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FFN 086: 5 Books Every Man Should Read in 2018

It's been said that, "The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read." I believe that's true. We have so much access to the world's greatest minds and thinkers and all we have to do is tap into those minds through the power of their written words. I didn't always think so highly of reading. In high school, I would do whatever I could to get out of reading and doing book reports. In fact, the only book I remember reading was The Old Man and the Sea which is, of course, a classic. But now, I read at least 50 books per year. I make it an objective of mine to read one per week. I get a lot of questions about how I'm able to do this and, although that's not the subject of today's podcast, I do want to tell you it's very simple. I commit to reading for at least 30 minutes per day. Every single one of us have 30 extra minutes in the day and, if there's one thing you can do to spend that time most effectively, it's reading. Again, you're tapping into the most powerful minds and ideas in the history of this planet. Incredible. So, with that said - and just in time for the holidays and last minute Christmas shopping - let me share with you five books that are an absolute must on that list of 50 I would suggest you read. Keep in mind that these are in no particular order. www.orderofman.com/books2018 Please leave us a rating and review!
09:27 12/15/2017

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Every time I bring up a conversation about style as it relates to masculinity, I'm met with hesitation because, "real men don't care about what they wear." And, while that sounds good to say, it just isn't true. If it were, we'd all walk around naked or a baggy t-shirt and sweat pants everywhere we go. Besides, your style is a powerful tool in building influence, gaining confidence, and creating opportunities for yourself. My guest today is my good friend, Tanner Guzy with Masculine Style. I've learned more from him about what I wear, what it says about me, and how it's perceived by others in the last couple years than I have the rest of my life. And while it's hard to quantify the results dressing well produces, there's no doubt there's a connection between what I look like and my income, confidence, and influence.? ?SHOWNOTES ?The difference between power and appeal How your clothing communicates to others Tactics vs. strategy in what you wear The 3 style archetypes 6 factors to choosing your style How to focus on meaning versus just looking good Where confidence stems from How to improve your style without having to wear a suit How to maintain practically and still look good How to overcome the need for validation in the way you look How to develop and maintain influence with others Why every man should focus on improving his style ? TANNER GUZY Gentlemen, my guest today is my friend Tanner Guzy. Tanner and I met years ago. In fact, he was the second guest I ever had on the show. I used to balk at the idea of dressing well because I thought it was more about what's inside a man than what he's wearing. And, while there is validity to that, our style says a lot about who we are. Tanner is a deep thinker (which I appreciate) and goes well beyond how to wear a suit and what shoes go best with what pants. He delves deep into the why and the psychology of what we wear and how it produces results in our lives. And, that's what we're all about here - producing results. And, if I can take learn just one thing about what I wear that will help me in my life, you can bet that I'm going to do it. Tanner is going to show us how. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/143 Website: http://orderofman.com
48:01 12/12/2017
This one is a little different for you today. Normally, on Friday, you get to listen to me talk about some things that have been bouncing around in my brain but, today, you get to listen to an on-the-spot conversation between me and my friend Collin Cottrell. Collin and I went on a hunt together about a month ago. This was my very first hunt and I thought you'd enjoy hearing about it and the lessons that I learned along the way. So, I asked Collin (again, my friend and founder of Activate the Hunt) to interview me and, of course, I interview him about what goes into a successful hunt and why he does what he does. www.orderofman.com/FFN085 Please leave us a rating and review!
31:58 12/8/2017
Running a business can be a challenge. I know, I own two of them. At times, things seem to be firing on all cylinders and at other times, it seems like I'm just barely hanging on. Regardless of where you are with your business (and even if you're an employee of a business), there is always something to be learned in how to run the operations more effectively. My guest today, Cameron Herald, grew 1-800-Got-Junk from $2,000,000 in revenue to over $106,000,000 in just six short years among other amazing business accomplishments. We talk about developing a board of advisors, attracting top-quality talent, creating work/life balance, the art of delegation, and how to develop, operate, and expand a business. SHOWNOTES How to inspire a team Developing a management style Scaling business operations Running team meetings effectively and efficiently Attracting top-quality talent Developing a board of advisors Finding work/life balance Starting the morning off right The power of delegation 4 rules for a powerful business meeting Creating a vivid vision Utilizing a Chain of Command CAMERON HERALD My guest today, Cameron Herald, is a speaker, author, and business coach working with Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officers around the world. What I like most about Cameron is his no-B.S approach to building and scaling businesses. He has such an ability to cut the heart of the matter and eliminate anything that keeps businesses from growing. As you heard earlier, Cameron grew 1-800-Got-Junk from $2,000,000 in revenue to $106,000,000 and has led and operated multiple other $100,000,000 business. You'll see why that is as you hear Cameron and I talk about scaling businesses, the things that keep a business from thriving, and how to make the most of every single minute to maximize results within employees, officers, and the organization as a whole. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/142 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:23 12/5/2017
The other day, I had made a comment in our Facebook Group about being a Patriarch. Someone suggested I put that phrase on a shirt but I thought it would be better to explain it here. Very simply, a Patriarch is the male leader of a family. It's becoming painfully obvious that we are lacking male leadership in the home. Divorce rates are on the rise as they have been for some time and the amount of young boys and girls who are growing up without fathers is scary to even think about. And, I don't even think we've begun to see the fallout from the leaderless homes. Already, we see young boys and girls confused about their gender, we see violence, addiction, and the fact that the sexual misconduct perpetuated by men is seemingly climbing. I can't help but think that a lot of these problems could be addressed by worthy and honorable male leadership in the home. I don't think all of this would go away but if more men would lead their families the way they're meant to be led, much of the negativity we see in society today would dwindle. I want to be really clear here. I know there are situations in which the mother is responsible for leading the home. Maybe dad is out of the picture for whatever reason. But, regardless, a man's influence in the home cannot be replicated. Men and women are different. Where women are great in certain areas, men fall short. And, where men are great in certain areas, women fall short. This is why it is so crucial that there be both a masculine and feminine presence in the home. Specifically, I want to talk about the masculine presence in the home because that's where we as a society seem to be falling short. Look, if you're a father and/or a husband, your job is to lead. Period. You are designed to lead. You were born to lead. And, what's really fascinating is that the majority of women I talk with who tune into what we're doing here are craving men who lead with honor, strength, and integrity. So today, of all the factors that make you and I the Patriarchs of the family we've been called to be, I want to talk with you about three specifically. www.orderofman.com/FFN084 Please leave us a rating and review!
09:51 12/1/2017
There was a time in my life when I felt as if I was living for everyone else. I woke up to a marriage that was in shambles, a business that was failing, a bank account that seemed to be in the red more often than it was in the black, and a lifestyle I hated. That has all changed for me. My guest today, Hunter McIntyre, although taking a different path, was also living a life other than what he really wanted. That was until he found Obstacle Course Racing and the passion for life you'll hear in his voice. Today, we're going to talk about how that discovery changed his life, how to identify where you need to grow most, the power that comes in trying new things, and how to life life on your terms. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Identifying where you need to grow most The value of meditation and self-talk Developing story lines that serve you How to refine who you are The power of trying new things Why selfishness isn't always a bad thing How to shine your light for others Discovering what the world needs from you Learning to let go of things that no longer serve you Cultivating the right attitude for life How to keep the your fire burning? HUNTER MCINTYRE Guys, today I have the privilege of introducing to you Hunter McIntyre. Hunter is a Professional Obstacle Course Racer, a two-time winner of Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge, and is one of the highest paid Obstacle Course Racers in the world. What's even more interesting is that what we might recognize in Hunter today was nowhere to be found when he was younger. Most of his younger years were spent doing drugs and getting drunk, run-ins with the law, and several rehab stays. Eventually, he found his way into modeling working with J. Crew and Abercrombie and Fitch. But, it wasn't until he found Obstacle Course Racing that he truly transformed his life. I just watched this guy compete in the Spartan World Championships in Tahoe. He is the real deal. He is loud. He's in your face. But, there is no doubt he thinks big and lives life on his terms. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/141 Website: http://orderofman.com
41:30 11/28/2017
I wasn't going to talk with you about gratitude because everyone is going to be talking about it with Thanksgiving and it seems to be a little played out but that thought goes against what makes gratitude so powerful in the first place. I truly have so much to be grateful for and, regardless of your station in life right now, so do you. When, we overlook (like I was about to this year) all that we have to be thankful for, we forget that we already have so much in our lives and life is good. www.orderofman.com/FFN083 Please leave us a rating and review!
09:11 11/24/2017
4 years ago, I was fat, out of shape, and miserable. My relationships were suffering. My business was falling apart. And, I was at a complete loss on how to turn my life around. That was until I began to take better care of my body and focused on making the most of the machines that are my body and mind. Today, I am joined by the founder of FitLifeTV, Drew Canole. We talk about his transformation as well as mine, the most powerful way a man can start his morning, how to embrace and learn from your mistakes, the power of a clear vision, and how you too can live the fit life.? ?SHOW HIGHLIGHTS The best way to start your morning The role of creation vs. victim How to embrace your mistakes The law of attraction Building the structures and systems for a healthy life Mastering your mindset Why juicing is such a powerful way to get your nutrients Why we do the opposite of what we know we should What besides nutrition goes into living a fit life Finding congruency in your life To cheat or not on your meals The power of vision? DREW CANOLE Gentlemen, I've been looking forward to introducing you to my guest and friend, Drew Canole for some time now. I've been following his work with FitLifeTV and Organifi for years and we when were able to finally connect and get him on the show, I jumped at the opportunity. You're going to hear this guys' excitement for life as we discuss all things health related (which goes well beyond exercise and nutrition). He is a bestselling author and, as I said before the Founder and CEO of FitLifeTV where he has reached millions of people across the planet on the topics of health, fitness, healing, and longevity. Get your notepad out as Drew and I have an incredible conversation on living the fit life. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/140 Website: http://orderofman.com
45:01 11/21/2017
Whether you're trying to win the girl, get a job promotion, or get new clients, it's critical that you wrap your head around the idea that you are a marketer. Today, I'm going to share with you why this mindset is so important, some of the pitfalls we should avoid, and some very simple strategies you can implement to help you get more in your life. I know there's a lot of guys who think that they're not marketers or that somehow this is a shady way of looking at things but I can assure you it's not. If you have a product (whether it's you or some service or offering you have), you have an obligation to bring it to the market and share it with the world. www.orderofman.com/FFN082 Please leave us a rating and review!
11:40 11/17/2017
"Deep in his heart every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue." This is one of my favorite quotes about masculinity and, if you've been following us for long, you've heard it from me a thousand times. Today, I am honored and have the privilege of talking with the author of that quote and one of my top 5 most recommended books on masculinity (Wild at Heart), John Eldredge. We talk about the secret to a man's soul, the single question every man needs to have answered, society's attack on gender, how to embrace authentic masculinity, and why every man is wild at heart. SHOWNOTES The secret to a man's soul The single question EVERY man needs answered Society's attack on gender How to embrace authentic masculinity How masculinity is earned How to overcome being a poser Pornography and the disintegrating family's effect on men and society How to find out who you are Why rites of passage are so important How to focus more on your internal world than your external world The collapse of gender Permission to be men The masculine virtues JOHN ELDREDGE I am honored to introduce you to my guest today, Mr. John Eldredge. When I set out on this journey to become a better man, his book Wild at Heart was one of my go-to resources for an understanding of who I am as a man and how men show up in this world. At the time, I never thought I'd actually have the chance to have a conversation with him but after some back and forth and getting our schedules pinned down, we were finally able to lock something in. John is an author, a counselor, and a teacher. He's been working with men and teaching them how to transform their lives for more than two decades. It's interesting to see that the book, Wild at Heart still strikes a nerve with men across the world more than 15 years after he wrote it. This is a testament to John's understanding of what we, as men, are really after in our lives and how to become the men we are meant to be. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/139 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:11 11/14/2017
A lot of men seem to believe that arrogance is what makes you strong. It's not true. An over-inflated ego opens up to all sorts of blindspots. Where arrogance makes you weak, humility makes you strong. www.orderofman.com/FFN081 Please leave us a rating and review!
10:51 11/10/2017
Gents, today is a different kind of podcast and it's unlike everything we've ever done before. Last month I had the opportunity to head to the Spartan World Championships in Tahoe and was able to sit down with my friends, Sal, Adam, and Justin from MindPump Media. They are a fitness company but we don't talk about anything fitness related as we sat down for an hour or so to talk about political correctness, the future of technology including planned communities and cryptocurrency, capitalism, and just about everything in between. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a conversation about everything and nothing with the guys. SHOW NOTES The plague of offense and political correctness Why we're wired to look for bad news The value of analyzing objective data Understanding reality vs. what others are trying to portray How capitalism creates harmony State of current affairs The future of planned communities and commerce Why listening to opposing views is critical for growth The advantages and disadvantages of modern technology The relationship between gun ownership and gun violence How to shut down bad ideas The pitfalls of the two-party system The future of cryptocurrency The negative effects of artificially raising minimum wage SAL, ADAM, AND JUSTIN WITH MINDPUMP I've got three guests for you today, Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer, and Justin Andrews. They are the founders of MindPump Media which is a media company dedicated to giving accurate and entertaining information about the media industry, what works, what doesn't, and how you can get control of your health. These guys have a combined experience of over 40 years in the industry and, although we don't talk a thing about fitness today, you can tell but the depth of the conversation we do have, these guys are very intelligent and extremely well-informed. In a world that seems to regurgitate the same basic health information over and over again, Sal, Adam and Justin are extremely entertaining and bring a whole new perspective to the way we look at fitness, nutrition, and health. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/138 Website: http://orderofman.com
01:07:01 11/7/2017
Take a look around society. We see a lot of weak people. Mentally, people allow the smallest of circumstances to get ahold of them and dictate their actions. Emotionally, they their emotions to get the better of them and, physically, people are unhealthy. If you have any hope of becoming the man you are meant to be, you are going to need to learn to develop strength in each of those areas. And, the only way to get physically, mentally, and emotionally, is to embrace discomfort. www.orderofman.com/FFN080 Please leave us a rating and review!
10:38 11/3/2017
Today, I've got a different podcast for you today. My guest is Tim Ballard and he is the founder of Operation Under Ground Railroad, a non-profit organization designed to save children around the world from child sex trafficking. My wife initially introduced me to Tim's work and, after following him for sometime, I'm inspired by the good he's doing in the world in the wake of some horrific atrocities more men need to know about. Today, we talk about stories of his team's rescues, how these young children are being helped to recover, how to find a calling in life, how to avoid "the flinch" when undercover, and the fight against child sex trafficking. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS The seriousness of child sex trafficking Stories of children rescues "Aftercare" and helping children recover How to find a calling in life How to avoid the "flinch" when undercover The men behind these rescues How meaningful work changes a man How to rally people around a cause Identification and extraction tactics and efforts How you can get involved TIM BALLARD My guest today is Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit designed to rescue the victims of child sex trafficking. To date, Tim and his team have rescued 745 victims and assisted in the arrest of 365 traffickers around the world. Originally, Tim worked for 12 years as a Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security but became frustrated with the red tape and inability he had to actually remove these children from the horrible situations he was responsible for investigating. In 2013, he left the department and founded Operation Underground Railroad. Today, we're going to talk about that process, the good he's now doing in the world, how to take action on the problems you see in the world, and how you can get involved in this fight. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/137 Website: http://orderofman.com
37:51 10/31/2017
The following podcast is an excerpt from our new book to be released February 2018. If you would like to be among the first to know when the book is available, register here. www.orderofman.com/FFN079 Please leave us a rating and review!
13:35 10/27/2017
Recognizing that we, as men, wear masks might just be one of the most difficult self-evaluation processes we can go through. It's difficult because sometimes we've been wearing a mask for so long that it actually becomes part of who we are and how we define ourselves. My guest today, New York Times Bestselling Author Lewis Howes, joins me to talk about why men are failing so many benchmarks, how to recognize and confront what is holding you back, why the masks we wear hinder our personal growth, and the 9 masks of masculinity. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS What is the Mask of Masculinity Why men are underperforming in every benchmark The 9 masks we as men tend to wear How to recognize which mask you might be wearing The common thread between all the masks How to confront the things that hold you back How to stop defining yourself by the mask you wear How our masks hinder personal growth How to embrace discomfort and vulnerability How to avoid overcompensating for weaknesses How to better understand your emotions Which mask I tend to wear LEWIS HOWES My guest today is New York Times Bestselling Author, Mr Lewis Howes. I know a ton of you are already familiar with his work and what he's up to with his own company and podcast (which is listened to millions of times per month), The School of Greatness. We had Lewis on the show a while back but since then, he has released his newest book, The Mask of Masculinity. What I enjoyed a lot about this book is that Lewis really pulled back the curtain in his own life and you can tell by the way he's analyzed who he is and what makes him tick that this is a process he doesn't just talk about, this is a process that he's actually gone through and uncovered for himself. Lewis Howes had a lot of success as a professional athlete (which hints at the mask he was wearing) only to find himself injured and wondering how he could redefine himself and tap into who he really is. Gentlemen, gear up, prepare to challenge some thoughts about who you are, and let's unpack the idea of the mask of masculinity. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/136 Website: http://orderofman.com
50:00 10/24/2017
As a lot of you already know, I interviewed Navy SEAL and New York Times Bestselling author, Jocko Willink, earlier this week. One thing that he said that really stuck out to me was the difference between former military members who are able to maintain their discipline after the service and those who aren't. I have personally seen both. I've seen veterans who make a seamless transition into civilian life and I see those that really flounder and I've often wondered what the difference was as well. What Jocko said is that the difference between the two is whether or not they've found a new mission. During my time in the military, the mission was always very clear to me. We were instructed on the objective, given our marching orders, then left to carry them out. But, when you transition out of the military, there's no one to give you any marching orders and you're left on your own to figure it all out. What's interesting to me is that one of my favorite authors, John Eldredge (who, by the way, just agreed to come on the podcast) happens to be the author of one of my favorite quotes. He says, "Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, and adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue." I want to focus the conversation today on the first component of that quote, a battle to fight. Men are warriors. Not all warriors have to be battle proven in war but I do believe it's in our nature to look for problems, to be on the lookout for the enemy or, at a minimum, a threat to our livelihood and the people we have a responsibility for. I look around in society today and I see men who have no real sense of direction or purpose. I know you do to - maybe it's you. You look into their eyes and you can see that all the enthusiasm and excitement they may have once had is all but gone. I would argue it's because these men, as Jocko would say, have no mission or, as John Eldredge would say, they have no battle to fight. So today, I'm going to encourage you to pick a fight - to pick a battle. I don't mean a literal fight with someone or a group of people. I mean that I want you to take a look around at society and engage in a cause worth fighting for. This could be a career calling, a fitness journey, the family you're working to provide, protect, and preside for. I really don't care what it is but I do want to give you four steps to engaging in the fight of your life. As I talk about these four steps, I'm going to give you a lot of questions as opposed to answers. I can't decide what your battle is. You have to decide that for yourself and the best way for me to help you do that is to give you some questions to ponder and consider. IDENTIFY THE ENEMY The first step in picking a battle to fight is to talk a look around society and identify what you see as being wrong with the world. Write down everything that comes to mind. In a way, you're identifying the enemy. Not a literal enemy but the thing you're going to fight against. For men, 3 years ago, I saw that there was a real problem with the state of affairs for men. Like I mentioned before, I've seen too many men who have lost the spark of life and don't know where to turn. Couple that with the fact that society in general doesn't like or approve of masculinity (until they need men to do something) and it became painfully obvious that there was a problem. In many ways I set out to solve my own problems as I was one of the men to which I'm referring. What bothers you? What injustices do you see in the world? What problems do you have in your personal life? What could be better about this life? The answers to those questions will help you identify the battle you may have been born to fight. Remember, you're not limiting yourself here. You're just brainstorming. RECON Once, you've identified some problems with the world - the ones that are meaningful to you, you're probably going to find a common theme between them. There are probably a few that overlap or stand out to you. If that's the case, I'd recommend you start doing some reconnaissance. Who is already addressing this problem? What solutions are already available? How has this problem been addressed in the past? What gaps are there in the solution to this problem? When you start answering questions like these, you start giving yourself the power to do something about the problems you see with the world. BATTLE PLAN Once you've identified the enemy and you've done some recon regarding the battle already being wages and the gaps that need to be filled, you can start planning your battle. What solutions will you offer? How will you offer them? What assets do you need? What in your life do you need to improve in order to be the champion of this cause? Who do you need to know in order to bring the fight? Once you know the answers to these questions, you should then ask yourself, what is the next first step? ENGAGE You don't have to have this all mapped out. You just need to know what the next step is because the next step in your battle is to engage. Maybe it's to create a website or a podcast. Maybe you need to ask for a promotion at work or propose a project to your employer. Maybe you just need to start talking about some of this stuff on social media. I don't know what this looks like for you but you're going to feel if it's right only when you start engaging in the fight. It does no good to do all this planning without actually taking the fight to the enemy. I see too many men plan and strategize and think about what they want and then never do anything about it. I want you to take the next first step. Once you've done that, I want you to take the next first step. Over and over again. When you find yourself getting off track, adjust and keep driving. You're going to feel it. I know this isn't easy, especially if you feel like your soul has been dead for some time now but I can promise you that when you follow these steps and choose your battle your soul will come alive for the first time in years. You'll feel like you have a calling - a purpose again. You'll walk around with your head held high knowing that you're doing the work of a man. I know it's certainly been true for me. www.orderofman.com/FFN078 Please leave us a rating and review!
