Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie on SKOR North

Judd Zulgad is a former Minnesota Vikings beat writer, lifetime beer connoisseur and part-time sports conspiracy theorist. Phil Mackey is a former Minnesota Twins beat writer, full-time professional wrestling geek and unofficial ambassador for robot umpires. Ramie Makhlouf is a stand-up comedian and recovering Chicago sports fan. Find them daily, 4-6p, talking all things Minnesota sports (Vikings, Twins, Timberwolves, Wild, Gophers, Lynx) on SKOR North and


Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie on SKOR North

Hour 2: The story behing Disco Demolition and CRAM Session

6/24/19 Hour 2

  • CRAM Session
  • St. Paul Saints Co-Owner Mike Veeck joins the boys and tells the story of Disco Demolition
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:47:00 6/23/2019

Past Episodes

6/24/19 Hour 1

  • The boys discuss the Twins recent struggles
  • More thoughts on the Twins play recently
  • Ramie's weird fear
00:53:00 6/23/2019
Write That Down predictions, Lev Bell's 911 call to his "wild night" and Judd and Ramie close the show talking Twins.
00:00:00 6/20/2019
Judd and Ramie discuss the Timberwolves' first-round pick of Jarrett Culver and if it was the right move; Danny Cunningham joins to give his thoughts and did Kyrie
00:00:00 6/20/2019

6/20/19 Hour 1

  • Danny Cunningham with Wolves Draft steam
  • Danny sticks around for a second segment of Wolves speclation
  • Joe Mauer joined the Glen Perkins Podcast earlier today
00:54:00 6/19/2019

6/20/19 Hour 2

  • CRAM Session
  • Digesting Breaking Wolves Trade News
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:44:00 6/19/2019
Judd broke his cardinal sports rule. Chip now cheers for the enemy. All is upside down on this edition of Conduits of Trouble. Judd Zulgad and Chip Scoggins are back this week to breakdown all that has happened in the past week of Minnesota Sports and the boys start off with that 17 inning marathon the Twins and Red Sox put us through last night. Other Twins notes the guys discuss is the need for the Twins to make a trade as soon as possible, Sano's continued issues, and Rocco's managerial style. To wrap the show today Judd and Chip discuss all the moves the Wolves are being rumored to be in for.
00:49:00 6/18/2019

6/19/19 Hour 2

  • Wild NBA and Wolves rumors
  • In Other News
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:47:00 6/18/2019

6/19/19 Hour 1

  • That extra innings game from last night
  • Jayson Stark on baseball
  • The Umps Union being extremely tone deaf
00:56:00 6/18/2019
Judd's Hockey show returns. With the Blues winning the Stanley Cup, does that give you hope for the Wild; Free agency plan; What does a contract for Anders Lee look like? Spurgeon's future; Could the Wild draft a goalie? Who's most likely to be traded at the draft? CBA talk.
00:00:00 6/17/2019

6/18/19 Hour 2

  • Roy Smalley on Twins
  • Reckless Wolves Trade Speculation
  • Wrap with Reusse
00:44:00 6/17/2019

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