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The Biggest 3 Featuring Gary Payton, Julius Erving, and George Gervin

Coley and Tyler take on the Grand Opening of the Big 3. At one point...Coley and Tyler take on the Grand Opening of the Big 3. At one point in the day we decided to try and be real life journalists and were able to talk with Gary Payton (start of the show), Dr. J (when Tyler says RIGHT NOW around like 40-something minutes, idk you'll hear it it's super obvious), and the Ice Man George Gervin (instead of the outro song we have George Gervin. I'm sorry for that wicked awesome upgrade. If you need a song for an outro go listen to "Good Times" by Thugger and Jamie XX. That probably would've been today's song if we're being honest with one another.) Now, the Big 3 denied credentials for our camera guy, so the audio on these interviews,,, well, it's audible. And that's the point of a podcast. To be heard. You're welcome.   Show More


Past Episodes

To the haters and losers, of which there are many in the NBA Draft, Tyler and Coley properly roast them up a storm for picking bad - and in fact not good - players in this year's Draft. To the winners? Well, congrats. We don't really care about you show offs. Looking for validation? You've come to the wrong place entirely, buddy boy.
NBA Champion JaVale McGee joins to discuss his charity - The #JUGLIFE Foundation. Pierre also gets into his dream of becoming a suspect on Law & Order: SVU, the culture in the Golden State locker room compared to other teams, Gilbert Arenas being the original Steph Curry, Kevin Durant lying about his height, and why Pierre didn't stick as a nickname.

For more information about The #JUGLIFE Foundation, please visit juglifewater.com.
Danny Ainge traded Coley's youngest, most musclebound son Markelle to the Philadelphia 76ers. So what now? Why did this happen? When will the sun explode, engulfing the Earth in a fiery blaze of magnificent doom and horrifying glory? It's Draft SZN
For some reason, Coley tells Tyler the entire plot of the motion picture "Draft Day" starring Kevin Costner. Tyler simply could not believe that anything Coley was saying about the movie was true, despite Coley being 100% correct for the entirety of his speech - as he is with every sentence he's ever uttered. Jimmy Buffet is eating dinners off our backs, song of the summer is discussed, and also - some basketball talk sneaks in the backdoor.
Kevin Durant wins Finals MVP after the Warriors claim the series in 5 games. If only there had been an NBA podcast which had told you this was going to happen all playoffs long. Because this was such a foregone conclusion, Tyler and Coley spend only a few minutes on the Finals before moving on to the NBA Draft, Darius Miles' estate sale, and Sebastian Telfair's new gun-running endeavor.
And they failed. Miserably. Kevin Durant dotted a dagger in LeBron's eye and that was that. The Warriors are up 3-0, so we decided to discuss whether or not Curry/Durant is actually the best duo of all time or not while wondering if Julius Irving and Rip Hamilton are crazy for thinking their title teams were even playing the same sport as the Warriors.
Coley believes the NBA Finals are a wrap. Done. Finished. Faneto.
Tyler believes the Cavs still have an outside chance.
Both agree that Kevin Durant is ruining basketball and that the NBA will collapse on itself like a dying star by 2020.
Also, the Olympics is finally getting 3v3 basketball and a full breakdown on the Ryan Brothers very un-Jimmy Buffett like behavior at Margaritaville.
THE FINALS ARE HERE..... AAAAND, THEY'RE GONE! Probably. Game 1 was an epic blowout that was close for all of 12 minutes. Luckily for you, we here at Mickstape broke down more than this game because there was nothing even worth taking away from that beatdown. After starting off with some more Jimmy Buffett talk, we dive deep into the Big Baby-Austin Rivers beef and wrap up with the Washington Post's Top 40 Players since the ABA/NBA merger list.
LaMelo Ball set the internet on fire when he went out and dropped a cool seven points on 45 shots, guiding his AAU team to a 50-point loss over the weekend. LeBron, like the classic front-runner that he is, only wins titles the same years Alabama Football brings home the crystal football. And for some reason, Coley and Tyler spent the first 40 minutes of the show debating Gucci Mane and Jimmy Buffett. No one knows why, but it happened.

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