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After 40 years of being an industry standard, Music Connection Magazine is hitting the Mics! Hosts Randy Thomas--the first-ever woman to announce the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, the Academy Awards and Tony Awards--and Arnie Wohl who has worked in Management & Promotion of artists like Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul and Coldplay, are bringing the stories off the cover and into the studio. Each week you can expect exclusive interviews with Rock Icons like Sting, Daryl Hall and Jimmy Page, and cutting-edge acts such as Haim, Mondo Cozmo and Anderson Paak, all of whom bring the magazine to life. Music Connection Magazine comes alive on the Podcast One Network every Wednesday.


Music Connection

Singer-Songwriter-Actor: Jesse McCartney

Randy Thomas, Arnie Wohl, and their favorite daughter Rachel Wohl sit down with millennial favorite, Jesse McCartney. You may know him as a teen heartthrob/pop music sensation, Broadway star, or voice over star of Alvin and the Chipmunks. He's back and better than ever as he sits down in the studio to talk all things music with his new single "Wasted" taking off, and college music tour starting up. His Resolution Tour is kicking off in January; find him in your city!
00:30:02 12/11/2018

Past Episodes

Randy Thomas, Arnie Wohl and Mark Nardone are back talking about one of Rolling Stone's top 10 must-see-bands Greta Van Fleet! Brothers Josh & Sam Kiszka of Greta Van Fleet join the Music Connection Podcast crew to talk about their short yet rapidly growing career. And as this week's encore installment comes to a close, we hear a Concert Review from Carson Beck, who shares his experience of the "2017" Greta Van Fleet show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles.
00:30:33 12/4/2018
Singer/songwriter Olivia Lane connects with the podcast team of guest host Rachel Wohl, Mark Nardone and Anita Gevinson. All aboard as Olivia takes us on her journey from Houston to Los Angeles to Nashville. (and she's only 27 years old!) Olivia reveals her songwriting process for some of her biggest hits like "You Got Me", and "You Part 2".
00:26:35 11/27/2018
Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors with his album "Angels and One-Armed Jugglers" is our special guest once again. In Part Two, Chris shares more songwriting tips and what "Writing with Monkeys" really means. Also, how his experience with old-school record-making and disciplines of that era compare to the digital-age. Plus, a taste of his live bonus performances at SoundBOX:StudioCity. Join co-hosts Randy Thomas & Arnie Wohl as they explore the quick success of the Spin Doctors and all those early hits.
00:31:35 11/20/2018
X Ambassadors lead vocalist & sax player Sam Harris and drummer Adam Levin join Randy Thomas, Arnie Wohl, Mark Nardone and Anita Gevinson for a joyful convo about their new music and how they're paying it forward with a mentoring competition called "Project: Aloft Star." Check out their song cuts for "Joyful" and "Don't Stay" as well.
00:20:16 11/13/2018
Singer-songwriter Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors is our special guest for 2 episodes. In Part One, Chris tells us stories about how the band got named, playing a biker bar, and thoughts of Lois Lane & Kryptonite. Chris also shares overcoming his vocal challenges and songwriting experiences. Join co-hosts Randy Thomas & Arnie Wohl, plus special correspondent Anita Gevinson as they explore the quick success of the Spin Doctors and how those early hits were born.
00:34:55 11/6/2018
It's been a year since we talked with Ty Dolla $ign, and this Halloween episode is a fitting replay of when Co-hosts Randy Thomas & Arnie Wohl hit the road with their YellowTec Mic for an exclusive interview with Ty at Club EP/LP in Hollywood, California. Ty chats with the duo about his new album "Beach House 3", his incredible following, and meteoric success. Mark Nardone updates us on the latest from Music Connection Magazine along with fun musical insights from Anita Gevinson.
00:17:32 10/30/2018
When we heard singer/songwriter KT Tunstall was booked as our guest on the Music Connection podcast our entire team had to be part of it, and we were not disappointed! Randy Thomas, Arnie Wohl, Mark Nardone, Carson Beck and Anita Gevinson talk to KT about her new album called "Wax," her breakout hit "Black Horse And The Cherry Tree" and so much more. KT also tells us what it was like to have "Suddenly I See" featured as the opening song in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada."
00:36:27 10/23/2018
Hosts Randy Thomas Arnie Wohl and announcer Carson Beck speak with Ariana DiLorenzo American Synth Pop artist from New York City. Ariana and the Rose shares how she approaches writing her deep and meaningful music, plus the release of her newest release Lonely Star. Also, as a performance artist speaking to her music and Light & Space Show happening in Los Angeles and New York.
00:42:48 10/16/2018
Randy Thomas, Arnie Wohl and Anita Gevinson talk to Santa Monica based singer & playwright Monique DeBose about her brave decision to pursue her life changing dreams, her latest release "The Sovereign One" and her one woman show "Mulatto Math: Summing up the Race Equation in America". DeBose holds a master's in Spiritual Psychology and graduated UC Berkeley with a BA in Math. Monique shares her story about when the numbers didn't add up for her, she jumped at the chance to find herself as a Jazz singer.
00:31:03 10/9/2018
Randy Thomas and Arnie Wohl are joined by announcer Carson Beck for this intimate conversation with twins Alanna and Brianne Finn-Morris, from British Columbia. The girls have been singing together most of their lives but they don't write and compose together. We discover how they got their break and the inspiration behind their music-a beautiful and refreshing blend of folk-rock-pop to lushly orchestrated ballads, plus we get a taste of their telepathically tight vocals when they perform live in studio.
00:40:16 10/2/2018

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