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Missed the afternoon show on New Country 92.3 in St. Louis? You found the replay podcast! Both of the dudes, none of the music.


Mexico, meditation & muscle pain

Remy is recovering from 14 hours of swinging a golf club & Mason is supposed to be meditating. The latest from therapy, the reef & how you can go to Mexico with us!
00:33:59 9/19/2018

Past Episodes

This week the guys talk about what it's really like for them backstage, updates on new homes, hospital visits & more terrible Casio keyboard jams!
00:37:28 9/13/2018
This week on the Mason & Remy Podcast the dudes talk about Mason's hospital visit, how the new Nike advertising campaign made it's way into their world, Remy's new home & the boxes we live in. Plus, a little insight into the guy's passion projects.
00:28:46 9/6/2018
This week the dudes are talking about what's on the horizon, now that Remy's officially closed on his house & Mason has a week break from working on himself. We're spitballin' new segments & asking what you'd like to see, if you'd like to see it at all.
00:42:56 8/30/2018
In this episode of the Mason & Remy Podcast, Mason talks about his progress with therapy, dealing with his personality, finding his love language & more! Meanwhile, Remy shares the final steps of getting to his new home. Leave your compliments or complains in the nonexistent comment section!
00:43:35 8/23/2018
Remy can see the finish line of purchasing his new home & moving, Mason is experiencing the back to school phenomenon. Mason talks about a great movie, Remy shares his great pain
00:32:02 8/16/2018
The guys talk about what's been happening in their lives in the last week! Including Remy & his family finding a home, Mason's progress in therapy & what happened when Remy went to Mason's house!
00:35:29 8/9/2018
Is Mason going to become a Fortnite coach? Will Remy be homeless forever? What else did you miss from this week in Mason & Remy? Listen up to find out!
31:15:00 8/2/2018
We started a new job, learned a lot of new stuff & now we finally found some time we could sit down to talk about what's going on in our lives. Check out our latest update & look for new episodes every week!
00:41:42 7/29/2018
We're back in STL & on the air officially at New Country 92.3 but maybe you don't know us! Who are we? Where have we been? What can you expect from our show now that we're on in the afternoons? Not sure... but if you listen, two of those questions might actually get answered!
00:23:28 7/10/2018

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