Makers of Minnesota

The Makers of Minnesota podcast, hosted by Stephanie Hansen, features products and services uniquely made in Minnesota -- and conversations with makers, entrepreneurs and innovators in Minnesota about how they conceive of their products and bring them to market.


Excelsior Candle Co. (ep. 115)

Heidi Mueller has taken Excelsior Candle Company from her basement to a commercial space where she still pours and packages her own candles in less than 2 years. (ep. 115)
00:00:00 11/12/2018

Past Episodes

Recap 7: We catch up with Micah Svedja as he prepares to move Bootstrap Coffee Roasters (ep.43) into a larger facility in West St Paul that will give more space for roasting but also a full-service coffee bar that will be open to the public by Spring 2019.
00:00:00 11/7/2018
Chronicles of Yarnia Inc is Taylor Laurich business that makes and designs custom knit hats for local businesses. (ep.114)
00:00:00 11/5/2018
VanGo Automotive refurbishes and rents VW Vanagons RV's to offer customers a blast from the past for their retro glamping adventures behind the wheel of a classic ride.
00:00:00 10/29/2018
We catch up with Heather Manley from Crooked Water Spirits and Heathers Dirty Goodness Seasoning. Heather Manley launched Crooked Water Spirits in September of 2014 and is already at 9 varieties of spirits. Much has changed since her visit with us 2 years ago. We catch up with her growing businesses. (ep.18)
00:00:00 10/22/2018
Eric Palen has a cricket ranch in his basement as he harvests live crickets to make cricket protein for Northstar Crickets.
00:00:00 10/22/2018
Recap 5: Cathy Skinner is growing and receiving grant money and funding from the National Institutes of Health for the Thrivors mobile app. Thrivors, is an individualized exercise, mental health, and nutrition self-managed wellness program for Cancer patients on a mobile app. We catch up with Cathy as she has pivoted her market and is starting to gain traction and funding from our last visit on @makersofmn (ep.2)
00:00:00 10/16/2018
Mostly Made is a lasagna and enchilada filling that is, Mostly Made. Hear how Jillian McGary researched her way into creating a product designed to help busy moms get dinner on the table fast.
00:00:00 10/15/2018
Gina Holman was the first podcast guest of @makersofmn and no grass has grown under her feet in the last 2 years. Hear about all the new creations and awards being won by J Carver Distillery's grain to glass movement. (ep.1)
00:00:00 10/8/2018
Andy Wright bought a Minnesota State Fair award winning, organic, BBQ Sauce Company that he loved with the idea that he could gain traction and sales in a competitive category. Hear how he is bringing Triple Crown BBQ Sauces to the masses.
00:00:00 10/8/2018
Kara Larson highlights local maker stories in the magazine Make MN.
00:00:00 10/1/2018

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