10:30 10/20/2017
There is no shortage of motivational events, courses, seminars, quotes, and memes. Don't get me wrong, motivation has its purpose but discipline is a far greater asset on your path to accomplishing big things in your life. Where motivation falls short, discipline picks up the slack. Today, I'm joined by a man that needs no introduction, Jocko Willink, to talk about connecting future ambitions with present actions, why every man must find his mission, how to overcome fear and procrastination, and his mantra, "Discipline Equals Freedom." SHOW HIGHLIGHTS Why discipline equals freedom Key military tactics that translate into civilian life Anticipating the delayed results of discipline The pros and cons of focusing on strengths vs. weaknesses Where Jocko's discipline comes from How to connect your future ambitions with your present actions The importance of defining your path How to develop mental strength Why every man needs a mission The role of accountability when it comes to being more disciplined How to overcome procrastination Rasing kids to be strong and disciplined How to overcome your fear Where to start: mental preparation or physical action JOCKO WILLINK Gentlemen, I am stoked to introduce you to my return guest, Jocko Willink. I'm sure that you know Jocko but in case you've been living under a rock the past 4-5 years or so, let me introduce you to him. He is a Former Navy SEAL and commander of Task Unit Bruiser (the most decorated special forces unit of the Iraqi War), a recipient of the Bronze and Silver Star, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt, a New York Times Bestselling author of three books, and arguably one of the most disciplined men on this planet. I, like you, have been following him ever since I ran across his book, Extreme Ownership, in Barnes & Noble and have been fortunate enough to develop a close enough relationship with him and his team that I when I heard he was coming out with a new book, Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual, I was able to get a message to him and get him back on the show. Gentlemen, strap in, get your notepads out, and get ready to tune into one of the most qualified men I know to talk about how discipline will give you the freedom you're after. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/135 Website: http://orderofman.com
45:53 10/17/2017
In October of 2016, Todd Orr was hiking in the mountains of Montana when he spotted a grizzly bear. He made eye contact and the bear ran off with her cubs over a crest in the distance. Only a few minutes later, Todd turned around to find the bear charging towards him. He pulled out his bear spray, fired, then collapsed as he found himself in a life and death struggle against a grizzly bear. Not only did Todd survive, on his way back to his vehicle, he was attacked by the same bear again in a second life or death struggle. www.orderofman.com/FFN077 Please leave us a rating and review!
27:56 10/13/2017
At times, we tend to get into our own heads and become our own worst enemies. We often write off anyone who happens to disagree with us, puts us down in any way, and label them as "haters." But it's our natural tendency - especially as high achieving men - to be our harshest critics. It's valuable at times and drives us to do great things and, other times, it creates unnecessary barriers to our success. My guest today, Gary John Bishop, author of Unfu*ck Yourself joins me to talk about how to redefine yourself by becoming unrealistic, how to uncover the narratives we tell ourselves, the difference between knowing something and being aware of something, and how to get out of your head and into your life.? ?SHOW HIGHLIGHTS? How to get out of your head How to develop a no-nonsense approach to life The critical difference between affirmations and personal assertions Why self-help is inferior to self-development and growth How to uncover the narratives you tell yourself Understanding the study of Oncology and how it applies to your growth The difference between being wrong and being inaccurate How to become more present in your life The power of telling yourself you're an asshole Why we should not concern ourselves with the past and the future The difference between knowing something and being aware of something How to redefine yourself by being unrealistic How to interrupt the notion of who you already are? ? GARY JOHN BISHOP Gentlemen, my guest today is Gary John Bishop. He is a personal development expert and the author of Unfu*ck Yourself - which is a book I just picked up to read a couple weeks ago. In reading it, I can appreciate Gary's no-nonsense approach to human development, and high-powered mentoring. And, I knew right away I had to get him on the show. He's worked with top athletes and Fortune 500 executives in his personal development career. This guy is real. He's raw. He tells it like it is and pulls no punches which is exactly what we, as men, might just need in order to come to some realizations about our own lives, how to get out of our own heads, and out of our own way. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/134 Website: http://orderofman.com
47:01 10/10/2017
Everywhere you turn you'll find another "motivational guru" attempting to inspire the masses to take action. If you're like me, you've attended conferences, purchased courses, and poured over endless quotes and memes in a feeble attempt to get motivated enough to do what you already know you should be doing. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing particularly wrong with motivation, other than it doesn't last. We've all left that conference feeling inspired only to get back into the grind and lose the excitement within 24-48 hours. Like a drug-user hooked on cocaine, we're constantly on the lookout for the next conference that promises to inspire, amaze, and motivate us yet again. We go. We spend the time, the energy, and the money. And, we even get motivated for another 24-48 hours, until our next fix is needed. And that's the problem. We become dependent when we seek motivation from outside sources. And those that host these conferences know that and bank on the fact that you'll have to come back next year. I'm not suggesting you don't attend these motivational conferences. I'm encouraging you to dig deeper than the surface-level B.S. that seems to be so prevalent in today's society. But rather than beat my chest and shout a catchy little tagline that "Motivation is B.S.", let me share five strategies you can start using today to become your own source of inspiration and, more importantly, action. PLANT YOUR FLAG We live in a world where everything is promised immediately. Through Amazon, you can be reading a book I recommend in the next couple minutes. We're promised immediate results from the latest fat-loss hack. Even podcast like this one allow us to listen to any subject on demand free from any need to wait for or on anyone. In most cases, this access to information, products, and services is a beautiful thing. The unintended consequence, however, is that our attention span and patience has been greatly diminished. That's too bad considering that your success in any area of life requires an insane amount of consistency over long periods of time. If you're looking for immediate results in your life, motivation might just cut it. But if you're interested in maintaining a healthy, wealthy, and successful life, you're going to have to wrap your head around taking action for a lifetime. BE A MAN OF YOUR WORD Planting your flag requires you to be a man of your word. If, for example, you've committed to working out 5 days a week, every day you miss makes you a liar - to put it bluntly. Sure, we can sugarcoat it and make excuses for why we missed our workouts but at the end of the day, you did not do what you said you would and that, by definition, makes you less than a man of your word. It's a good thing then that the idea of doing what you say you will is a skill set that can be learned. All it takes is effort and consistency. Even the smallest of task and the smallest of promises count. If you tell your wife you're going to take out the trash, take out the trash. If you tell your son you're going to play catch with him after school, play catch with him after school. If you tell a neighbor you'll be there to help him move, be there on time to help him move. Every time you fail to keep your word, a little piece of your soul dies. It's no wonder then why so many men seem to be miserable. They can't keep their promises to themselves, let alone to others. When you wake up early in the morning to work out, don't question whether or not you should. Question whether or not you're going to be a man of your word today. After all, the promises you make to yourself are the most important you can make. SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES Part of being a man of your word is about creating systems and processes to ensure you are. Let's use the workout example again. If you tell yourself you're going to work out in the morning, set your clothes out the night before, get your pre-workout drink ready, and know what your workout is going to be. These are three simple systems that will keep you on track when you don't want to be on track. Calendars, daily rituals, evening routines, task lists, electronic reminders, Field Notes journals, coaching, and masterminds are all examples of systems and processed you can implement to get your work done. REVIEW YOUR PROGRESS Out of all the systems we could talk about, I want to focus on the idea of reviewing your progress. Most men don't. We tend to identify the task, do it (or don't), then move right to the next task. This process of reviewing your actions, conversations, projects, interactions, and day is a critical component of diving deeper than simply being motivated. I learned the after-action review in the military which is a series of five questions you can ask yourself to review your work and get you pointed in the right direction every day. For the sake of time, I'm not going to share the questions but if you're interested, you can get a copy of the After-Action Review at www.orderofman.com/afteractionreview. DISCIPLINE TRUMPS MOTIVATION After all is said and done, the mantra that discipline trumps motivation has been a huge help for me. Motivation is external. Discipline is internal. We rely on outside sources when we seek after motivation. We depend on ourselves when we strive for discipline. This is what makes discipline so powerful. We simple decide that we're going to be disciplined rather than wait for the perfect set of variables to motivate and inspire. When you're struggling to get out of bed, or workout, or be consistent with the project at work or in school, remember and tell yourself, "discipline trumps motivation" or as Jocko would say, "Discipline equals freedom." Internalize it, get a bracelet that says it, tattoo it on your forehead if you have to but whatever you do life your life by the words, "discipline trumps motivation." This is not an overnight process, especially if you've been relying others to motivate you most of your life but remember to plant your flag, be a man of your word, develop systems and processes, review your progress, and live your life by the mantra, "discipline trumps motivation" and you'll never want - or need - for motivation again. www.orderofman.com/FFN076 Please leave us a rating and review!
12:41 10/6/2017
Every single one of has fallen a time or two in life. And, everyone of us knows a man who has failed to get back up from that fall. It's not an easy thing to overcome the wounds of failure, but if we want to thrive, it's a requirement. My guest today, Champion Muay Thai Fighter Chris Romulo, joins me to talk about finding the fight in us, the difference between ego and confidence, living by the mantra, "Fall seven times, stand up eight," and how to develop the fighter's mindset. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS * What is the "Champions Uprising" * The fight that changed everything for Chris * How to find your rhythm and flow in life * Why timing is critical * The importance of settling into life * How to change your mindset * How to find the fight in us * The difference between complacency and getting comfortable * How to overcome the pushback * How to develop of fighter's mindset * 7 factors of an uprising * The difference between ego and confidence * Living by the mantra, "Fall seven times, stand up eight"? CHRIS ROMULO Gentlemen, I am stoked to be introducing you to my guest today, Chris Romulo. You're going to hear how impressive this man is in my interview today but you're also going to hear the humility that has turned Chris into a champion multiple times over.?? Chris is a 6-time Muay Thai champion, and the author of his new book, Champions Uprising.??He is also a fighting coach and the owner of CROM fitness where he teaches men and boys the how to fight, develop grit and determination, and the fighter's mindset both inside the ring and out. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/133 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:43 10/3/2017
I typically like to frame these discussions in a positive perspective but I do think it's important that we occasionally look at the other side. Most people are more than willing to talk about what will make a man a success and, while I agree that's an important subject to cover, just as important is the discussion of what is going to keep you from accomplishing what you want. So today, in an attempt to keep you from falling into some of the same traps this humble man has fallen into a time or two, I'll share with you 6 reasons why men fail and, in doing so, help you find a new path to thriving in what we call the Quadrants (yourself, your relationships, your health, and your wealth). PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL The number one reason most men fail, and the reason I fail from time to time is pride. I've talked about it before but we have been led to believe that if you don't have the answer, you're an idiot or less of a man. It's unfortunate that's the case because it drives us to go at it alone, to figure out things the hard way, and to struggle, when all we really have to do is reach out to someone who may know a few things more than we do. The solution is simple: recognize you don't have it all figured out and ask for help from someone who does. Want to get in shape? Ask someone what you should do to get in shape. Want a promotion? Ask someone to help you with the project that will help you secure your promotion. Want to shore up the relationship with your wife? Ask someone who has a great relationship. The solution, again, is ask. Humble yourself and reach out YOU DON'T HAVE AN INFORMATION PROBLEM; YOU HAVE A DISCIPLINE PROBLEM When I started Order of Man in early 2015, I knew there wasn't a lot of new information I could share with men. But what I recognized is that information isn't really the problem. You have access to more information in the palm of your hand than the most educated minds had a hundred years ago. Information isn't the problem. Action (or lack thereof) is. And, more specifically, sustained action. Motivation doesn't cut it. Accountability doesn't cut it. The only thing that will yield the results your after is consistent action towards your objective. When that alarm goes off in the wee hours of the morning, it's time to fight. It's time to engage. It's time to battle. All you need is to DECIDE. FEAR IS YOUR ENEMY We've all heard the acronym F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). I disagree. Fear is real. It's designed to keep you alive. Running from the things that scare you, or worse, pretending it doesn't exist will not get you closer to your goal. Facing the enemy that is fear will. When you're scared, acknowledge it. Recognize it for what it is and use the fear to equip and arm yourself with the tools, mindset, skill set, and resources to look it in the eye and drive on. It's likely that the thing you fear the most won't kill you. It's simply going to make you feel a little uncomfortable. Be okay with that. Discomfort is your friend, fear is your enemy. ACTING FOR ACCEPTANCE In my experience, one of the biggest dangers we fall into is trying to be accepted by others. The way we run our marriages, our businesses, our workouts, and our lives is so centered around what other people think. I know personally there have been times in my life where I've wondered whose life am I living. The answer is someone else's. We're constantly bombarded by stimuli from magazines and books, to this podcast and mainstream media. And, we believe that the way one person does it is the way we should do it. Add to that the environment of political correctness in which we live and you're likely to withhold the way you really feel or alter your message or actions based on the perceived criticism you'll receive from others. If you truly want to thrive, you'll work on overcoming what other people think about you. EXCUSES ARE LIES Regardless of how you choose to paint it, the excuses you craft are nothing more than cleverly disguised lies. And, what's worse is you've been lying to yourself for so long that you're actually starting to believe your own B.S. When something doesn't go according to plan, I'd encourage you to say, "This didn't go well because I did or didn't ____________." Sure, there may be other people that have a part to play in the failure of your objective but there's nothing you can do about another human being - only yourself. SITTING THE SIDELINES The excuses you tell yourself lead into the last point I want to make with you today. Because you've been feeding yourself lies, it's caused you to stop in your tracks. It's caused you to question your ability to drive on and maybe even your desire to do so. The reason a lot of men fail is because they're so concerned with all the other reasons I shared with you today at the expense of the very action that will help them succeed in the first place. If you want to thrive, you need to take action. You're probably going to mess up. You're probably going to fall short. People are probably going to mock you. So what? You can fail at your objective so no one sees you misstep or you can struggle for a little while until you're able to achieve what it is you're after. Let's recap these again: pride comes before the fall, you don't have an information problem; you have an action problem, fear is your enemy, acting for acceptance, excuses are lies, and sitting the sideline. I know these factors aren't easy to overcome. I struggle against them every day. But the times when I've been the happiest, most successful, and most content in my life is when I've recognized what I'm against and overcome them anyways. www.orderofman.com/FFN075 Please leave us a rating and review!
