Life Reboot

It's time to live your best life! Need the tools to help you build it? Learn to empower yourself and live life to the fullest by letting Lindsay Rielly, Leah Messer, and Brian Scott help you learn to reboot your life.


Life Reboot

Breaking Cycles with special guest Jason Jordan

Leah's boyfriend Jason joins in on the conversation about why it's so important to learn to break from familial, and familiar, cycles. Establishing and employing your authenticity is more important than following the pre-set path.
00:42:00 1/16/2019

Past Episodes

Dr. Theo Kousouli joins the show to talk about how to become a master of the self, especially learning to master self love in this new year. Learning to love the self goes a long way.
00:52:32 1/9/2019
Don Jose Ruiz dials into the show to talk about not just the four agreements but also the fifth agreements and his latest book, "The Wisdom of the Shamans". Plus, Lindsay, Leah, and Brian discuss their unique journeys and the lessons they learn that lead to wisdom.
00:43:58 1/2/2019
Leah talks about the challenges of filming for sixteen and pregnant and how reality TV can be intentionally misleading. As 2018 draws to a close, Lindsay, Leah, and Brian look to 2019 and go over how best to set goals and achieve them.
00:54:22 12/26/2018
Lindsay, Leah, and Brian talk about surrounding yourself with those who relieve stress in your life and don't add to it. When you want to be your best it can be problematic to compare yourself to others. So learn to take the pressure off and be your authentic self!
00:31:28 12/19/2018
Hay House author Marisa Moris joins the group to help us understand bullying on a larger scale and how to help get toxicity out of ourselves. Learn to use light to clear out your negative emotions and deal with those who bully you.
00:40:19 12/12/2018
What does it mean to actually push reboot? A reset is sometimes key to getting back into alignment. It also doesn't mean completely starting over. Most of the time we just need to step away and look at a challenging situation with clear and fresh eyes.
00:34:45 12/5/2018
Faith isn't just a religious term, it's important that you have faith in yourself and in what you believe in general. Doing so allows you to create a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life!
00:39:42 11/28/2018
Lindsay, Leah, and Brian talk about the importance of setting boundaries in relationships. Boudaries are proactive and responsible, ultimatums are reactive and come from insecurity. Learn the best way to distinguish between them and help set healthy boundaries!
00:35:37 11/21/2018
Lindsay, Leah, and Brian talk about the importance of transformations and how we often need to hit rock bottom in order to find our way to the light. Then, they talk with special guest Jeremy Calvert about his relationship with Leah and how the media and TV tends to skew what you see.
00:31:01 11/14/2018
What happens when we get carried away by our emotions and our thoughts? We let our thinking get out of control when we aren't aware of why we feel the way we do. When we step back and learn to observe our thoughts, we can see a simpler path to happiness.
00:30:24 11/7/2018

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