack joins Lindsay, Leah, and Brian to help break down what makes us, and keeps us, happy in our relationships!
00:55:42 3/13/2019
Leah, Lindsay, and Brian are talking about the difficulties of friends or family who hurt you and seek to serve themselves at the detriment of us. Learn how to deal with these people and how to move past them!
00:24:29 3/6/2019
Leah's back in LA to hang with Lindsay and Brian as they break down why we shouldn't hide our emotions and avoid certain topics and to express ourselves and be vulnerable.
00:30:55 2/27/2019
Learn the easiest way to a better day! Our conscious choices toward improving our days, and lives, have to come from our decisions. It's up to us!
00:19:24 2/20/2019
Celebrate love this Valentine's day with the one's you love...and special guest, Lindsay's mom, Nancy Rielly! How can you help build and maintain a lasting, loving relationship? And remember to choose love in order to guarantee a better day!
00:41:46 2/13/2019
Many might not be afraid to die, but who isn't afraid to LIVE? Learn to live your life without fear and find the things you can implement to actually live and not just go through the motions of life.
00:35:27 2/6/2019
Self-acceptance can transform us, but it can also transform the lives of our kids! Learn to identify where your emotions are coming from and how to get them back into your heart so you can process them. Plus, listener questions!
00:28:16 1/30/2019
We all suffer through certain circumstances every day, and many of them we can't control. So how to we learn to work with our circumstances and not let them discourage us?
00:35:04 1/23/2019
Leah's boyfriend Jason joins in on the conversation about why it's so important to learn to break from familial, and familiar, cycles. Establishing and employing your authenticity is more important than following the pre-set path.
00:42:00 1/16/2019
Dr. Theo Kousouli joins the show to talk about how to become a master of the self, especially learning to master self love in this new year. Learning to love the self goes a long way.
00:52:32 1/9/2019

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