11:36 9/29/2017
Someone asked me several weeks ago, "If you could have one super power, what would it be?" To which I responded, "The ability to read people's minds." As it turns out one doesn't need to be a superhero in order to possess the ability to understand what other people are thinking and, to a degree, use that knowledge to produce desired outcomes. My guest today, the founder of Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories and the author of The Ellipses Manuel, joins me to talk about reading body language and thoughts, becoming a human lie detector, how to activate trust in others, and how to decode and decipher human behavior. CHASE HUGHES Chase Hughes (@thechasehughes) is a Navy veteran and an author and speaker on behavior analysis, body language and behavior engineering. He founded Ellipsis Behavior Laboratories in 2011 and has since developed the Behavioral Table of Elements which, after pouring over this, is probably the most extensive behavioral analysis tool I've ever seen. Chase is also the creator of other life-saving systems such as 'The Hostile Hospital' and 'Tactical Psychology'. And, if that's not enough, Chase is also in the process of developing new programs for the US Government. He volunteers his skills by training members of anti-human trafficking teams around the world and has published two books on human behavior and over 29 articles and papers on behavior and behavior analysis. Chase Hughes is here today to talk about the concepts from his new book, The Ellipsis Manual: Analysis and Engineering of Human Behavior. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/132 Website: http://orderofman.com
43:14 9/26/2017
What exactly is "The Drift?" The Drift is the natural tendency we have as men to coast, and in a way, take our hands off the steering wheel of life and allow ourselves to be controlled and put ourselves at the mercy of all that life offers. The fact is that there are forces at work against us that keep us from accomplishing what we truly want in life and, unless, we're actively engaged in the process of intentionally living our lives, it's very easy for us to get off course. Today, I'm going to share with you why this happens but, more importantly, 3 measures you can take to ensure you maintain the course you are meant to maintain. www.orderofman.com/FFN074 www.orderofman.com
10:46 9/22/2017
Everywhere you turn, you'll find men living what I call the sedated life. Like robots on an assembly line, these men wake up at the same time, eat the same food for breakfast, drive to work the same way every day, do the same menial tasks for 8-9 hours, drive home, kiss the wife and kids, eat dinner, watch some TV, go to bed, and do it all over again. My guest today, former Navy SEAL and wingsuit base-jumper Andy Stumpf is the exact opposite of that. And, while we can't all be Navy SEALs, jump of really high mountains and structures, and travel the distance of 18 miles in a wingsuit, we can all take some calculated risks that make us feel alive. Today we talk about finding something worth fighting for, eliminating emotions in the decision-making process, why people fail in the application of their goals, and how to live life on the edge.?? ANDY STUMPF Andy Stumpf (@andystumpf77) is a former Navy SEAL with SEAL Team Five and later joining the most elite counter-terrorism unit in the military, SEAL Team Six.? He is also 5.11 and Black Rifle Coffee Company sponsored athlete, and has an affinity for jumping off really tall mountains and perfectly good airplanes. As impressive as that sounds, he refers to himself as a "professional gravity enthusiast" and rightfully so. He's completed wingsuit jumps lasting more that 18 miles at speeds of 161 mph. He is the recipient of 5 Bronze Star Medals (four with valor), the Purple Heart, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Navy and Marine Corp Commendation Medal with Valor, three Navy and Marine Corp Achievement Medals, and two Combat Action Ribbons. In other words, the man is a genuine Bad-A and today's he's here to talk about living life on the edge. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/131 Website: http://orderofman.com
43:01 9/19/2017
I think it's safe to assume by now that you probably - at least to some degree - understand that having a coach is such a valuable strategy towards becoming great, whether that's improving your golf swing, enhancing your public speaking skills, building a solid relationship with your wife, or growing your business. But, it amazes me how often men recognize the value of coaching in elite performers yet underestimate the power of having a coach even if you're not at the elite level or competing on the global stage. Today I talk about why you should consider hiring a coach and what to look for. www.orderofman.com/FFN073 www.orderofman.com
13:13 9/15/2017
If you're anything like me, you are what I refer to as a "starter." I've never been at a loss for figuring out how to start things. Getting things done is a completely different story. Today I am joined by New York Times Bestselling author, Jon Acuff. If you have a problem with finishing what you start, this is the episode for you and, I'm not going to lie, I needed this one more than most. We talk about the developing a tolerance for imperfection, why "strategic incompetence" is a powerful tool, how to overcome what Jon calls "noble obstacles," a new spin on SMART goals, and how to finally finish what you started. Jon Acuff Guys, I am so stoked to be introducing you to my guest today, Mr. Jon Acuff. I've read all four of his books and I've been trying to get him on the show for two years. The time finally came with the release of his new book today (if you're listening to this the day it is being released), Finish: Give Yourself the Gift of Done. The other books I've read are Do Over, Start, and Quitter. All of which have been instrumental in helping me launch the podcast you're listening to right now. He's a New York Times Bestselling Author. He's worked with companies like Home Depot, Staples, and The Dave Ramsey Team. He's been featured on CNN, Fox News, and other major media outlets. This guy is intelligent, he's funny, and he's here to drop some serious knowledge on the art, science, and skill of finishing what you start. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/130 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:00 9/12/2017
Today, I thought it would be a good idea to address something that has impacted millions of people over the last several weeks and that is the nightmare in Houston created by Hurricane Harvey. As I've thought about what those people must be experiencing and what we've seen online and on TV, I can't help but think of a couple glaring lessons we should all look to when it comes to how we conduct ourselves as men. I see some areas of improvement and I see some areas that, from what I can tell are absolutely amazing to see in the wake of such a horrific situation. So, let's get into these lessons today. www.orderofman.com/FFN072 www.orderofman.com
09:57 9/8/2017
Politics - just the mention of the word infuriates most and has the ability to split up marriages and lifelong friendships alike. What a shame, since our political environment literally permeates every single element of our lives - taxes, defense, infrastructure, education, economics, and so much more. ?Today, I am joined by my good friend and mentor Sean Whalen. Sean is currently running for congress in the third congressional district in Utah. You're going to love some of what this man has to say and, I'm sure a lot of you are going to hate what he has to say. But, regardless, I encourage you to listen with an open mind so we can prove to the world that it is possible to hold a civil and intelligent political conversation. SEAN WHALEN Gentlemen, today I get to introduce you to one of my favorite repeat guests, Mr. Sean Whalen.? Sean is a friend and mentor of mine and, although I don't agree with him on everything, I have always admired his candor and ability to hold true to his convictions. He has done everything from MMA fighting to real estate mogul to off-road truck driver. He's talked about it all from hitting rock bottom through a bankruptcy and nasty divorce to what has become an incredible movement with Lions Not Sheep. And, if that's not enough, he's adding Congressional Candidate to the never-ending resume that can only be Sean Whalen's. ??Gentlemen, buckle up, listen up, and let's talk about men and politics. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/129 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:43 9/5/2017
You may have heard the Latin phrase, "Memento Mori" which quite literally means "remember that you have to die." That phrase has also been used to describe an object that serves as a reminder of death, like a skull or any other object that has that connotation. Now, the reason I want to talk with you about this because, just prior to hitting record on this podcast, I booked a flight and hotel to go see my father who, just a couple days ago, had a heart attack. I don't know whether he is going to live or die but, unfortunately, right now, things don't look good. I'm sure by the time this podcast is released we'll know if he has passed or if he's in the clear. As I think about all that's gone on for me physically, mentally, and emotionally over the past 48 hours, I can't help but think about the prospect of my own death. www.orderofman.com/FFN071 www.orderofman.com
08:45 9/1/2017
So many men are afraid to even talk about style. In my experience, they believe that it's just not that important when it comes to being a man or they don't want to be viewed as anything less than manly. I get it. I used to be the same way. That was until I understood the power of dressing well and leveling up your presence. Dressing well isn't about a well-tailored suit, fancy shoes, and overpriced jeans. It's about being deliberate and intentional about sharing with the world who you really are. My friend, Ryan Magin joins me today to talk about what role style plays in masculinity, why men are afraid to elevate their style, something he calls "enclothed cognition" and the "halo effect," and how to use your style to have more and be more. RYAN MAGIN Gentlemen, my guest today is my good friend, Ryan Magin.??I met Ryan three years ago as I was launching Order of Man and the StyleCon conference. I'll admit, I'm not one who is very good when it comes to what I wear and how I look. But, I've learned a ton from Ryan about the way you look has proven to not only increase confidence in yourself but confidence from others too. Ryan dresses well, he looks good, and his game is on-point (although I will say his style is very different than mine). But, that's the point he makes today. Is that in order to look and feel good, you have to find a style that works for you. And, that's exactly what I've seen him do over the last three years for himself as I've watched what he's done for himself, his business, and his clients. Guys, take notes, listen to this with an open mind, and learn how to use your style as another tool to get what you want. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/128 Website: http://orderofman.com
46:15 8/29/2017
Most men seem to be living in the past. They live with guilt, remorse, sorrow, and regret. What a shame that is because if they'd only realize that their past experiences don't define who they are, I think we'd see a lot more men stepping up to the responsibilities they have today. Today, I want to share with you four steps I've incorporated in my life so that I live in the present moment. Yes, I learn from my experiences and reflect on the past but, only as a means to get better today, not to sit around feeling sorry for myself. www.orderofman.com/FFN070 www.orderofman.com
10:42 8/25/2017
Whether you own a business or you're working your way up the corporate ladder, learning how to more effectively market yourself is a critical. This one is a little different guys as you'll listen in on the conversation I have with my friend, Noah Kagan. We talk about business, side hustles, living from your purpose, and I even get into a small discussion about my religion. But, the underlying theme to the conversation we have today is how to more effectively market yourself.?? NOAH KAGAN Gentlemen, my guest today is Noah Kagan. Some of you will recognize the name, others will not. But, if you run a website in some form or another, I'm sure that you're already using the tools he created for your business. He is the founder of AppSumo and Sumo. He was employee #30 at Facebook and #4 at Mint (if you want to read some interesting stories, look into how he separated from each of those companies). In other words, the guy knows what he's doing, he knows how to market himself, and he knows how to do things on a large scale. Today, he's here to talk about marketing ourselves.? Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/127 Website: http://orderofman.com
45:20 8/22/2017
This podcast is a replay of my presentation at The Meltdown in the Desert. In it I talk about the dark catalyst for change in my life and the rock-bottom foundation for my growth as a man. Without this darkness, you would not be listening to or be part of The Order of Man. www.orderofman.com/FFN069 www.orderofman.com
23:23 8/18/2017
We are constantly bombarded by stimulus and, more than any other time in history, the ability to focus is becoming increasingly difficult. Focus, however, sits at the top of a list of virtues and abilities every man needs to develop if he hopes to experience any level of success in his life. My guest today, Navy SEAL Brandon Webb, joins me to talk about how to make better decisions under pressure, the power of self-talk and visualization, how to become more effective at "violence of action," and the 7 principles for total focus.? ?BRANDON WEBB My guest today is Navy SEAL Sniper and New York Times Bestselling Author, Brandon Webb.? I'm absolutely blown away by the caliber of man this guy is. He spent 13 years with the Navy SEALs and was instrumental in redesigning the Sniper SEAL Training program which trained members such as Chris Kyle and some of the deadliest snipers in US military history. Upon leaving, Brandon went on to found SOFREP.com and Hurricane Media which is one of the largest media organizations that focus on news and information for the special forces community. When he's not doing all of that, he is an experimental test pilot. As you can see, the man and his resume is impressive. And, you'll get the chance to hear exactly what I mean today in my conversation with Brandon Webb. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/126 Website: http://orderofman.com
43:30 8/15/2017
Intuition. It's the ability to understand or recognize something about a situation or circumstance without having to analyze or break down the facts about that particular situation. It is so critical that we, as men, learn how to hone our sense of intuition and improve our ability to listen to this little voice - however you choose to define it. So today, as I was thinking about what I wanted to address, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about why it's important we improve our intuition and a couple quick and easy steps each and every one of us can employ to make our intuition work better. www.orderofman.com/FFN068 www.orderofman.com
10:47 8/11/2017
It all starts in the mind. Whether you're trying get into better shape, grow your bank account, start a business, become a better father, or a better man in general, growing and expanding your mind is the first step. But, it's often one of the most overlooked muscles we use. My guest today, Learning Expert Jim Kwik joins me to talk about how to turn on your superhero brain, avoid information overload, cut through he noise and become more focused, and how to enhance the most powerful muscle we have - the mind. ??JIM KWIK My guest today is Jim Kwik. He is an expert is speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning.? I came across his work a couple months ago and, after following him for the last couple months, and really digging into the results he is creating, I knew I needed to have him on the show. I talk about improving the mind a lot but I wanted to have an expert on to share some of his insights and secrets. The man is extremely qualified to talk about this (you'll hear that in our powerful conversation today) and, if you aren't convinced yet, please understand that Jim is hired by big, big companies like Virgin, Nike, Zappos, SpaceX, Fox Studios, and some of the most powerful people on the planet like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Harrison Ford, Will Smith, and Steven Spielberg to name a few. Enjoy this one guys and take notes. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/125 Website: http://orderofman.com
45:16 8/8/2017
Depression. It's very real. It's very common. It's very destructive. We all know someone who is going through a bout with depression, and, we might even know someone who has contemplated or attempted suicide. Suicide rates are on the rise among men. In fact, as I was researching this morning, I found that some studies have shown that suicide rates among men are more than 3.5 times that of women. I don't know why that it is and, unfortunately, I cannot get into all the causes that may lead to what a lot of men seem to be experiencing these days but, what I would like to do is give you five strategies I've personally used to overcome getting down on myself and falling into a bout with depression. www.orderofman.com/FFN067 www.orderofman.com
10:57 8/4/2017
There are a lot of tasks we're called to do as men. Among other things, your physical strength will make the difference between your ability to accomplish those tasks or not. My guest today is Matt Reynolds, the founder of Starting Strength Online Coaching and a man who has nearly 20 years of experience competing in strength sports and coaching barbell-based strength and conditioning. He has not only created one of the premier online coaching services on the planet, he is my personal coach.?? Today he's here to share why all men should consider adding barbell training to their routine, the core lifts we should work on improving, how strength training improves mental toughness, and how to get started on your journey to build more strength. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/124 Website: http://orderofman.com
44:01 8/1/2017
There are a lot of tasks we're called to do as men. Among other things, your physical strength will make the difference between your ability to accomplish those tasks or not. My guest today is Matt Reynolds, the founder of Starting Strength Online Coaching and a man who has nearly 20 years of experience competing in strength sports and coaching barbell-based strength and conditioning. He has not only created one of the premier online coaching services on the planet, he is my personal coach.?? Today he's here to share why all men should consider adding barbell training to their routine, the core lifts we should work on improving, how strength training improves mental toughness, and how to get started on your journey to build more strength. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/124 Website: http://orderofman.com
44:01 8/1/2017
I want to talk with you about building a business and the power of entrepreneurship. I know that word is a buzz-word these days but that's because there is so much good that comes from this capitalistic society in which we live and the ability that each and every one of us have to think of an idea and, more importantly, MAKE it come to life. www.orderofman.com/FFN066 www.orderofman.com
10:08 7/28/2017
Gentlemen, we all know the world can be a dangerous place. Some would argue it's becoming safer and others would argue it's becoming more dangerous. Either way, the potential for you encountering a threat in your day-to-day life is a real possibility - and one that we, as men, should be prepared for. My guest today, Patrick Van Horne and the author of Left of Bang teaches us how to use non-verbal communication to assess threats, the common physical language all humans use, how to use "combat profiling" to keep yourself and others safe, and how the Marine Corps' Combat Hunter Program could safe your life. PATRICK VAN HORNE Men, I am stoked to introduce you to my guest today. His name is Patrick Van Horne. He is a former infantry Captain with the United States Marine Corps and has been instrumental in helping develop and teach the Marine Corps Combat Hunter Program to his fellow marines, military, law enforcement officers, and civilians.?? His book, Left of Bang, has been recommended to me over and over again and, a couple months ago, I finally picked up a copy. I think read it in two days - I could not put it down.?? Since it was one of the best books I've read this year, I decided to reach out and extend an invite to have Patrick on the show.?? Guys, let me tell you, he does not disappoint, as he talks about how he helped implement, develop, and train this course to his Marines during his two deployments to Iraq and, more recently his work with his behavioral analysis training company, The CP Journal. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/123 Website: http://orderofman.com
44:04 7/25/2017
Today, I answer your questions. We talk about the most influential books I've read, my favorite quote, my personal strengths, whether or not it's better to focus on strengths and weaknesses, and a whole lot more. What is the most influential book you've read? [2:23] How do you avoid getting too frustrated with your kids when they're having a meltdown on vacation? [3:38] What are you better at than all of your friends? [5:17] Protect, provide, preside: is 2 out of 3 not bad or should I bring up where I'm lacking? [6:25] What is your favorite famous quote? [7:39] Is it better to focus on working to your stengths or shoring up your weaknesses? [9:31] Did you watch Game of Thrones and what did you think? [10:45] Whais the #1 key to being an entrepreneur? [11:37] www.orderofman.com/FFN065 www.orderofman.com
16:23 7/21/2017
We all know the best view is at the top but, the reality is that it's often the most difficult to get to. In other words, the view is earned. But, how often have we expected the view without the effort? My guest today - and his second time on our show - is Aaron Walker, the author of View From the Top. Today we talk about the struggles of life, how to life a significant life, establishing boundaries and creating margin, and how to get that view from the top. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/122 Website: http://orderofman.com
41:16 7/18/2017
Opposition is so important, in fact, that there's a term used to describe using opposition to your advantage. It's called "Red Teaming" and the basic idea is that you build a team whose sole purpose is to challenge what it is you're doing. So, I really want to delve into opposition for a minute and why, we as men, shouldn't necessarily run away from it, but embrace it. www.orderofman.com/FFN064 www.orderofman.com
10:54 7/14/2017
So many of us are so good at making excuses. We've been doing it for so long, it's hard for us to recognize what is truth and what stories we tell ourselves that keep us from having what we truly want. Today, my guest, Erik Weihenmayer, talks with me about climbing the seven tallest peaks on each of the seven continents and kayaking 277 miles down the Colorado River. Oh yeah, did I mention he's blind? Today, we talk about identifying barriers, attracting great people in your life, using the concept of alchemy as a powerful tool in your life, and how to crush your excuses once and for all. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/121 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:40 7/11/2017
A Battle Buddy, for those of you who are not familiar, is a member of your unit who is there to cover your six. He's there to ensure you're doing the right things, training as hard as you can, and covering your blind spots so you don't do anything dumb - like get yourself killed. It's a concept we used on the battle field. It's a concept used on the football field when you consider the blindside tackle whose job is to protect the quarterback at all costs. It's a concept that is used in every facet of life. www.orderofman.com/FFN063 www.orderofman.com
10:00 7/7/2017
Money is villainized by much of the media and society today. It's easy to see why. Only a select few have managed to build a sizable net worth and, the fact remains, that the majority of the population are living a life of anything but wealth and abundance. But, that doesn't have to be the case. In fact, much of what my guest, Cole Hatter, talks about today is the mindset and rules for more abundance in your life. We talk about living a life of significance, what money truly is, the value of capitalism, and, more importantly, how to make money matter in your life and the lives of those you care about.? Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/120 Website: http://orderofman.com
43:56 7/4/2017
A Rite of Passage is a tradition that dates back as long as humans have walked this planet but it seems to be less and less common. And, unless a young man plays competitive sports, or participates in Scouting, or joins the military, he just isn't going to be initiated into manhood. In fact, a lack of initiation into manhood has caused a lot of the problems we see with boys never leaving the nest. So, today, I want to share the ins and outs of the Rite of Passage I created for my son and the six key components of any Rite of Passage so you can re-create your own. www.orderofman.com/FFN062 www.orderofman.com
11:55 6/30/2017
There is no doubt that all of us have been through some difficult challenges in our lives - some more than others. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, disease or illness, bankruptcy, or divorce, your ability to adapt and overcome spells the difference between those who crumble and those who thrive. My guest today, Navy SEAL Joost Janssen, talks with us about enduring and even enjoying pain, the power of deciding early, how to harness tragedy and the negativity of others, how to come back from the darkness, and, more importantly, how to thrive through hardship. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/119 Website: http://orderofman.com
41:19 6/27/2017
We refer to the "moment of truth" as the moment we actually find out if something is going to work or not. Today, I want to talk with you about the faulty premise in that line of thinking. I realize it's just a phrase but I was having a conversation with my neighbor the other day about a project he was working on and he didn't know if it was going to work until he got to the last step. I do know that sometimes, there's just no way of knowing whether or not something is going to work out or not until we try it but I also know there are a lot of things we can, and should, know ahead of time. I mean, why invest huge amounts of time, energy, money, and other resources into something if you have no idea whether it's going to work out or not? www.orderofman.com/FFN061 www.orderofman.com
10:03 6/23/2017
If you're anything like me, connecting with you kids can be a real challenge. You know it's important. You want to connect with them. But, the grind of everyday life and providing for your family and wearing all the "hats" we as men are required to wear can come at a cost. Today my guest, Jim Sheils, joins us to talk about why we succeed in business but fail in the family, the entrepreneurial lie, how to create moments with your children, implementing what he calls "rhythms" into your life, and how to finally connect with you kids. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/118 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:50 6/20/2017
Through thousands of hours of work, reading, and personal observation I've discoverd that there are four domains of manliness that I believe every single man must address in order to become the best possible version of himself. So, I thought it would be a good idea to break down those four domains a bit more and share with you some of what I've learned over the last two years. www.orderofman.com/FFN060 www.orderofman.com
09:12 6/16/2017
I've never met a man who did not have a dream or, at a minimum, and idea for what his future holds. That said, I've met plenty of men who died with that dream still inside them. There's a lot of reason for this. And, whether it's fear or a lack of understanding what it will take to make your dream a reality, you owe it to yourself and the world to pursue it. My guest today, Dale Partridge, shares with us how to find that passion, how identify problems worth solving, a 3-part formula for creating workable solutions, and how to turn your passion into your profession. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/117 Website: http://orderofman.com
40:00 6/13/2017
There seems to be a lot of men these days that have either forgotten what it means to be a man in the home or never learned the skills to step up fully as the king of the castle. I look around and I see the pain in men's eyes. And, if it's not pain, it's death. There are millions of men walking around like lifeless, soulless zombies. And, the repercussions of that is at best a meaningless life and, at worst, infidelity issues, addiction to drugs, alcohol, and pornography, and, in many case, verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. While everyone out there is trying to change the world, solve world hunger, bring about world peace, and doing it at a global scale, I'm here to tell you that the way we change the world by equipping men with the tools and skills to lead their own kingdoms. And that means we start by going into the most basic unit in society, the family. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN059 http://www.orderofman.com
