Office Hours with Spencer Rascoff

When a couple of CEOs get in a room together, what do they talk about? Listen in as Zillow Group's Spencer Rascoff has the kinds of conversations that can only happen between peers: tackling tough questions, sharing hard-won insights, and defining what leadership means today.


Sukhinder Singh Cassidy: Founder & Chairman of theBoardlist

Sukhinder is a serial entrepreneur and longtime technology executive who had stints at both Google and Amazon. In 2015, she founded theBoardlist, a talent marketplace for leaders to find highly qualified women to join their boards. Among startups, 57 percent have no women in executive positions. On boards, more than three-quarters of privately funded tech companies have no women, and the picture is even worse among public companies. In this episode, Sukhinder discusses why the tech community should add more women partners, executives and board seats - and why she's optimistic about the future of women in tech.
00:22:02 3/15/2018

Past Episodes

Companies that transform our lives with one innovation (like Microsoft Windows) often find it difficult to repeat the same feat because everything - from product to revenue to culture - is built on top of that one big idea. This is the challenge Satya Nadella faced when he took over the reins at Microsoft. How could he ensure that the 43-year-old company seized new opportunities and warded off potential threats? The answer: Build the ability to hit refresh into the culture by focusing on mission, leadership and growth mindset.
00:30:57 3/1/2018
Eric Holder knows a thing or two about introspection. In his current role, companies tap the former U.S. Attorney General to ask difficult questions and help businesses improve everything from diversity to how they work with foreign governments. With the democratization of information and the rise of social media, today's leaders and companies can no longer hide behind a great PR team. According to Holder, "Companies can always be introspective in the same way that we can be as individuals and ask tough questions of ourselves or as corporate entities. What are our strengths? What are our weaknesses? How can we do better?"
00:27:44 11/8/2017
The companies within Bill Gurley's investment portfolio have some clear similarities: great user-generated content, a reliance on the network effect and a "power to the people" mentality, meaning they put consumers first. But companies don't succeed solely because of their business model or mission - they also need strong leadership. According to Bill, great leaders tend to be unafraid, innately curious and bold. He looks for these qualities in the founder pitching the investment opportunity because - while the idea is important - it's the person who is going to execute it. In this episode, Bill references his 2012 essay, "The Dangerous Seduction of the Lifetime Value (LTV) Formula." You can read it in its entirety here.  
00:27:19 6/29/2017
As a founding member of several successful companies (Fog Creek, Trello) in the software development space, you could say that Joel Spolsky knows a bit about developers. On his popular online forum, Stack Overflow, developers ask more than 8,000 questions a day to a community of roughly 40 million developers who visit the site every month. Joel talks about software developers with a reverence normally reserved for philosophers: "Every day, developers get a chance to make a decision that's going to impact the world," he says. But with that power comes great responsibility, and managers have an important role to play in helping developers consider unintended consequences and use their power for good.
00:30:53 6/15/2017
When John MacFarlane and his co-founders started Sonos in 2002, they knew nothing about audio or hardware. They simply had an inspiring mission: Fill every home with music. And they knew that the future of music wasn't CDs - it was wireless, digital and connected. In order to stay competitive in an industry that's changing, you have to lead with disruption and never stop improving, and it's this commitment to continuous improvement that has propelled Sonos to outsell some of the world's biggest tech companies in the home audio category.
00:28:30 6/1/2017
Comedy writer and producer Robert Carlock's spectacular career includes writing and producing credits on iconic shows such as "Saturday Night Live," "Friends" and "30 Rock." Most recently he co-created the Netflix original series "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," now entering its third season. As a leader in a creative field, Robert doesn't rely on data to make decisions. Instead, he draws largely from his intuition and simply knowing what's going to be funny. And untethering creativity is a lesson all companies and industries can learn from.
00:30:28 5/17/2017
Dubbed Silicon Valley's "oddest couple" by The New York Times, together Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg have driven Facebook's astronomical growth and supported one another along the way. The keys to their successful COO-CEO partnership: open communication, commitment to their relationship and shared values.
00:17:05 5/10/2017
With a storied career that includes leading coalition forces and counterinsurgency efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Retired Army Gen. David Petraeus definitely knows a thing or two about leadership. According to Petraeus, effective leaders don't dictate the tactics; they establish the mission, boundaries and direction, then empower the team to determine the best route. Great leaders also understand that, sometimes, big ideas need to evolve ? whether they're running a military operation or private-sector company.
00:26:23 4/19/2017
Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden is in the midst of his "what's next" agenda following the company's successful acquisition of Virgin America. Acquisitions, no matter how well executed, are almost always tough on companies. But the commonalities between Alaska and Virgin - their focus on customers and building alignment among employees - lays the foundation for the former competitors to work together and adopt the best features of both airlines as they move forward under a single brand.
00:31:09 4/5/2017
With managing a relocation, a mammoth real estate development and significant leadership changes on the coaching staff, L.A. Rams COO Kevin Demoff has a had a tumultuous couple of years. So how does he measure his organization's success? It's all about confidence in the coaching leadership - from the players, the front office and the fans.
00:26:43 3/23/2017

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