11:05 6/9/2017
The term "personal brand" has become such a buzz word these days but, the fact remains, that the ability to accurate reflect who you are to the world has become more important than it ever has. Whether you're starting a new business, interviewing for a job, vying for a job promotion, or are in the dating scene, understanding personal branding will go a long way towards helping you get what you want. My guest, Kolby Kay, talks about setting yourself apart, the core elements to be aware of, where to start when it comes to building your platform, and how create a strong personal brand. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/116 Website: http://orderofman.com
42:25 6/6/2017
Whether you use official Field Notes or another journal, notepad, or an app, tracking and journaling your thoughts is a critical excercise for effectiveness and efficiency. Here's why it's important you do and some tips for journaling your ideas. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN058 http://www.orderofman.com
10:20 6/2/2017
Let's face it, relationships tend to lose their luster after a while. But, that doesn't necessarily mean that has to be the case. In fact, most relationships and marriages can keep the spark alive for a lifetime, as my guest today points out. Sarah Jones is back by popular demand to teach us how to re-kindle that spark, keep things fresh, add variety into the relationship, how to encourage your partner to try new things, and how to keep the fire alive. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/115 Website: http://orderofman.com
38:00 5/30/2017
There's only one thing worse than a strikeout - striking out looking. And yet, most of us continue to let opportunities pass us by without taking a hack at them because we're either unprepared or afraid. Never strikeout looking. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN057 http://www.orderofman.com
09:36 5/26/2017
As a member of the CIA annex security team that responded to the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, September 11th, 2012, Kris "Tanto" Paronto (@krisparonto) assisted in saving over 20 lives while fighting off terrorists from the CIA Annex for over 13 hours. His story, along with his five surviving annex security team members, is told in the book "13 Hours" written by Mitchell Zuckoff. When you hear the words, "Benghazi, Libya" you might think of that book, and subsequent movie, 13 hours. You might think of the terrorist attack, the death of a US Ambassador Stevens, and the coverup that followed. Today Kris joins me to talk about what really happened that night, the importance of living your life to a code, how to incorporate "Battle Rhythms" into your life, why every man must choose the "hard right" over the "easy wrong", and how we can all live The Ranger Way. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/114 Website: http://orderofman.com
43:15 5/23/2017
You are a liar. I am a liar. Everytime we fabricate an excuse, we keep ourselves from doing the work required to succeed. And, if you aren't willing to tell yourself the truth, you don't want it bad enough. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN056 http://www.orderofman.com
10:33 5/19/2017
Ted Nugent (@tednugent) has been rocking America for more than 50 years. As a board member for the NRA and a conservative political activist, he has dedicated his life to teaching others and fighting for individual responsibility and personal liberty. As you'll hear today, more and more, individualism and personal liberty, are being frowned upon. It's as if somehow individuality is a threat to the system as a whole. That couldn't be further from the truth. The truth is that men who express their own individuality and personal liberty and responsibility are the men responsible for building their families, innovating new ideas in technology, medicine, and every area of life, and stepping up in their neighborhoods and communities.?? Today, I have the honor of sharing with you my conversation with the one and only Ted Nugent. We talk about the dangers of political correctness, how to improve your life and happiness through discipline, the deterioration of excellence, and the importance of freedom, liberty, and rugged individualism. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/113 Website: http://orderofman.com
49:50 5/16/2017
I heard the phrase earlier in the week, FALSE EVIDENCE APPEARING REAL. Well, I'm here to tell you that's total B.S. Fear is real! And, in the next 8 minutes, I'm going to prove it to you and tell you why you should embrace fear rather than run from it. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN055 http://www.orderofman.com
10:08 5/12/2017
I have now asked over 100 men what it means to be a man. And, I've received over 100 answers. It seems that defining what it means to be a man is a difficult thing to do. But, regardless of what it might mean to be a man, I think it's safe to say that every man has certain roles he will fulfill throughout his lifetime. And, how he executes in each of these roles will define who he is as a man. My guest today, a man that needs no introduction, Brett McKay, joins me to talk about how masculinity has evolved over the past 50-100 years, the soft and hard skills every man should become proficient with, where our views of masculinity come from, and how you can master the six roles of the modern man. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/112 Website: http://orderofman.com
38:00 5/9/2017
I did a podcast a while back called, Complacency Kills but, when I say, "complexity kills," I'm talking about the exact opposite of complacency and/or doing nothing. I'm talking about doing TOO MUCH. And, more specifically the mistake of pitfall of over-planning and over-complicating every element of your life. I look around and I see so many people offering crazy hacks, tips, tricks, fads, pills, strategies, etc., and most of them are too complex - so complex that no one even implements the strategy in the first place. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN054 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
07:28 5/5/2017
Study after study has shown that most men are dissatisfied with their career in some form or another. And, yet finding new and more meaningful work seems to be more difficult than ever. My guest today, Kevin Kermes, talks with us about why that is, how you can make your current position more meaningful, make more money, stand out in a crowded marketplace, and how you can upgrade your career to one you love. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/111 Website: http://orderofman.com
38:30 5/2/2017
It seems that everywhere you look, you'll find someone out there willing to tell you how to live your life. But, what I find fascinating is that not only is everyone out there attempting to dictate your life (probably because they're working to sell you their wares, and gadgets, and gizmos, and whatever...), but I have to question how often we, as men and leaders in our families, our businesses, and our communities attempt to fix other people. Bu, do you truly want to change your life? You truly want to connect with your wife? You truly want your kids to listen to you? You truly want your boss to stop being such a jerk? Here's how you do it: STOP FOCUSING ON THEM. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN053 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:34 4/28/2017
The word "wealth" has such a stigma associated with it. And, it seems more and more, those who have managed to acquire any amount of it are demonized by the rest of the world. The reality is, as my guest David Osborn says, is that wealth simply magnifies who you already are. Some of the wealthiest men on the plant have also been the most charitable. And, if you hope to do any good in this world - for you or anyone else - wealth is a requirement. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/110 Website: http://orderofman.com
43:44 4/25/2017
It's okay to be wrong. I'm wrong all the time. But, it's not okay to be wrong about the same thing over and over and over again. Here are three quick and easy steps you can use to evaluate whether you're wrong and use it to your advantage. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN052 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:16 4/21/2017
If you're anything like me, you're a recovering "nice guy", or maybe you still are a "nice guy." A lot of men may hear that and wonder what's wrong with being nice. There's nothing wrong with being nice until it comes at the expense of your own well-being. My guest today, author of the book No More Mr. Nice Guy, Dr. Robert Glover, joins me to talk about the myth of the nice guy, common negative symptoms the nice guy experiences, how to implement the "Healthy Male Rule," and how you can eliminate the nice guy once and for all. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/109 Website: http://orderofman.com
45:45 4/18/2017
Consistency in all we do is critical to our success. Consistency trumps talent every time. I see a lot of men out there who I would consider "one-pump chumps." These are the guys that go in, swing for the fence, and, if they hit a homerun, they'll stick around. If they strike out, they pull themselves from the game. It's easy to be good for a minute. It's easy to be on your game when the stars are aligned. It's easy to slay it when you're in the zone. But that's not what matters. It doesn't matter because EVERYONE can do it then. What matters is how you handle yourself in adversity. What matters is what you do when things aren't going well. What matters is how you handle yourself when you don't feel like doing it - whatever it is. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN051 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
06:09 4/14/2017
I get a lot of requests and a lot of questions about the importance of healthy levels of testosterone in men. Unfortunately, we're beginning to see studies that show testosterone levels among men are at an all-time low and show no signs of improving anytime soon. My guest today, Nicholas Bayerle, joins me to talk about the role testosterone plays in men, why we're experiencing a decline in testosterone levels, the effects of low testosterone, and how to safely and naturally boost your testosterone levels. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/108 Website: http://orderofman.com
41:46 4/11/2017
Being "At The Ready" is about being prepared for whatever life may have to throw at you. It's about taking advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. It's about creating more opportunities because you are ready for those opportunities in every way, shape, and form. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN050 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:16 4/7/2017
Every single one of us has received a gift in our lives that have made us feel like the most important person on this planet. Knowing that, it's easy to see how giving gifts to others will make the feel. But, how often do we tap into the power of gratitude, appreciation, and gift-giving. My guest today, Author of Giftology John Ruhlin, joins me to talk about how powerful gift giving can be, how to build credibility and influence through the power of appreciation, some important factors to consider when gift-giving, how to avoid it coming across as manipulation, and the art of science of giving gifts. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/107 Website: http://orderofman.com
44:25 4/4/2017
Today, we discuss why and how we're led astray by society, the government, institutions, and those that might even be our "friends." We also cover some tactical strategies you can employ to avoid being led like sheep to the slaughter. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN049 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
11:20 3/31/2017
There is no doubt that a dog is a man's best friend. They're loyal, hard working, and dedicated to the task at hand and the men who care for them. But, training a dog posses a set of unique challenges - I know, I have a new puppy myself. Today, Navy SEAL Mike Ritland, joins me to talk about how we can better connect with our dogs, the biggest challenges when training, the best way to communicate with them, learning patience, and why exactly dogs are a man's best friend. Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/106 Website: http://orderofman.com
40:00 3/28/2017
Establishing personal protocols gives you the ability to conserve your resources, reduce emotional mistakes, and operate at maximum effiiency. Here is why and how you can create your own personal protocols. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN048 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:48 3/24/2017
Money has always been a difficult topic. The reality is that this little green piece of paper we call money has a much greater impact than dollars and cents. It permeates every element of our lives including our sense of worth and all the other emotions money manifests. My guest today, Jeff Rose with Good Financial Cents, joins me to talk about the importance of learning about money from the right people, what to look for in a good financial advisor, how to talk with your kids about money, some basic principles of wealth building, and how you can create financial independence. Jeff Rose Men, I am so honored to introduce someone who, indirectly, has been so instrumental in launching Order of Man. I started following financial advisor, blogger, and author, Jeff Rose, when I started my financial planning practice. In fact, I actually reached out to him to help me launch my online financial business which eventually morphed and changed into what you're listening to now, The Order of Man. He's known for rallying thousands and thousands of people around his money movements including debt movement, life insurance movement, Roth IRA movement, and, most recently, the money uprising movement. Today Jeff gets real practical with us about how he learned about money and a few of his 12 principles/rules to building more wealth in your life. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/105 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
42:25 3/21/2017
Whether you're planning out your next career project, your fitness goals, or your new business, having a battle plan is critical in the ultimate success of that endevour. Here's how to craft yours. Here's how to build yours... http://www.orderofman.com/FFN047 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:24 3/17/2017
Like it or not, your ability to connect with and relate to other people is such a critical component to your overall success in life. Dealing with your own life is hard enough as it is so adding another human being into the dimension makes it infinitely more challenging. Today my guest, Jordan Harbinger with the Art of Charm, joins me for the second time to talk about adding maximum value to your relationships, establishing boundaries to keep the relationship healthy, the power that comes from diversifying your connections, and how to build more social capital. Jordan Harbinger Jordan Harbinger is a man a lot of you already know. He is back to visit with us for a second time due to popular demand. I've managed to build a good relationship with Jordan over the past two years and, when we connected a couple weeks ago, I jumped at the opportunity to have him back on. He is the host of the top-ranked podcast, The Art of Charm, which again, a lot of you are familiar with and he's someone I really respect when it comes to his craft and he's been extremely influential both directly and indirectly in helping me deliver the message of Order of Man to you. I will tell you this one starts off a little unique because, as Jordan and I were having a conversation prior to "officially" starting the interview, I just hit record since what he was talking about provides a really good example of how not to build relationships. In a way, you'll get to listen in on our conversation as friends. Enjoy it guys! Please leave us a review at http://orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://orderofman.com/104 Website: http://orderofman.com
51:11 3/14/2017
You're not always going to hit your mark. You're not always going to get it right. I mess up every single day and, without the ability for me to adjust fire along the way, the world would look a lot different. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN046 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:19 3/10/2017
You're busy. I'm busy. We've got so much going on. And, if you're anything like me, it seems that taking care of my health is the easiest thing to get pushed to the back-burner. My guest today, New York Times Best Selling Author Ben Greenfield, shares with us how to carve out the time for our health, what key metrics we should be tracking, a powerful mindset each of us can implement, and how to take a more practical approach to controlling your health. Ben Greenfield Gentlemen, I'm stoked to introduce my guest to you today, Mr. Ben Greenfield. Ben is a beast when it comes to the physical events that he's participated in. I ran across him and his work as I've done my own obstacle course and endurance event and I can tell you that this is a man who puts his money where his mouth is. He is a New York Times Bestselling Author but, as you'll hear in this interview he's also someone who's willing to do as much as he talks about others doing. He considers himself to be a Guinea Pig when it comes to health, nutrition, sleep, and fitness - you'll hear about some of his experimentations in this conversation. And, he takes an extremely practical approach to staying on top of his health goals - in fact, he was walking on a treadmill while we held this conversation. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/103 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
44:15 3/7/2017
This month marks the two year anniversary of Order of Man. In this episode I explain the orgin of The Order, how it's grown, and the biggest takeaways in growing a massive movement for men. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN045 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
11:16 3/3/2017
In general, I think it would be safe to assume that we, as a people have become weak. The average man or woman seems more likely to face obesity, autoimmune disease, and an overall reduction in happiness and fulfillment. As we continue to seek a life of ease and comfort, it is becoming painfully obvious that our quest for perpetual comfort might be the very thing that will kill us. My guest today, New York Times Bestselling author, Scott Carney, share with us how to introduce environmental stressors, how to build up more resilience, and the strategies he uses for making himself a stronger human being. Scott Carney Men, I am honored to introduce you to my guest today, Scott Carney. I came across Scott's work while connecting with another podcast Alumni, Scott Keneally. He recently wrote a book titled, What Doesn't Kill Us, and, as I read the premise of the book which is how Scott used Wim Hof's methods to improve his level of health, I knew he was someone I needed to have on the show. What I like most about Scott's work is that he is an investigative journalist who set out to expose Wim Hof as a fraud. He talks about that and how, rather than exposing Wim Hof, he ended up reaping the benefits of his work to lose weight, and build up resiliency using environmental training. In the meantime, he climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in shorts and completed the Tough Guy, one of the world's most difficult - and coldest - obstacle course races in the world. He's here to talk about how he did it. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/101 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
42:03 2/28/2017
Finding a mentor has literally transformed my life in every way imaginable - my health, my wealth, and my relationships. Today I share why you should have one, and the three step process for connecting and learning from mentors. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN044 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
11:01 2/24/2017
It all starts with the mind. We've all heard the adage - it's nothing new. But, the question remains, how do we do it. Most of us have constructed mental walls, barriers, and frames of reference that keep us thinking and behaving the way we always have. Today my guest, Tom Bilyeu co-founder or Quest Nutrition and founder of Impact Theory, shares with why it's so difficult to change your mindset, how and why we should learn to cultivate our identity, how to crystalize our goals, and how to get our mindset primed for success. Tom Bilyeu My guest today is a man who probably doesn't need a lot of introduction with most of you but I'm going to anyways because I think it's important you know a little bit about the position of experience and success he comes from. His name is Tom Bilyeu and for those who may not know it, he co-founded Quest Nutrition which was, at one point, one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Since then he's gone on to start multiple other business, one of which is Impact Theory which is how I stumbled across his work. He's interviewed some incredible guests: Jason Silva, Tim Ferris, Shaun White, and Michael Strahan, among others. But, what really intrigued me about Tom's work is his fascination with the mind and how getting the mind and body to work together is the key to success. We've talked a lot about mindset on the show but Tom is here to crystalize it a bit further for us and help us take the first steps towards getting this mindset piece right. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/101 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
43:12 2/21/2017
We are not entitled to anyone's love, support, guidance, direction, time, money, and/or resources. It is on us to PROVE to others they should invest in us. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN043 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:20 2/17/2017
Unfortunately, in society today, your ability to survive has become more important than it ever has. Whether you're dealing with an active-shooter, a natural disaster, or a medical emergency, your likelihood of having to think on your feet will likely become a reality. And, as my guest, Navy SEAL Clint Emerson says, "the wrong place at the wrong time has now become any place at any time." Today he shares some common survival threats, the importance of self-rescue and self-reliance, the four D's of home defense, and how to develop your own threat personal protocol on this, our 100th interview episode. Clint Emerson Gentlemen, I am honored to be introducing you to my guest today, Navy SEAL and New York Times Bestselling author, Clint Emerson. This marks the second time Clint will be on our show and, since our first conversation was such a hit, I thought I'd invite Clint back on the show to talk about his latest book, 100 Deadly Survival Skills: Survival Edition. As a said before, Clint served as a Navy SEAL for twenty years including an attachment to SEAL Team Six and the NSA so you know he's qualified to talk about some of the information we get into today. Clint also runs his company, Escape the Wolf, which is geared towards helping businesses deal with crisis. In fact, he and his team also ran some security training and consulting for President Trump's inauguration. Guys, you're really going to enjoy what Clint has to share and walk away with some very actionable strategies you can use should you find yourself in a crisis situation. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/100 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
42:29 2/14/2017
If you can't find a way to band and join with other men, you are going to die - maybe not literally but figuratively. I know there's been times in my life where I've felt dead inside because I had no clear direction for my life and no one to tell me what needed to be said to get my ass pointed in the right direction. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN042 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:59 2/10/2017
Entrepreneurship is such a hot topic right now. In fact, it's a buzz word that gets tossed around quite carelessly but it's something every man should, at least, consider. Not only does entrepreneurship provide opportunities for additional income, but there are tons of other benefits as well. Today, Josh Bauerle - the CPA on fire - joins me to talk about what those benefits are, the common pitfalls and mistakes young entrepreneurs make, where anyone considering launching a business should start, and why every man should consider building a business on the side. Josh Bauerle Gentlemen, I am honored to be introducing you to my friend and guest today, Mr. Josh Bauerle, the CPA on Fire. I'll be honest with you, I was a little hesitant to bring a CPA on the show because they're notorious for being a little dry to say the least. But you're going to hear in a minute that Josh is anything but dry and has a passion for helping entrepreneurs start, grow, and maximize their business through some very simple yet effective strategies. In fact, some of the strategies he shares in this interview allowed him to start his own busines in 2012 and team up with some podcasting powerhouses like John Lee Dumas with Entrepreneur on Fire. You're going to get a ton from this interview because we don't just talk theory and tax code, we talk about real tips, tactics, and tricks you can use to reap all the benefits of starting your own business. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/099 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
43:32 2/7/2017
Sovereignty is the ability to govern one's self. If you're going to be the man you want to be, you are going to have to latch on to and embrace this idea fully. In part 2 of 2 of Masculine Sovereignty, I cover the second six principles to live by in order to achive Masculine Sovereignty. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN041 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:19 2/3/2017
Stress is something all of us, as men, deal with on a daily basis. And, unless you can find a way to manage the stress effectively, you just won't be able to show up in the way others are relying on you to do. Firefighter, John Spera with Fit to Fight Fire, joins me to talk about it takes to handle yourself in stressful situations, how to get better at adapting, something he calls belief filtering, and how to build up emotional, mental, and physical resiliency. John Spera I am so honored to by interview my friend and someone I've followed for a long time, firefighter John Spera. As I said, he's someone I've been following for some time now and I have been blown away by his work ethic and his ability to lead others especially under stressful situations. I know we have a lot of men here who listen to this show as firefighters, military members, and other first responders. I've got to say that I respect you and anyone who steps into the line of fire, literally in the case of my guest today. He is a firefighter and paramedic in Aurora, CO and his team was tasked with responding to the Aurora theater shooting in 2012. He's going to talk with us a little bit about that experience and the drive he has to be the best he can be - which you'll hear in his voice when he says, "The level of our training will make the difference between life and death for others." Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/098 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
42:04 1/31/2017
Over the past couple days, I've had the opportunity to meet with some men that I really admire for how they show up in this world and the level of success they've been able to reach in their perspective field. I had the chance to meet Cameron Hanes, an Under Armor athlete and avid bow hunter, Tony Sentmanat with Real World Tactical, Neal Curry with Ready Gunner, UFC Fighter, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone. These guys are all masters of their craft and I can tell you the one thing that separates them from the rest of the pack - it's the one thing that separates all successful men from the rest. That is the ability to take action. The ability to execute. The ability and desire even to get their hands dirty. And, I want to come straight out and ask you, are you willing to execute? Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Are you willing to step into the ring? http://www.orderofman.com/FFN040 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:09 1/27/2017
Style, although it is so often overlooked, really is a critical component of helping you become a better man. More often that not, the way you look and the way you show up says a lot to other people about who you are. My guest today, Antonio Centeno with Real Men, Real Style, shares with us how important style is, the benefits of improving the way you look, what core components you should consider when improving your wardrobe, and how you can become a man of style. Antonio Centeno I initially came across Antonio's work with Real Men, Real Style as I was considering launching Order of Man in early 2015. And since then, I've been able to build a relationship and friendship with him. This man knows a ton about style and fashion - and not just clothing - but the psychology of increasing your style, body language, manners and mannerisms, and just about anything else that will help you increase your overall presence in the world. He is the founder of Real Men, Real Style, like I previously mentioned, and has over 1,000,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. We talk about it a little in the show but he's got over 700 vidoes there and literally thousands of articles, videos, and courses that will help you understand how clothing fits into the conversation of masculinity. He is also the co-founder of Men's StyleCon along with Aaron Marino with I Am Alpha M. We do talk a little about that during the show but it is definitely something you should consider attending if you really want to become a man of style. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/097 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
44:25 1/24/2017
Over the past couple days, I've had the opportunity to meet with some men that I really admire for how they show up in this world and the level of success they've been able to reach in their perspective field. I had the chance to meet Cameron Hanes, an Under Armor athlete and avid bow hunter, Tony Sentmanat with Real World Tactical, Neal Curry with Ready Gunner, UFC Fighter, Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone. These guys are all masters of their craft and I can tell you the one thing that separates them from the rest of the pack - it's the one thing that separates all successful men from the rest. That is the ability to take action. The ability to execute. The ability and desire even to get their hands dirty. And, I want to come straight out and ask you, are you willing to execute? Are you willing to get your hands dirty? Are you willing to step into the ring? http://www.orderofman.com/FFN039 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:23 1/20/2017
As you men know by now, leadership lies at the core of what it means to be a man. We've all had great leaders. We've all had horrible leaders. My guest today, David Burkus, talks with us about what it means to be a leader, how to align your vision with others, how to be more influential, and how to make an impact in the lives of those who matter most. David Burkus David Burkus is a someone I came across as I was looking for successful men to come on the show and, you're going to hear in the podcast today, that I connected with someone who is incredibly qualified to speak with us on the subject of leadership. He's an author. He's a podcaster. And, he's also an associate professor of management at Oral Roberts University. He wrote a book I really enjoyed titled, Under New Management, where he challenges the traditional vision of business management and proves they're outdated and just don't work. He gets into that a little in the show today. He's also a speaker. He's worked Fortune 500 companies and the Naval Academy and contributes to Business Review and Inc. Today he's here to talk with us about management, leadership, and how to cast your vision and make an impact. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/096 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
42:00 1/17/2017
We've got a pretty thriving Facebook Community and one of the underlying themes I see quite a bit there is setbacks, struggles, trials, adversity, and obstacles. And, more importantly, questions about how to overcome these "expected unexpecteds" in life. This is going to be tough because, obviously, I cannot go through every scenario in which you find yourself on a daily basis in the next eight minutes but, what I can do, is give you a three-part formula that I've used in my time here on this spinning rock that has helped me overcome some major hurdles - hurdles that many of you have experiences or are in the middle of right now. I've been fat, I've been broke, I've been depressed, I've had failing businesses, I almost lost my marriage at one point and, I can tell you that this simple strategy, although it's not easy, can help you overcome just about any challenge you may find yourself in. But, before I share the formula with you, I need you to understand something: you are responsible for what you do with your life. No one else - you! Yes, you can have friends. Yes, you can have mentors. Yes, you can have a support group or a team. But, at the end of the day and regardless of their effort and help and resources, it is up to you to build the life you want. And that means that, at times, you are going to have to face some things alone. You're going to have to stare down whatever trial you have to and figure out a way to go around, over, under, and through that things that might have you pinned down. No one can or will do it for you. Now, that you know it is up to you, let's talk about this. My formula for overcoming any setback is simply REGROUP, RECALIBRATE, AND RE-ENGAGE. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN038 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:07 1/13/2017
Somewhere, at some point, men began to believe that we are meant to go at it alone. The reality paints a different picture and illustrates how critical it is for each of us to learn to connect with others. Whether you're tyring to connect with people professionally or personally, my guest, John Corcoran, shares with us why meeting face-to-face is so critical, how to reach the people you admire most, the differences between networking professionally and personally, how to get out of your own head, and how you can become a better connector. John Corcoran Gentlemen, I am honored to introduce you to my guest today, John Corcoran. John is someone I first learned about as I started Order of Man and, since then, I've had the opportunity to connect with him a bit more. When I initially reached out to John, he was unavailable for an interview but, he did introduce me to Michael Port with Heroic Public Speaking and Jordan Harbinger with the Art of Charm (both of whom I had interviews with) and I can tell you that this is a man who practices what he preaches when it comes to being a better connecter. In fact, through his skills and abilities as a networker and connecter, John landed a job as a writer in the Clinton Whitehouse and, of course, has gone on to do so much more. He is the founder of the Smart Business Revolution where he teaches business owners and entrepreneurs some of the same stratgies we're going to be talking about today and how each of us can and should become better connectors. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/095 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
44:46 1/10/2017
Focusing on high-value targets in your life is critical to your success this year. The reality is most of us don't. Instead, we choose to focus on low-value targets - tactics, activities, projects, experiences, etc. that produce little to no results towards our most important objectives. A high-value target on the other hand is a tactic, an exercise, an activity, and engagement that you can complete that will produce and yield the highest return. This is exactly what we want - high returns on the way we spend our time, attention, focus, energy, and resources on. I've said it before but the most successful men on the planet know how to use the 24 hours each of us have in any given day to its maximum potential. And, that is what I want to address today. Now, obviously, the term, high-value target is a term used in the military to describe a person or asset that is critical for the completion of a mission. I'm using it in much the same way. A high-value target, when it comes to you spending your time most effectively, is a tactic you can use to achieve your ultimate objective. So, I want to talk with you about identifying these high-value targets, engaging them, eliminating distractions, and accomplishing big things in your life. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN037 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:09 1/6/2017
There are three types of people in this world: the wolf, the sheep, and the sheepdog. The wolf is violent, the sheep is passive, and the sheepdog is there to protect one from the other. My guest today, Army Green Beret and UFC ranked middleweight fighter, Tim Kennedy, talks with us about how to overcome fear, how to get up and learn from losses, how to recognize strengths and weaknesses, and how to become the sheepdog. TIM KENNEDY Tim Kennedy is arguably one of the baddest men on the planet. He is a Army Green Beret and a UFC Middleweight MMA fighter and, he's one of only a few who fight professionally and serve in the armed forces simultaneously. He's been fighting professionaly for 16 years and serving as a Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper for 14 and has been awarded the Bronze Star for valor under fire. Tim also competed on the Ultimate Soldier Challenge as a Green Beret and was featured as a "Ranger" on the Spike TV series Deadliest Warrior. Tim has also competed in the grueling 3 day Modern Army Combatives tournament, and was one of only three men to be undefeated, as well as three time champion. He is one of the only three service members to be awarded a black belt in Modern Army Combatives. In addition to all that he stars on History Channel's hit show, Hunting Hitler, founded the Sheepdog Survival Fund, and trains law enforment officers, first responders, and civilians how to become sheepdogs through his company, Sheepdog Response. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/094 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
42:57 1/3/2017
Everywhere you turn this time of year, you'll see someone telling you how to set New Year's Resolutions. And, while I think there is validity to setting up resolutions correctly, there just doesn't seem to be a lot of new information. Everyone knows how to set goals. We've all heard of SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-sensitive - or some variation of that) but, is setting goals really the problem? Do you really have a hard time dreaming? Do you really have a hard time envisioning the future? Do you really have a hard time thinking about what you would like to do over the next twelve months? I would argue that most don't have a problem with this. In fact, I don't think most people have a problem even getting started. Most people can easily get fired up about something for a week or two or even a month. So, rather than tell you how to set New Year's Resolutions, I'm going to teach you how to KEEP THEM! http://www.orderofman.com/FFN036 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:24 12/30/2016
We talk a lot about success on this show. In fact, the word gets tossed around so much that it's lost a lot of it's significance. My friend, and guest today, Andy Frisella, joins me to talk about what success is and isn't, the struggles motivated and ambitous men face, his new children's book, and our obligation to teach principles of success to our children as our legacy. ANDY FRISELLA Andy Frisella is an entrepreneur and innovator. At the age of 19, Andy and his business partner, started their first supplement store and his since grown it into a multi-million dollar business. Today their companies, Supplement Superstores, 1st Phorm International, Alpine Sports Products, Carbon Fire Nutrition, Paradise Distribution, and Frisella & Klein Enterprises, sell, manufacture, and distribute fitness, nutrition, and weight loss products exceeding sales in excess of $100 million per year. In 2014, he was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year by Secret Entourage Academy which is the world's leading online community of entrepreneurs. His podcast, The MFCO, consistently ranks in the top 50 of all business podcasts and top 15 in the marketing and management category. His Periscope Channel is one of the Top 20 most popular accounts in the entire world. Ultimately, he is a world-class motivator. His goal is to help 1 billion people accomplish their goals and dreams. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/093 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
42:41 12/27/2016
Today, we talk about Invictus. Most of society believes, or lives life, as if someone or something else is in control. Whether you call it fate or destiny or something else entirely, it's wrong. The problem with believing, or at least adhering to, the notion that you don't have control over your life is that you give away any power you have in doing something about it. Today we talk about 5 excuses you'll need to eliminate from your life and the mindset required to do it. http://www.ordeofman.com/FFN035 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:56 12/23/2016
50 Ironmans in 50 states in 50 days: This is what my guest, James "Iron Cowboy" set out to do. Everyone said it was impossible. Nobody thought it could be done. He disagreed. In 2015, James set out for the impossible and 50 days later completed what he set out to do in the face of overwhemling odds, physical damage, mental exhaustion, and obstacle after obstacle to overcome. Today he shares his journey. JAMES "IRON COWBOY" LAWRENCE James Lawrence is an endurance athlete and Ironman triathlete. He holds two Guinness World Records in 70.3 and 140.6 triathlon racing. In 2012, James shattered the World Record by over 10 races, winning 2 titles and placing 2nd in five others. After 2012, James "Iron Cowboy" Lawrence wanted to test the true limits of his mind and body and wanted people around the world to join him in an effort to raise money for childhood obesity and empower them to take control of their own lives. So, he set out for the unthinkable: 50 Full Distance Courses, 50 Consecutive days, through all 50 States. He'd cover 140.6 miles each and every day, for 50 consecutive days. A 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and then finishing up by covering 26.2 more miles, which is the marathon. In 2015, he completed what everyone else said was impossible. This is his story. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/092 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
39:12 12/20/2016
Stocism is the philisophy of focusing on perception, action, and will. Most people have a misconception of what Stoicism actually is - that it ends with thought and contemplation. Stoicism however, is the ability to focus on what you can control and turning that into the action neccesary to propel your life and the lives of those you have an obligation and responsibility for. In this episode, we talk about the three keys to Stoicism and additional resources you'll need to delve into on your journey to become a Stoic Man. http://www.ordeofman.com/FFN034 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:02 12/16/2016
Why do men like to fight and why do we like to watch? These are questions I've asked myself before and ones that we attempt to answer with my guest today Jonathan Gottschall, an English professor with some real-world experience in MMA. Today we talk about the nature of fighting, how fighting has evolved, the role honor plays in combat, and where the desire to make men more civilized comes from. JONATHAN GOTTSCHALL Jonathan Gottshcall is a Distinguished Fellow in the English Department at Washington & Jefferson College. His research at the intersection of science and art has been covered in outlets like The New York Times, Scientific American, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Nature, and NPR. Jonathan is also the author of seven books, including The Storytelling Animal, which was a New York Times Editor's Choice Selection and a finalist for the LA Times Book Prize. When he was 39, a cage fighting gym opened across from the English Department. He asked myself, "What would Hemingway do?" The answer is in his latest book, The Professor in the Cage: Why Men Fight and Why We Like to Watch. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/091 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
41:24 12/13/2016
A lighthouse does not adapt, conform, or bend to the will of others or what society says about the way it should behave. A lighthouse is the rock others will look to. Are you acting like the rock - the lighthouse? http://www.ordeofman.com/FFN033 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:00 12/9/2016
Negotiation is a skill all of us, as men, can and should improve. Whether you're talking a criminal into releasing hostages (like my guest has done) or negotiation a pay raise or promotion, the art and science of negotiating is going to serve you well. Today my guest, former lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI, Chris Voss joins me to talk about the characteristics of a great negotiator, how powerful your words can actually be, why you should be going for a 'no' as opposed to a 'yes' and how to use what he calls tactical empathy to your benefit. CHRIS VOSS Chris Voss is the Founder and CEO of the Black Swan Group Ltd and author of Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It. He has used his years of experience in international crisis and high-stakes negotiations to develop a unique program and team that applies these globally proven techniques to the business world. Prior to 2008, Chris was the lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI, as well as the FBI's hostage negotiation representative for the National Security Council's Hostage Working Group. During his government career, he also represented the U.S. Government at two (2) international conferences sponsored by the G-8 as an expert in kidnapping. Chris also served as the lead Crisis Negotiator for the New York City Division of the FBI. Christopher was a member of the New York City Joint Terrorist Task Force for 14 years. He was trained in the art of negotiation by not only the FBI but Scotland Yard and Harvard Law School. He is also a recipient of the Attorney General's Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement and the FBI Agents Association Award for Distinguished and Exemplary Service. Chris currently teaches business negotiation in the MBA program as an adjunct professor at University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business and at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/090 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
44:12 12/6/2016
"Hold Fast" was used as a nautical term referring to the importance of securing a ship's rigging especially in bad weather but it has implications in our every day life too. Here are 5 strategies you can use to "hold fast" when everything seems to be crumbling around you. http://www.ordeofman.com/FFN032 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
09:20 12/2/2016
Teamwork is something we hear a lot about but it's not something that we typically delve into too much because we're all expected to know what it means to be a team player. Teamwork is the fastest way to growth and success in just about any endeavor in life and my guest today, retired Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog, is here to tell us how Navy SEALs operate as a team, how to reach others in a constructive manner, how to recognize strengths in others, and how to help your team thrive. CHRIS SAJNOG Chris Sajnog is a retired Navy SEAL Master Firearms Instructor, Neural-Pathway Training Expert, Speaker and Disabled Veteran Small Business Owner. He is one of the most experienced and respected firearms trainers in the world, being hand-selected to develop the training program for the US Navy SEAL Snipers. As a Navy SEAL he was the senior sniper instructor, a certified Master Training Specialist (MTS), BUD/S and advanced training marksmanship instructor. After retiring from the SEAL Teams in 2009 to spend time with his family, Chris began training civilians and law enforcement officers. He is the founder of the New Rules of Marksmanship, a revolutionary approach to firearms training and has a passion for finding innovative ways to teach elite-level shooting skills online as rapidly as possible to his students. He is a federal and state certified firearms instructor and has trained DOD, DHS, FBI, CIA, Law Enforcement, and multiple foreign allies in all aspects of combat weapons handling, marksmanship, and tactics. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/089 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
40:30 11/29/2016
If you're anything like me, you have a ton on your plate and want to make sure every minute of every day is being used as best it can. You guys know as well as I do that the most successful men in the world have the same amount of time in any given day but, the one thing they do better than others, is spend that time in the best possible way. They don't squander it on meaningless or trivial matters - they make every second count. Today I share ten tips, tricks, and tactics to ensure you are maximizing your results. http://www.ordeofman.com/FFN031 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
07:49 11/25/2016
Work/Life Balance, it's a term that gets tossed around a lot but is it even possible to achieve? With all that we have going on as men, it seems impossible to manage at times. My guest today, Larry Hagner, with the Good Dad Project, shares with me about how to create more purposeful time, why it's easier to be driven at home than at work, and what it means to life with work/life integration. LARRY HAGNER Larry Hagner is an author, speaker, coach, podcaster, and founder of the Good Dad Project. The Good Dad Project is dedicated to helping men become the best version of themselves so they can show up big for their kids. Larry grew up in a fatherless environment for most of his life and when he became a father himself 9 years ago he had no idea what to do. All he knew is that he didn't want to fail. He dove into self improvement, he worked with coaches and mentors, and created the Good Dad Project to help other men with their struggles. Larry has recently published a book called "The Dad's Edge: 9 Simple Ways to Unlimited Patience, Improved Relationships, and Positive Lasting Memories." He has also created an online course called: "The Dad's Edge: 6 Simple Strategies to Empowering your Journey as a Dad." Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/088 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
39:26 11/22/2016
If you're anything like me, you have a ton on your plate and want to make sure every minute of every day is being used as best it can. You guys know as well as I do that the most successful men in the world have the same amount of time in any given day but, the one thing they do better than others, is spend that time in the best possible way. They don't squander it on meaningless or trivial matters - they make every second count. Today I share ten tips, tricks, and tactics to ensure you are maximizing your results. http://www.ordeofman.com/FFN030 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
10:19 11/18/2016
No doubt by now you've either heard of obstacle course racing or have participated in one. Whether you take pleasure in submitting yourself to pain and discomfort or not, I can tell you that these types of races have helped me push beyond my perceived limitations. Today writer and director, Scott Keneally, joins me to talk about his documentary, Rise of the Sufferfests, the driving force behind the incredible growth of obstacle course racing, and what you can learn about yourself through participating in a race of your own. SCOTT KENEALLY Scott Keneally is the writer/director behind Rise of the Sufferfests, the first feature documentary about the global obstacle course racing phenomenon. The film explores the history of the sport, psychology behind it, personalities that drive it, and asks what it says about the world we're living in. Specifically: why is everyone suddenly paying for pain? He is a self-proclaimed "beta male" and in 2011 he tackled his first Tough Mudder. His articles and interviews documenting his experiences have been featured on the cover of Outside Magazine, 60 Minutes Sports, and a speaking engagement at Stanford Business School. Scott is a treatment writer for some of the top directors in music videos and commercials. And, over the past 15 years, he has collaborated on videos for Rihanna, Madonna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus, as well as Paris Hilton. Today, he's here to talk about his documentary, Rise of the Sufferfests and why all of us should consider embracing the suffering. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/087 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
36:15 11/15/2016
If you are listening to this as one of my American brothers, this is a big day for us. It's Veterans Day. It's a day that we have the chance to honor the men and woman who sacrifice to serve this great nation, whether that's here or abroad. Veterans, we honor you! http://www.ordeofman.com/FFN029 Please leave us a rating and review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes
11:01 11/11/2016
We all have path to travel in this life. Some of us have found it and others are still searching for it. I can tell you that the pursuit of that path is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I know that my guest today, Rich Roll, would agree. We talk about the power that comes from stepping outside your comfort zone, how to keep driving in the face of adversity, what to expect when you break free of society's norms, and how you can pursue your warrior path. RICH ROLL Rich Roll is a two-time top finisher at the Ultraman World Championship and first person to complete EPIC5 - 5 ironman-distance triathlons on 5 Hawaiian Islands in under a week. His inspirational memoir FINDING ULTRA: Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World's Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself was an Amazon #1 best-seller and has inspired thousands across the world to embrace a plant-based diet. Rich is a frequent guest on CNN, was named one of the "25 Fittest Men in the World" by Men's Fitness and is the host of The Rich Roll Podcast topping charts on iTunes. He is also a graduate of Stanford University and Cornell Law School and he is an inspiring people worldwide as a transformative example of healthy living. Rich also wrote a cookbook and lifestyle guide, The Plantpower Way, and hosts a video Course, The Ultimate Guide To Plant-Based Nutrition and The Art of Living With Purpose. PODCAST SPONSOR: Sheath Underwear Men, let me tell you about my friends and podcast sponsor, Sheath Underwear. I've told you I was a little hesitant to have these guys sponsor the show but, I whole-heartedly endorse what these guys are doing and I personally use Sheath Underwear every time I work out. These underwear where designed by a two-time Iraqi Combat Veteran to help keep your boys in place when you're working out or on the run. Bottom line, you're going to get the comfort and flexibility you want, but also the ability to keep everything in check so you can worry about what really matters, not having to adjust yourself every five minutes. Essentially they've designed a pocket, aptly named the 'zen pouch' that gives you maximum support without the restrictions. Just go over to www.sheathunderwear.com and use the code "orderofman" at checkout for a 25% discount. Again, it's www.sheathunderwear.com. You and your manhood can thank me later. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/086 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
43:14 11/8/2016
Complacency kills. Don't ever let yourself get comfortable. There is no coasting, no middle ground, no default mode. You're either pushing to new heights or falling behind. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN028 http://www.orderofman.com
08:31 11/4/2016
Every single one of us is looking for more out of life. If you're not, you probably need to get that figured out. That said, it's difficult to see beyond the reality you've set for yourself. My guest today, Aubrey Marcus, Founder and CEO of Onnit, joins me to talk about how you can uncover your mission, train the essential skills, overcome the resistance, and go for your win. AUBREY MARCUS Aubrey Marcus is the Founder and CEO of Onnit, a nutritional supplements brand based on a holistic health philosophy he calls Total Human Optimization. Since 2010 he has grown his business into an industry leader, with over 250 products ranging from peak performance supplements to foods, fitness equipment, and apparel. Aubrey has a degree in philosophy and classical civilization and has a background in brand development and eCommerce. Inspired by his lifelong experience as a multisport athlete ? as well as his background in ancient philosophy ? his goal was to create a company that empowered customers to achieve their fullest human potential. And, if that's not enough, he is also the host of two celebrated podcasts: Total Human Optimization and the Aubrey Marcus Podcast. PODCAST SPONSOR: Sheath Underwear Whether you're reading books and building your mind or making sure everything is where it's supposed to be when running or working out, having the right tools is critical. Enter Shealth Underwear. Sheath Underwear was founded and, more importantly, created by a two-time Iraqi Combat veteran so you they've addressed the issue with what happens to your manhood when you're working out in the heat. Specifically, Sheath Underwear has a pouch designed to keep everything in place so you're not adjusting when you should be focused on something else. I'm not going to explain it all because, frankly, you get the idea. Just go over to http://www.sheathunderwear.com and use the code "orderofman" at checkout for a 25% discount. You and your manhood can thank me later. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/085 Website: http://www.orderofman.com Podcast Sponsor: Sheath Underwear: http://www.sheathunderwear.com Use "orderofman" at checkout for a 25% discount.
41:54 11/1/2016
"Peace Through Strength" is a concept dating back to the Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD 76. The idea is that military power can preserve peace. But, it's a concept that is worth considering in our daily lives as well. http://www.orderofman.com/FFN027 http://www.orderofman.com
09:51 10/28/2016
Being present in the moment is something we talk a ton about here on the show. It seems there's too many men letting life pass them by because they just aren't engaged in life. My guest today, Jon Vroman, joins me to talk about how to find your 'why', how to overcome your fear when pursuing it, finding people to join you on your journey, and how you can live life on the front row. Jon Vroman Jon Vroman is first, a husband and father of two boys and a social entrepreneur who helps people live life in the front row. He has a passoin for speaking, coaching, running live events, and hosting his own podcast, The Front Row Factor. Jon is also the author of The Front Row Factor: Crush Your Fear, Create Epic Moments & Celebrate Now...Before It's Too Late! In 2005, he co-founded Front Row Foundation to help create life-changing experiences for people in need. He has run 3 ultra-marathons, (I think it's because he's a little crazy) but mostly he does it to raise money for charity. He loves travelling, he's additcted to learning, and he has a passion to help people live fully alive. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/084 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
40:21 10/25/2016
"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat." Theodore Roosevelt Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN026 http://www.orderofman.com
08:03 10/21/2016
No doubt you've heard of Movember but I bet you don't know the story behind it and the man who founded it, a former Austrailian Army Special Forces Commando. Adam Garone, joins me to talk about the current state of men's health, how Movember has raised over $730 million towards cancer and men's health research, and how you can help put an end to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's mental health issues. Adam Garone Adam Garone is the founder of Movember and has turned it into one of the most innovative and impactful charities created this millennium, working to change the face of men's health. Behind the scenes, under Adam's leadership, Movember is changing the way cancer research is done by requiring and facilitating collaboration not just at a national level but at a global level, something never before achieved in the cancer sector. In 2013, 2014, 2015 the Movember Foundation was named in the Top 100 Best NGOs in the world by the Global Journal out of over 1.5 million charities. Not only is Adam the founder of Movember, he also spent nine years of service as an officer in the Australian Army, where he was selected and served with the Commando Regiment in the special forces. To date, 6 million fundraisers and 18 million donors have joined the Movember movement, that together have raised over $730 million. Movember has funded 1,000 men's health programs in 21 countries, achieving significant breakthroughs in the way prostate and testicular cancer is diagnosed and treated. This will lead us to a time when we have effectively cured these cancers and the side effects of treatment are minimized. In 2016 Movember was awarded Cult brand of the year, in 2013 Adam was awarded the GQ Australia Man of the Year, in 2009 the Melbourne Business School Outstanding Alumnus Award, and in 2008 Enrst & Young Australian Entrepreneur Of The Year. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/083 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
37:00 10/18/2016
While it's important that we DO serve and give attention to others, it is impossible for us to give all that we're capable of giving unless we find a way to take care of ourselves. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN025 http://www.orderofman.com
07:55 10/14/2016
Men are needed today more than ever. We as a species are being confronted with more and more violence every day. My guest, Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, a leading expert in the field of psychologoy and physiology of violence shares why homicides are skyrocketing, why the world needs more sheepdogs, what happens to our bodies when we're in combat, and how to handle yourself with confronted with violence. Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, is a retired Airborne Ranger infantry officer, and a prior-service sergeant and paratrooper, with a total of over 23 years experience in leading U.S. soldiers worldwide. He is also an internationally recognized scholar, author, soldier, and speaker who is one of the world's foremost experts in the field of human aggression and the roots of violence and violent crime. Col. Grossman is a former West Point psychology professor, Professor of Military Science, and an Army Ranger who has combined his experiences to become the founder of a new field of scientific endeavor, which has been termed "killology." He has made revolutionary new contributions to our understanding of killing in war, the psychological costs of war, the root causes of the current "virus" of violent crime that is raging around the world, and the process of healing the victims of violence, in war and peace. His books, On Killing and On Combat have been also placed on the U.S. Marine Corps Commandant's Required Reading List. He has presented papers before the national conventions of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Colonel Grossman has presented to over 100 different colleges and universities worldwide, and has trained educators and law enforcement professionals, in the field of school safety, at the state and regional level, in all 50 states and over a dozen foreign nations. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/082 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
46:07 10/11/2016
As men, we should be warriors in a garden - warriors pursuing what we love and what we enjoy but prepared to go to battle on a moment's notice and when the situation calls for it. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN024 http://www.orderofman.com
08:31 10/7/2016
Obsession is often a word and thought process that's frowned upon by society today. My guest today, the one and only Grant Cardone tells us why obsession is absolutely critical to your success. We talk about society as your worst enemy, how to use your addictions to your benefit, the myth of balance, the key to thinking bigger, and obsession hacks each and every one of us can use. Grant Cardone Grant Cardone is an international sales expert, New York Timesbest-selling author, and radio show host of The Cardone Zone. He has founded three companies: Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Real Estate Holdings, and the Cardone Group. He has shared his sales and business expertise as a motivational speaker and author of Sell to Survive, The Closers Survival Guide, If You're Not First, You're Last, The 10X Rule, Sell or Be Sold, and his latest, Be Obsessed or Be Average. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/081 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
39:50 10/4/2016
the women in our lives are looking for leaders. They're looking for assertiveness. They're looking for men with energy, passion, drive, and motivation. Odds are you have limited amounts of that left. The world may have beat you up with financial problems, health problems, divorce, job loss, illness and injury. You need to learn to stand on your own two feet. And, when you do, she will respond. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN023 http://www.orderofman.com
09:53 9/30/2016
Today we talk with former Army Ranger and the owner of Ready Gunner, Neal Currey, about firearms. We'll cover some of the myths surrounding the sale of firearms, the responsibilities gun owners carry, the fundamentals of shooting, open versus concealed carry, and why men should learn how to shoot. Neal Currey Neal Currey is a former Army Ranger with 2nd battalion 75 Ranger Regiment and the owner of Ready Gunner. After two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan with his unit, Neal left the Military and moved into the private sector and conducted an additional two tours in Iraq as a Personal Security Specialist. Between that time, Neal worked for a company called SRATS (Specialized Reconnaissance Assault Transport Systems) in Special Projects. He helped in the production of the SRATS A1, a vehicle designed for Special Operation units in Afghanistan. Since then, Neal has founded Ready Gunner, where he offers firearms, ammunition, tactical gear, and training to help those who serve this country, and other patriots to receive the training and equipment needed to achieve their goals, and, above all, stay safe. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/080 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
40:57 9/27/2016
For those of you who don't know, last weekend was our inaugural live retreat called the Uprising. We had 20 men fly in from all over the country to gain the skills, tools, and resources needed to step up fully as men in their lives - and in the lives of their families, businesses, and communities. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN022 http://www.orderofman.com
08:53 9/23/2016
Today, we talk about something we have not yet covered on the Order of Man Podcast: masculine and feminine energy and how men can balance the two. My guest, Satyen Raja, and I discuss using the understanding of energy to attract a spouse, raise your children, and live more fully with who you are. We also talk about presence, claim, and penetration and why every man needs to learn to master these skills. Satyen Raja Satyen Raja is the founder of the WarriorSage Group of Companies - Ignite Passion Now, Harmony Integration Academy, The Find YourSelf Journey, The Unforgettable Challenge. Through these companies, Raja and his wife, Suzanne have travelled the world helping put a dent in the divorce rate by helping couples re-ignite their passion, find fulfillment and accomplishment, and improve their mental, emotional, physical, and spirtual well-being. His companies currently have over 10,000 successful grads and, as you'll hear in the interview, he's on his way to helping thousands more. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/079 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
42:24 9/20/2016
Today we talk about how to adapt and overcome. And, just like the phrase says you and I, as men, need to anticipate hurdles and learn how to better overcome the adversities we face in life. The more confident I become, the more clear I get, the better I am at adapting to all that life has to throw at me and come back stronger than before. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN021 http://www.orderofman.com
09:42 9/16/2016
Extreme Ownership is a concept that you've heard me talk a ton about on this podcast and in our conversations. Today, I wanted to invite my guest, co-author of the book, Extreme Ownership, Navy SEAL Leif Babin to talk about what extreme ownership means, the "default aggressive mentality," humility's role in all of this, and how to take ownership of every area of your life. Leif Babin LEIF BABIN is a decorated former Navy SEAL officer, author ofExtreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win, and co-founder of Echelon Front, where he serves as leadership instructor, speaker, and executive coach. A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Leif served thirteen years in the Navy, including nine as a Navy SEAL. As a SEAL platoon commander in SEAL Team Three's Task Unit Bruiser, he planned and led major combat operations in the Battle of Ramadi that helped the "Ready First" Brigade of the US Army's 1st Armored Division bring stability to the violent, war-torn city. Task Unit Bruiser became the most highly decorated special operations unit of the Iraq War. He is the recipient of the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and a Purple Heart. In 2011, Leif left active duty and co-founded Echelon Front, a leadership consulting company that helps others build their own high-performance winning teams. Leif speaks on leadership, U.S. military strategy, and foreign policy matters. His editorials have been published in the Wall Street Journal and he has appeared on a variety of national television news and radio programs. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/078 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
46:27 9/13/2016
Situational Awareness is about knowing what's going on around you. It's about recognizing any potential threats. It's about recognizing the mood, attitudes, and behaviors of those closest to you and complete strangers. It seems like everywhere I look I see men and women in these zombie-like trances starring at these little electronic devices we call our phones. I see people driving who are completely oblivious to anything going on around them, and I see an inability for people to connect with other people who are literally sitting right next to them. So, let's talk about this today. Let's talk about situation awareness. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN020 http://www.orderofman.com
08:44 9/9/2016
The kettlebell - you've heard of it. Perhaps you've even used it a little. But, I bet you have no idea how versatile these things can actually be. My guest today, Master Kettlebell Instructor, Jon Mills, talks with me about the good, the bad, and the ugly behind the big hunk of metal we can a kettlebell. We talk about the benefits, the movements, the pitfalls, and how you can use kettlebells to up your exercise regimen. Jon Mills Jon Mills is a strength and conditioning coach and master kettlebell instructor based in Canada. With a competitive swimming and soccer background, 10+ years coaching experience in the fitness industry, and a BS in Sports Science, Jon has helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life build stronger bodies and minds. At 37, Jon won his debut natural Men's Physique competition and a pro card. He documented the contest prep process to dispel fitness myths and show what it takes to win without sacrificing your health which can be found at www.peakphysiquefilm.com Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/077 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
39:34 9/6/2016
Communication solves EVERYTHING: your relationship with your wife or girlfriend and/or your children, your business, your clients, your health, and your overall sanity and well-being. In order to reach your full potential, you'll have to learn to be a better communcator. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN018 http://www.orderofman.com
08:43 9/2/2016
Building a "Band of Brothers." It's something we hear a lot about but few of us, as men, actually take the time to do it. We all know no man is an island but, how do you actually enlist the help of the men around you? Today I talk with New York Times Bestselling Author, Stephen Mansfield about identifying men who will help you on your journey, how to approach them, some common pitfalls to avoid, and how you can be successful on your quest to build your Band of Brothers. Stephen Mansfield Stephen Mansfield is a New York Times bestselling author and a popular speaker who advises leaders worldwide. He is also a regular commentator on FOX News and CNN. He first rose to global attention with his groundbreaking book The Faith of George W. Bush, an enormous bestseller that Time magazine credited with helping to shape the 2004 U.S. presidential election. The book was also a source for Oliver Stone's award-winning film "W". Mansfield's The Faith of Barack Obama was another international bestseller. He has written celebrated biographies of Booker T. Washington, George Whitefield, Winston Churchill, Pope Benedict XVI, and Abraham Lincoln, among others. Publishers Weeklydescribed his book, Killing Jesus, as "masterful." Stephen's humorous but fiery Mansfield's Book of Manly Men has inspired men's events around the world. His more recent The Miracle of the Kurds has been selected as "Book of the Year" by Rudaw, the leading Kurdish news service. As a result of this book, Mansfield has become a leading voice in support of the Kurds against the evils of ISIS in the Middle East. Stephen speaks widely about men, leadership, faith, the lessons of history, and the forces that shape modern culture. He is also a much in-demand leadership advisor whose firm, The Mansfield Group, is located in Washington DC. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/076 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
40:56 8/30/2016
It is critical you, as a man, wrap your head around the idea of capitalism. If you don't, you won't have the ability to provide as much value as you should - value for yourself, your family, and the world. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN018 http://www.orderofman.co
08:23 8/26/2016
Somewhere, at some point you've hit rock bottom. I know I certainly have. For me, it was 7 years ago when my wife and I decided to call it quits. Fortunately, I hit it hard enough and fast enough I was able to do something about it and save our marriage. Today, I talk with my friend and New York Times Best-Selling Author, Ryan Blair, about hitting rock bottom, how to dig yourself out of it, and become a rock star. Ryan Blair Ryan Blair is the co-founder and chief executive officer of ViSalus Sciences, a #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, an serial entrepreneur who came from nothing to lose, and everything to gain. At the age of 21, Blair had already founded his first business, 24/7 tech, and has since created and sold numerous other companies for hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of his carrer. In 2011 he wrote a book titled Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain: How I Went from Gang Member to Multimillionaire Entrepreneur which reached The New York Times Best Seller list. And, in 2012, Ernst & Young named Blair as Entrepreneur of the Year. Today he's here to talk with us about his new book, Rock Bottom to Rock Star. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/075 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
39:00 8/23/2016
Everyday Carry (EDC): The practical tools and equipment you should be carrying every day to help you accomplish the tasks and situations you find yourself in on a daily basis. It's not about having everything but the kitchen sink - it's about having a select few highly-efficient, highly practical tools at your disposal. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN016 http://www.orderofman.com
08:47 8/19/2016
Self-made man: it's a term that gets tossed around a lot. And, while there's certainly an exciting element to being a man who creates his own luck, the reality paints a different story. In fact, no man ever made it on his own. Today, I talk with Jason McCarthy, retired Green Beret and the founder of GoRuck about communication, building rapport, and team building strategies from the special forces and GoRuck. JASON MCCARTHY My guest today is an Army Special Forces Soldier (AKA, Green Beret) and the founder of GoRuck, Jason McCarthy. Jason enlisted in the Army after 9/11 and spent time serving our nation in Iraq. After leaving the military he founded the company GoRuck based on the lessons of team building, communication, and rapport he learned in training and in war. Along with his team of military members, GoRuck's goal is serve as a voice for good, employ more Veterans of Special Operations than any organization outside the US military, and build a bridge between the military and civilian worlds. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/074 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
40:14 8/16/2016
Today I cover the topic of boundaries - why they're important, why "work/life balance" will never exist, and four simple strategies you can use to do more of the things YOU want to do. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN016 http://www.orderofman.com
09:35 8/12/2016
I used to feel lost. I knew there was more to life but I just couldn't put my finger on it. And, even if I had, I wouldn't have known what path to take to get there. My guest today and a man that needs no introduction, Lewis Howes, talks with us about what it means to be great, the power of staying curious, how failure helps light the path, and how you can discover your own path to greatness. LEWIS HOWES Lewis Howes is a lifestyle entrepreneur, business coach, keynote speaker, and the New York Time Bestselling author of The School of Greatness. He is also a former professional football player, a two-sport All-American, world record holding athlete, and a current USA Men's National Handball Team athlete. In addition to all that, he hosts The School of Greatness podcast and was recognized by the White House as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30. You can see that Lewis has excelld at just about everything he's done. He's been featured in The New York Times, People, Men's Health, The Today Show and other major media outlets. And, today he's on the show to talk about creating your own path to greatness! Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/073 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
38:45 8/9/2016
Today we talk about my fitness journey: where I have succeeded, where I have failed, why this is critical to you becoming a better man, and how you can get started or break through the plateau you might find yourself on. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN015 http://www.orderofman.com
08:23 8/5/2016
Dominate anything. That's what we're going to talk about today. I'm sure you've felt, at times in your life, that you just weren't operating to your full capacity. Whether that was a conscious decision or you just didn't know how to break out to that next level, you just felt like you left something on the table. My guest today, former NFL runningback, Niyi Sobo teaches us how to create our ultimate vision, ask for and implement feedback, and dominate in ANY environment. Niyi Sobo is a former NFl running back for the New Orleans Saints and an All-America Oregon State Beaver. After his professional career, Niyi began his firefighting career and was accepted earned his position in just six months without any background or experience. In his spare time, he started working as a mindset and peak performance coach for athletes and top performers. He is a father of 5, the host of Sports Motivation Podcast and the founder of I'm Not You where he is dedicated to teaching athletes and other top performers the mindset and systems they need to dominate in any environment. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/072 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
39:15 8/2/2016
Successful people read. End of story. Today I share 10 books every man should read by the end of the year. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN014 http://www.orderofman.com
09:55 7/29/2016
If you're anything like the way I used to be, you subscribe to the theory of, "I'll sleep when I'm dead." But, as I get older and I continue to focus on improving all aspects of my life, I can see and feel how critical the proper amount and quality of my sleep is. Today, I talk with Ted Ryce, the first repeat guest on the Order of Man Podcast, the importance of sleep, what it means to equip your "sleep cave," and three critial factors in getting the best sleep possible. Ted Ryce Ted Ryce is a personal trainer, peak performance coach and podcaster and has overcome a tremendous amount in his quest to live a legendary life. Ted has worked with Fortune 500 CEOs, busy professionals and celebrities, including Richard Branson, Ricky Martin and Robert Downey Jr. He helps his clients develop and stick with high-performance habits that help them manage stress and adversity and lead more successful lives. His philosophy is that being a high-performance person - one who chases and achieves their biggest goals -isn't a luxury, it's a necessity to survive and thrive in the modern world. He has spent the last 16 years experimenting with exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and methods for what works and what doesn't. A good friend of mine, I can tell you that Ted has a passion for helping men build muscle, lose fat, develop more confidence, and go after what they want in life. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/071 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
39:44 7/26/2016
Every seems to want to invest in other people or other ideas but rarely take the time to invest in themselves. This week I talk about the power of putting your time, energy, resourses, and money where it really matters - yourself. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN013 http://www.orderofman.com
09:19 7/22/2016
I used to believe that I wasn't a morning person. And, for a long time, I let it effect the way I approached my day. I'd hit the snooze, roll out of bed with zero energy, and give myself just enough time to make it into work. And, of course, my morning routine - if you could call it that - impacted the rest of my day. My guest, the one and only Hal Elrod, joins me to talk about how you can become a morning person and how you can craft and execute a morning routine that will literally transform your entire life. Hal Elrod Guys, I'm excited to introduce Hal Elrod. He's a man who needs no introduction but I'll do it anyways because he is someone you definitely need to know. Hal the #1 best-selling author of what is being widely regarded as "one of the most lifechanging books ever written" (and, I agree) titled, The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life... Before 8AM. It is also one of the highest rated books on Amazon with over 1,300 five-star reviews. Now, if you don't already know, Hal actually died at age 20. He was hit head on by a drunk driver at 70 mph, broke 11 bones, died for 6 minutes, and spent 6 days in a coma only to wake up to face the news that he may never walk again. Not only did Hal re-learn to walk, he went on to run a 52-mile ultra marathon, become a hall of fame business achiever, an international keynote speaker, one of the world's top success coaches, he's a hip-hop recording artist, has been featured in the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, writes for Entrepreneur.com, has appeared on radio and TV shows across the country, and the list just goes on and on. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the all-time bestselling book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, calls him a "genius" and that his book has been "magical" in transforming his life. Today, he's here to talk with me about that book and so much more! Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/070 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
45:31 7/19/2016
Eliminating things you shouldn't be doing is just as important as implementing the things you should. Today I talk about 10 sure-fire ways to fail at life.. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN012 http://www.orderofman.com
09:44 7/15/2016
Building wealth - that's what I want to talk with you about today. I know a lot of people are jaded with the whole process. Unscrupulous financial advisors, unnecessary fees, complex products, industry jargon, and a whole host of issues that keep you from building massive amounts of wealth in your life. My guest today, Dr. Daniel Crosby, is on a mission to help bring some of the clarity and control back into your life and finally help you start taking charge of your money! Dr. Daniel Crosby, a behavioral finance expert and sought after thought leader on market psychology, is the founder of Nocturne Capital. Dr. Crosby created the sentiment and valuation measures that serve as the overlay for Nocturne's tactical strategy. His ideas have appeared in the Huffington Post, Think Advisor, and Risk Management, as well as columns for WealthManagement.com and Investment News. Daniel was named one of Investment News "40 Under 40" and a "financial blogger you should be reading" by AARP. Daniel's second book, "Personal Benchmark", co-authored with Charles Widger of Brinker Capital, was a New York Times bestseller that outlines a highly personalized approach to investing that aligns intention with action while fostering an investment experience that is both enjoyable and rational. He's got a new book, The Laws of Wealth, which is what he's here to talk with us about today! Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/069 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
41:01 7/12/2016
Work/life balance isn't an easy thing to create. If fact, it may not even be possible. Today I talk about 3 strategies (congruency, communication, and commitment) that will get you closer. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN011 http://www.orderofman.com
09:09 7/8/2016
I don't know about you but I have spent many nights staying up contemplating the job I'm doing as my children's father. I'm constantly wondering if I'm doing the right thing- if I'm leading when I need to, allowing them to lead when it's best, and teaching them the lessons they'll need to be successful. My guest today, retired Navy SEAL, Eric Davis, helps me answer those questions and many more as he talks about his new book, Raising Men. Eric Davis served our country as a U.S. Navy SEAL and decorated veteran of the Global War on Terror. Eric has been recognized as one of the premier sniper instructors in the U.S. military and has served as a Master Training Specialist at the SEAL sniper school in Coronado, CA. In fact, he trained both Chris Kyle and Marcus Luttrell as snipers. He is an expert of technical and physical surveillance and was part of an elite group hand-selected to perform intelligence collection in denied areas around the world. Eric has spent years developing, writing and executing curriculum for the SEAL Teams. By leveraging his expertise in the development of systems, structures, processes and practices Eric was instrumental in significantly reducing the failure rate, of Naval Special Warfare's internationally recognized Sniper course. Since departing from the SEAL teams, Eric has worked in corporate performance, sales and leadership training bringing an unprecedented amount of innovation, efficiency and structure to the domain of business and personal performance. Eric is also the author of "Raising Men: Lessons Navy SEALs learned from their training and taught to their sons" which he is here to talk with us about today. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/068 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
43:24 7/5/2016
Planning your day isn't the sexiest thing in the world but your ability to work a plan is what separates the extremely successful from those that scrape by. Today I talk with you about the four steps to making a plan work! Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN010 http://www.orderofman.com
08:19 7/1/2016
30-mile mountain hikes under a 35-pound ruck, 60 hours of work with 4 hours of sleep, swimming with leaches, pushing hay bales through waist-high muddy swamps, eating worms, surviving in the wilderness, and so much more. Sounds like my kind of weekend! Today my good friend, Larry Hagner interview me and gets all the details of my 60-hour Spartan Agoge Event. Ryan Michler, a financial advisor by trade, started Order of Man with the goal of assisting men across the world become better leaders in their families, their businesses, and their communities. He now hosts a top-rated podcast and blog teaching men how to improve their relationships, their wealth, their health, and their lives. Ryan spent much of his early life without a permanent father figure and was left to learn how to be a man on his own. Through his experience in sports and his time in the military (including an active-duty tour in Iraq), he has been able to improve in every area of his life and is now on a mission to help other men do the same. He believes that most, if not all, of the world's biggest problems could be solved if males everywhere learned how to be better husbands, fathers, friends, and leaders. He's on a mission to help all men become the men they were meant to be. Please leave us a review at http://www.orderofman.com/itunes Shownotes: http://www.orderofman.com/067 Website: http://www.orderofman.com
45:54 6/28/2016
Everywhere I look I see negativity. Whether that's Facebook, the news, the magazines I read, it's everywhere. It's human nature to look for the problems in this world and, specifically, we, as men, tend to be more guilty of it than women. It's wired into us because we are the ones supposed to be solving the problems and keeping everyone alive and thriving. Today I talk with you how to combat negativity with The Power of Appreciation. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN009 http://www.orderofman.com
06:13 6/24/2016
Strength, energy, drive, motivation, relationships, health - these are all things we, as men, want in more and deeper quantities. It's difficult enough to improve in each of these areas. Adding alcohol addiction to the equation certainly doesn't help. My guest today, James Swanwick talks with us about breaking habits, changing your environment, choosing the people you surround yourself with, and how to kick alcohol for good. James Swanwick is a New York-based ESPN anchor on SportsCenter, author of 'Insider Journalism Secrets' and co-founder of international agency, Crocmedia. He's been a print or TV journalist for 20 years, writing for newspapers and magazines in the US, UK and Australia including Associated Press, Sky Sports, ESPN, WPLJ radio, Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Sky Movie Channel, Q104FM, Loaded magazine, Woman's Day, The Courier-Mail and many more. He now teaches aspiring journalists and graduates how to get a job in the fast-paced journalism industry through his course "How To Become A Journalist". Order of Man 066 Order of Man
40:37 6/21/2016
The Age of Fragility: You cannot turn around, watch the media, or have a conversation with anyone these days without running across the virus of fragility we are currently experiencing. Please leave us an iTunes rating and review: http://www.orderofman.com/iTunes http://www.orderofman.com/FFN008 http://www.orderofman.com
07:27 6/17/2016
Many of us, as men believe that we need to have it all figured out in order for us to be successful. It's the old adage, "Fake it 'til you make it." And, while confidence is certainly something you'll need to gain in order to have success, the fine line between it and ego has the ability to destroy it. My guest today, the one and only Ryan Holiday shares how confidence is earned while ego isn't, the dangers and pitfalls of an inflated ego, and how to get out of your own way. Ryan Holiday is a media strategist and prominent writer on strategy and business. After dropping out of college at nineteen to apprentice under Robert Greene, author of The 48 Laws of Power, he went on to advise many bestselling authors and multi-platinum musicians. He served as director of marketing at American Apparel for many years, where his campaigns have been used as case studies by Twitter, YouTube, and Google and written about in AdAge, the New York Times, and Fast Company. His first book, Trust Me I'm Lying?which the Financial Times called an "astonishing, disturbing book"?was a debut bestseller and is taught in colleges around the world. He is also the author of two other books that have been instrumental in heling me achieve success in my life, The Obstacle is the Way and his latest - which he is here to talk about with us today - Ego is the Enemy. Order of Man 065 Order of Man
44:12 6/14/2016
In today's overly sensitive, comfortable, sedentary world, men need to, now more than ever return to what Theodore Roosevelt calls The Strenuous Life. If you like the show, be sure to leave us a review at www.orderofman.com/itunes Friday Field Notes, Episode 007 Order of Man
09:23 6/10/2016
As you know by now, every man has three major responsibilities: to provide, to preside, and to protect. Today we shed some light on how you can be a better protector. In the wake, of escalating violence across the country, my guest today, Tony Sentmanat shares with us how to improve your situational awareness, the firsts place to start when working on your self-defense, and how to get in more tactical training for threats and emergencies. Tony Sentmanat is a Marine Corps Veteran and Law Enforcement SWAT Operator with over 18 years of Real World experience. He's also a life-long practitioner in Mixed Martial Arts with extensive experience as a Law Enforcement Combative's Trainer and has been a Firearms Instructor for over 16 years. Tony also has 15 years of experience as a functional strength and conditioning trainer specializing in functional fitness for combat athletes. Upon finishing his military service he started his law enforcement career as a State Correctional Officer, and then quickly transferred to become a Law Enforcement Officer, where he still works today. Tony has spent most of his career in SWAT where he has been involved in over 550 real world missions through out his career. In addition to his work resume, Tony has received numerous awards including: Multiple Combat Cross Awards for Police involved shootings, Officer of the Year and Crime Suppression Officer of the Year Award, Dade Police Chiefs Officer of the Month Award, several Officer of the month and Officer of the Quarter Awards, and has received over 40 commendations through out his career for Meritorious Service. Order of Man 064 Order of Man
38:21 6/7/2016
Self-Discipline is one of the biggest concerns I hear from the men I work with on a daily basis. The reality is that if you can get self-discipline right, you have the power to change every element of your life from your relationships, to your health, to your wealth, and everywhere in between. Friday Field Notes Order of Man
08:59 6/3/2016
If you're anything like me, there never seems to be enough time in the day. When looking back, you know you were busy but what did you actually get done?! My guest today, Cal Newport, author of Deep Work, makes the case that most of us are participating in what he calls "shallow work," which is why most of us are busy but not productive. We talk about the power of going deep in your work, why you should be approaching your work like a craftsman, and how to to live a more efficient, productive, and satisfying life. Cal Newport is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, who specializes in the theory of distributed algorithms. He previously earned his Ph.D. from MIT in 2009 and graduated from Dartmouth College in 2004. In addition to studying the theoretical foundations of our digital age as a professor, Newport also writes about the impact of these technologies on the world of work. This is what he is going to be talking with us about today. His most recent book, Deep Work, Cal argues that focus is the new I.Q. in the knowledge economy, and that individuals who cultivate their ability to concentrate without distraction will thrive. Cal Newport is also the author of three other books of unconventional advice for students: How to be a High School Superstar, How to be a Straight A Student, and How to Win at College. The How To student series has sold over well over 150,000 copies since its inception, and Newport has been invited to speak on these topics at some of the country's top universities, including Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Dartmouth, Middlebury, Georgetown and Duke. Today he is here to talk about how to be more productive and efficient, and why incorporating the DEEP LIFE is paramount to your success. Order of Man 063 Order of Man
43:51 5/31/2016
Our life is a series of choices. Every single day we have the opportunity to choose the course of our life or let it be dictated by other's choices. When you learn how to make more of your own choices each and every day , you gain the power it takes to be successful. Friday Field Notes Order of Man
08:55 5/27/2016
One of our primary responsibilities as men is to protect those we care about. Whether it's your family, your co-workers, or the citizens of your community, you may face a situation in which you will be called upon to keep people alive. Will you be ready. My guest today, retired Navy SEAL, Clint Emerson teaches us how to handle emergency threats, what it means to be a violent nomad, and how we can become proficient at the deadly skills we may be forced to use. Clint Emerson is a retired Navy SEAL and spent twenty years conducting special ops all over the world while attached to several SEAL Teams - including the elite, SEAL Team SIX as well as the National Security Agency (NSA). Utilizing an array of practical skills he developed to protect himself while at home and abroad, he created Violent Nomad?a personal, non-kinetic capture/kill program cataloguing the skills necessary to defend against any predator or crisis. On top of that, Clint owns and operates Escape the Wolf where he words with organizations to mitigate threats, decrease exposure to crisis, and increase survivability in crisis situations. Clint is now a best-selling author of the book, 100 Deadly Skills and his soon to be released second book, 100 Deadly Skills, Survivor Edition. Order of Man 062 Order of Man
45:12 5/24/2016
Today I talk about one of the most damaging factors in your quest for success: excuses. I'll share with you why we create excuses, why they'll kill you're chances of success, and how to eliminate them from your life. Friday Field Notes Order of Man
08:11 5/20/2016
We all know the mind to be the most powerful computing system known to man but do we really know how to tap into it? My guest today sheds light on this amazing tool at our disposal, how we can tap into our subconscious, increase our focus, reduce overwhelm, and learn how to be fully present for every moment in our lives. Order of Man 061 Order of Man
42:33 5/17/2016
Without confidence, we WILL NOT live up to our full potential. And, the reason that we won't live up to our full potential is because, without confidence, we will not do the things done - to the measure they need to be done - to have success in our lives. Friday Field Notes Order of Man
07:10 5/13/2016
Today I interview one of the baddest men on the planet, Retired Navy SEAL Commander, Jocko Willink. We talk about his new book Extreme Ownership, lessons learned from war, leading men, and how to eliminate excuses and take charge of your life. "Extreme ownership is an attitude of not making excuses for anything." Order of Man 060 Order of Man
42:06 5/10/2016
This week on your Friday Field Notes, I talk about a man's primary responsibility: Protect, Provide, and Preside Friday Field Notes Order of Man
07:02 5/6/2016
Approaching anattractive woman. Some of us cringe at the thought of having to putourselves out there like that. But my guest today, and the veryfirst woman to join us on the Order of Man Podcast shares with ushow we can approach women naturally by being more ofourselves.She's also going toshare some of her insider secrets, what women are truly looking forin a man, and how you can be comfortable around the oppositesex.Order of Man, Episode059Order of Man
46:37 5/3/2016
Welcome the inaugural episode of Friday Field Notes. Each week I'll be sharing my rants, reviews, and recaps, of the week. This week, I talk about keeping score in your child's competitive sports. Friday Field Notes Order of Man
08:23 4/29/2016
Boring, average, complacent, mediocre. These are all terms we'd like to think don't describe us but the reality is, most of us live our entire lives this way. We don't ever break out of the ordinary and, even if we wanted to, it's difficult to know how to do it. My friend and guest today, Mr. Tommy Baker shares with us to push the boundaries, make rapid and lasting changes in life, and resist the average that tries to take hold of us all. Order of Man Episode 58 Order of Man
39:16 4/26/2016
The founder of Secret Entourage and I talk about manipulating your environments, predicting the behavior and actions of others, and how to take control of every element of your life by becoming more aware. Order of Man Episode 57 Order of Man
42:28 4/19/2016
Yoga - it's not typically a word we associate with masculinity. That's about to change! My guest shares with us the stigma around men and yoga, how it will make you stronger, and why every man should consider implementing yoga into his fitness regiment. Order of Man Episode 56 Order of Man
38:27 4/12/2016
Finding your passion. It's a buzz word we hear all the time. But, it's also something I know is on a lot of your minds. You want to find the work you love. In fact, I'm surprised at how many men feel trapped with the work their currently doing. I can tell you from experience that when you do start to follow work your excited about, it opens up a world of excitement and opportunity. But, how do you do it. My guest, Dan Miller, joins me to show us how! Order of Man Episode 55 Order of Man
43:17 4/5/2016
Most of you have watched MMA fights. From the casual observer, it simply looks like two guys beating each other mercilessly. And, while violence is certainly and element to the fighting these guys participate in, there are so many lessons that can be extracted from fighting in the cage. My guest today, Charlie Brenneman, shares with us how to be more disciplined, how to develop a perfect day, and what separates the winners from the losers. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 54 Website: Order of Man
40:32 3/29/2016
If you are anything like the way I used to be, you are ready to get back into shape. You know that you want more out of life and, you know that living a healthy lifestyle is a huge component of that. That said, it's hard - not only physically, but mentally. My guest today, gained 75lbs in just 6 months to learn first-hand what his clients experienced as they started their journey towards a healthy life. Drew Manning shares with us his experience, what he learned and how you can finally go from fat to fit. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 53 Website: Order of Man
36:32 3/22/2016
Life is hard. We all know that. We all have things we want to accomplish in our lives: deeper relationships, better fitness, starting the new business, and on and on. What makes it hard is that there are so many distractions, so many excuses, and our goals just never seem to become a reality. My guest today, Steve Kamb, founder of Nerd Fitness, shares how his love for video games and movies helps us overcome distractions, procrastination, and excuses, and become the hero of our own journey Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 52 Website: Order of Man
41:42 3/15/2016
Everywhere you turn it seems we as a society are continuing to look for a life of ease and comfort. And, while there are certainly merits to finding more efficient ways of doing things, my guest today, Joe De Sena, Founder of Spartan Races, shares with us why a life of pushing, discomfort, and pain helps us become the men we are meant to be. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 51 Website: Order of Man
38:02 3/8/2016
Meeting and approaching women can be one of the most difficult things that a man can do. We get nervous, we don't know what to say or, worse, we say something stupid, and we just have a hard time being ourselves. My guest today, Tripp Kramer, with TrippAdvice.com teaches why talking to women is so hard, how we can overcome this fear, how to keep ourselves out of the "friend zone" and so much more. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 50 Website: Order of Man
42:58 3/1/2016
We've all had the awkward experience where we needed to remember someone's name and couldn't. Or perhaps you've been prepping for a speech, interview, or presentation and you just can't remember that story you wanted to share. My guest today, Mr. Anthony Metivier teaches us the techniques and strategies for building better memories - a skill all of us can enhance to be more credible, effective, and influential in our lives. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 49 Website: Order of Man
41:02 2/23/2016
You know as well as I that protecting our loved ones is a key component of being a man. That's what I thought we'd talk about when I started the conversation with my guest, Rodney King. The conversation quickly went another route as Rodney and I talked about how self-defense and martial arts can you become more mindful and achieve mastery in all areas of your life. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 48 Website: Order of Man
44:32 2/16/2016
Whether you're single, dating, or been married for years, dating and attracting women is a critical skill all of us need to develop. My guest today, Andrew Ferebee, shares with us how to develop strength and confidence in ourselves, approach women naturally, and how to improve your dating game. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 46 Website: Order of Man
40:37 2/9/2016
When we think of strength, we think of being physically strong and, while there's certainly an element of physical strength, masculinity requires you to be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally. My guest today, former world-record holder for the back squat, Chris Duffin teaches us how building our physical strength will help us become strong in all areas of our lives. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 46 Website: Order of Man
42:38 2/2/2016
Connecting with men. It sounds a little weird just to say it. But, whether you call it connecting, developing relationships, or building your tribe, finding a way to surround yourself with other successful guys is critical to your success. This week, Connor Beaton shares with us why and how you need to connect with men in your life, how to build more influence among those guys, and how you can stand out as a leader when building your tribe. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 45 Website: Order of Man
36:58 1/26/2016
So many men out there are unhappy with the direction or course of their life. But, I can tell you personally there has no greater move I could have made in my own life than to start my own businesses. The lessons I've learned, the progress I've made, and the life that I have created cannot have been duplicated living any other way. Today my guest, Tom Reber, shares with us the 5 most important reasons you should consider starting a business, the bare minimums you'll need to get started, and how you can take ownership of your life through entrepreneurship. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 44 Website: Order of Man
41:24 1/19/2016
Confidence is a tricky thing. It's the the age-old adage of what came first the chicken or the egg. What comes first, confidence or the daily actions to get you to the life you deserve? My guest today, Aaron Marino with IAmAlphaM helps us answer that question and teaches us how style, not just your clothes, but your grooming, your communication, and the way you show up will help you be the confident man you want to be. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 43 Website: Order of Man
38:47 1/12/2016
When men let me know what they're struggling with most in life right now, the number one answer I receive comes down to being more confident. How do I build confidence in myself? How can I be more confident in my life? How can I build confidence with women? How can I be more confident in my career? My guest today, David De Las Morenas with How to Beast, shares how you can build your confidence, how do reduce stress and anxiety in your life, and how you can be the cool, calm, and collected man you've always wanted to be. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 42 Website: Order of Man
42:08 1/5/2016
It's that time of year again where we start thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2016. Among others, I'm sure you've set some financial goals this year. My guest and friend, Mr. Joe Saul-Sehy talks with us about why you should consider saving 50% of your income.I know what you're thinking because I thought it was ridiculous too when I first heard it but Joe is going to teach us the systems we'll need, how to make more money, how to spend less, and how you can take control of your money this year. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 41 Website: Order of Man
49:25 12/29/2015
When we think of CEO, we think of big business but my guest today, Andy Frisella, shares with us why you need to learn to become the CEO of your life. Andy pulls no punches today as we talk about how to win and lose, the negatives scripts we tell ourselves, and how taking hard-line stances in your life will help you achieve on a bigger level in your business, your relationships, and your life. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 40 Website: Order of Man
43:29 12/22/2015
Many of you know the health journey I've been on over the past several years. There's been some highs and there's been some lows. My guest today, Shawn Stevenson, visits me to talk about how to get started on your journey towards a healthy life, how to break through your plateaus, and how to finally take control of your health and wellness. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 39 Website: Order of Man
45:27 12/15/2015
What does it mean to be a man? It's a question I've asked all 38 podcast guest up to this point. And, it's a question that is difficult to answer. My guest today, Stephen Mansfield, breaks it down piece by piece as he talks about rites of passage, the need for excitement and adventure in men's lives, and how to build a band of brothers. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 37 Website: Order of Man
44:44 12/8/2015
There's a natural desire in all men to provide. In fact, it's one of the primary functions of a man. My guest today, Ryan Moran, shares with us how to, not only use entrepreneurship to to provide a way of life, but to also create freedom for yourself and others. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 37 Website: Order of Man
41:53 12/1/2015
Whether you're pitching your latest idea to a group of investors, vying for a job promotion, or performing in front of a large crowd, learning to become a better public speaker is a skill all men should learn. My guest today, Michael Port, shares why every man needs to learn this skills now, how to deliver a killer presentation, and the most common mistakes you'll need to avoid in order to get people on your side. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 35 Website: Order of Man
51:32 11/24/2015
We all want to improve. Understanding what needs to be done, planning a course of action, and executing that plan is a must. Aaron Walker talks with us about how to create and implement a plan so you can live a life of success, happiness, and fulfillment. Podcast Shownotes: Order of Man, Episode 35 Website: Order of Man
40:39 11/17/2015
Jordan Harbinger with the Art of Charm joins me to talk about finding coaches in your life to develop new skills, how to be better at networking, and why building relationships is the most valuable skill set you need to learn. Meet Jordan Harbinger Jordan Harbinger has always had an affinity for The post OoM 034: Jordan Harbinger | The Power of Coaching, Networking and Building Relationships appeared first on Order of Man.
44:18 11/10/2015
We all know a grown man who is stuck living on his parent's basement couch. Maybe it's you or maybe it someone who know. The fact of the matter is that men are failing to launch more and more frequently. My guest today, Mr. Matthew Arrington, is here to talkThe post OoM 033: Why Men are Failing to Launch with Matthew Arrington appeared first on Order of Man.
41:13 11/3/2015
Being a man is hard work. We all have so many roles and responsibilities (husband, father, business owner, community leader, and the list goes on and on). In addition to that the media, and the world are trying to tell you how you should behave and what it means to The post OoM 032: Becoming a Man Through 4 Tactical Virtues with Jack Donovan appeared first on Order of Man.
32:06 10/27/2015
You never know when you'll be placed in a survival situation. Whether it's a natural disaster, becoming lost in the wilderness, or surviving a bear attack (like we talk about on the show today) your knowledge of survival skills could literally spell the difference between life and death. At theThe post OoM 031: Survival Skills for Every Scenario with Creek Stewart appeared first on Order of Man.
41:54 10/20/2015
Men, myself included, have a tendency to focus outside of themselves. What do I have to get done? Who is relying on me? What do they need from me right now? And, while those are noble thoughts and ambitions, it's very difficult to sustain for any measurable amount of timeThe post OoM 030: Becoming a Real Man and Helping Others do the Same with JuVan Langford appeared first on Order of Man.
41:28 10/13/2015
The earliest skill sets of man included the ability to hunt game and provide for the tribe. In fact, a man's ability to survive, protect, and provide for his family and himself is still a primary mark of a man. This week I have a conversation with Justin Townsend about hunting, fishing, and harvesting nature to do just that. We'll talk about using nature as a resource to provide, how to create lasting memories in the outdoors with your family, and everything you need to get started on your own hunting adventures. The post OoM 029: Hunting, Fishing, Wildgame Recipes, and Harvesting Nature with Justin Townsend appeared first on Order of Man.
37:53 10/1/2015
It's a fact, most men thrive on competition. Competitive sports are as old as time. They test our skills, our abilities, our strength, and so much more. But, more than that, sports are a metaphor for life. I can't think of another opportunity where you can learn how to win, how to lose, teamwork, discipline, commitment and every other trait that will help you thrive as a man. This week, I talk with Travis Chock, C0-Founder of Baseballism about America's Pastime, lessons learned from the baseball diamond, and how to turn a passion for the game into a thriving business. "We played head down baseball, done the right way with respect of the game and humility." Tweet That Meet Travis Chock Travis Chock is the Co-Founder of Baseballism, a clothing and accessories brand that focuses on turning a love for the game of baseball into a lifestyle filled with passion, commitment, and discipline. Started in 2006 as a Youth Baseball Camp, Baseballism has quickly grown into a recognizable brand that serves professional baseball players down to their core audience of youth and high school athletes. Travis has a degree in education studies and is a former college athlete but has since turned his love for the game into a full-time career with locations around the country and more stores opening soon. Baseballism has 372,000 Facebook Fans, 52,000 Twitter Followers, and 121,000 Instagram followers attesting to the fact that Travis knows how to create a huge and loyal following. "You want to go down swinging. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work but at least you gave it a shot." Tweet That What You'll Be Learning How 4 college buddies started a recognizable American Lifestyle Brand How to turn your passion into a business Why baseball is America's pastime The best life lessons we can learn from sports Why you shouldn't sideline coach your children's teams Why striking out is important "For all of us, baseball is a passion." Tweet That Connect with Travis Chock, Baseballism Website: www.baseballism.com Facebook: Baseballism Twitter: @baseballism Instagram: Baseballism "Baseballism means 'from baseball,' believing in what the game has to offer and the good in baseball." Tweet That
30:50 9/29/2015
If I had a dime for every time someone told me "I feel stuck," I'd be a rich man. It's such a hot topic that I think all men have dealt with it at some point, myself included. The reality is that there isn't much that separates those men whoThe post OoM 027: Growing Up, Getting Unstuck, and Learning to Fail with Paul Angone appeared first on Order of Man.
44:13 9/22/2015
A real man is a strong man, one who has identified his core values and has mastered himself. However, with the environment changing so fast around us, it's hard to keep up let alone remain a beacon of stability and strength in the lives of those you love. This week,The post OoM 026: Becoming a Self Made Man with Mike Dillard appeared first on Order of Man.
37:48 9/15/2015
If you're a father, being a good dad is something you strive to be. But, when reality hits, we, as men, find it more difficult that we thought it would be. You have clear and ambitious goals, for your business, your finances, and your health but can the same thingThe post OoM 025: Becoming the Dad Your Kids Need You To Be With Larry Hagner appeared first on Order of Man.
41:01 9/8/2015
Your level of fitness is a cornerstone of your responsibilities and duties as a man. But, if you're anything like me, it can be difficult to maintain consistency at the gym and with what you eat. This week, my guest and I and, talk about what you can do to buildThe post OoM 024: Working Out AND Pigging Out with Chad Holtkamp appeared first on Order of Man.
35:21 9/1/2015
We all have men that we look up to. Today I'm excited to have a conversation with a man who has been a big motivating factor for me starting the Order of Man. Mr. Brett McKay with the Art of Manliness joins me to talk about how we, as men, canThe post OoM 023: Brett McKay | Perfecting the Art of Manliness appeared first on Order of Man.
32:49 8/25/2015
As men, we've all had struggles and adversity. What separates the triumphant from those that get lost in the despair is an ability to overcome pain and suffering. My guest today, former Division 1, All-American wrestler, Jim Harshaw teaches us how we can do just that and achieve greatness inThe post OoM 022: Overcoming Struggle and Achieving Greatness with Division I, All-American Wrestler, Jim Harshaw appeared first on Order of Man.
39:45 8/18/2015
More and more, we are hearing that there is an attack or an assault on masculinity. While I don't believe that's necessarily true, my guest today, Ted Ryce, shares with us why modern society is not the environment where a masculine male thrives. We talk about what has changed in The post OoM 021: Masculinty in a Modern World with Ted Ryce appeared first on Order of Man.
41:55 8/11/2015
If you're anything like me, you spend a lot of time fixing things up around the house. As frustrating as it can be at times, I love that I can start and complete a project with my own hands. It doesn't always turn out the best but there is somethingThe post OoM 020: DIY Home Repair with Jeff Patterson appeared first on Order of Man.
32:46 8/4/2015
The problem is that we're filling our minds with trash. Negative information that is destroying our chance of success is everywhere-on your phone, TV, YouTube, Facebook, you name it. My guests today, Sean Whalen, teaches us how to get our heads on straight, explore and stay curious, and take action towards the life we The post OoM 019: Get Your Mind Right, Stay Curious, and Take Action with Sean Whalen appeared first on Order of Man.
43:31 7/28/2015
Although many of us may never enter a mixed martial arts contest, there are so many life lessons that can be learned from stepping into a ring where another man literally wants to destroy you. How do you prepare? How do you succeed? How do get up when you getThe post OoM 018: A UFC Heavyweight Champion's Life Lessons from the Cage with Bas Rutten appeared first on Order of Man.
45:39 7/21/2015
I've never met a man who didn't have his next million-dollar-idea. Ideas are a dime a dozen. What seems to be missing in the majority of scenarios is ACTION. My guest today, Jake Nackos, tells us how to find your passion project and, more importantly, what you need to doThe post OoM 017: From Passion Project to New Career with Jake Nackos appeared first on Order of Man.
43:14 7/14/2015
Unless you can get crystal clear about what you want and how to create a plan to accomplish your goals, it will be difficult to realize any measure of success in your life. My guest today, Retired Navy SEAL, Commander Mark Divine makes the case for the power of silence,The post OoM 016: The Power of Silence, Meditation, and the Mind with Commander Mark Divine appeared first on Order of Man.
47:34 7/7/2015
A man who knows his way around the grill is a man that can earn the respect of his buddies and the affection of the ladies. Now, whether it's true or not, grilling and/or BBQing, is viewed as a staple in every guy's toolbox of manly skills. Whether you're an amateur,The post OoM 015: How to Grill Like a Man with Scott Thomas appeared first on Order of Man.
49:04 6/30/2015
It's hard to create the type of life you deserve when you're constantly in the 'grind.' Especially if that grind is in a field or line of work you don't enjoy. Today my guest, Armando Cruz, and I talk about how to take a step back, figure out what youThe post OoM 014: Creating a R.I.C.H. Experience with Armando Cruz appeared first on Order of Man.
41:19 6/23/2015
As a man, you will be called upon as a leader. In fact, it is one of the primary responsibilities of being a man. Most of the time we focus on how we can lead our team or business to success but my guest today, Jackie Bledsoe, makes the strongThe post OoM 013: How to Lead Your Family with Jackie Bledsoe appeared first on Order of Man.
45:33 6/16/2015
Since starting the Order of Man Project, I've had the chance to talk with some of the world's most successful men. With the hundreds of conversations that I've had, I've heard some pretty wild ideas of what it means to be a man and I've heard some that are spot-on.The post OoM 012: 8 Skill Sets Every Man Must Master appeared first on Order of Man.
29:16 6/4/2015
The quality of your life will largely be determined by the quality of people you spend your time with. Jim Rohn has said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." The only question remaining is are you surrounded by the right people? It'sThe post OoM 011: How to Find, Work With, and Succeed With Mentors with Geoff Woods appeared first on Order of Man.
41:39 6/2/2015
It seems like growing a beard has become the ultimate sign of manliness. Whether you have a beard or not, chances are that you respect a man who can grow a killer man-mane. If you've ever tried to grow a beard or have a desire to start, Eric Bandholz withThe post OoM 010: How to Grow a Beard Like a Boss with Eric Bandholz appeared first on Order of Man.
44:36 5/26/2015
If you're anything like me, you could use some help in the relationship-with-your-spouse department. I try to be a good husband and companion but it's easy for me to fall short in this area. When things are great with my wife, things are great in other areas but when I'mThe post OoM 009: How to Make the Relationship with Your Woman Work, Luis Congdon appeared first on Order of Man.
43:22 5/19/2015
There's no doubt that you've had an experience with a horrible boss, manager, or employer. It seems the good leaders are few and far between. In this episode, I talk with Ryan Hawk of The Learning Leader Podcast about what it takes to be an effective leader, how you can improveThe post OoM 008: How to Become a Better Leader with Ryan Hawk appeared first on Order of Man.
48:55 5/12/2015
As the statistic goes, up to 60-70% of employees are dissatisfied with their current employment. Is that you? Most men that I've met with have an idea. That's never been the challenge. The challenge is turning that idea into your life's work. My guest today is Ever Gonzalez, founder ofThe post OoM 007: How to Make the Entrepreneurial Leap with Ever Gonazalez appeared first on Order of Man.
41:14 5/5/2015
We all know that if we expect to achieve our goals, we'll need some help along the way. Influence is the ability to enlist those around you to help make those goals a reality. My guest today is Brad Harker, an author, professional speaker, and leadership coach. He'll share withThe post OoM 006: Increasing Your Level of Influence with Brad Harker appeared first on Order of Man.
49:18 4/28/2015
As a man, one of your primary responsibilities is to provide. Now, if you've ever tried to create a financial plan or met with someone who did it for you, you understand what a confusing and frustrating process it can be. My guest today is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER? andThe post OoM 005: A Financial Plan in One Page with Carl Richards appeared first on Order of Man.
44:19 4/21/2015
A real man is a strong man, one who walks with confidence and power. The only way to gain that confidence and control in your life is to find out your core or who you truly are and what you truly want. My guest today, Mr. Wesley Chapman is hereThe post OoM 004: Finding your Core with Wesley Chapman appeared first on Order of Man.
47:46 4/14/2015
Everywhere you look you can see men that look like they've got it together. We also notice men that absolutely look horrible. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything and it's no different with fashion. My guest today is Tanner Guzy with Masculine Style and he'sThe post OoM 003: Masculine Style with Tanner Guzy appeared first on Order of Man.
50:18 4/7/2015
Why do some men seem to effortlessly build wealth while others struggle to make ends meet? I would suggest that a large part has to do with our mental programming around building and accumulating money. My guest, Austin Netzley, would agree. He is here to share the ins and outsThe post OoM 002: Master the Money Mindset with Austin Netzley appeared first on Order of Man.
37:43 3/30/2015
Summary Links Items Mentioned in Podcast You Will Learn:The post OoM 001: Introducing the Order of Man Podcast appeared first on Order of Man.
15:15 3/24/2015

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