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Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors features discussion of all things outdoors in the True North. With thousands of lakes and thousands of acres of forest, Paul Bunyan Country is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in North America and you'll hear from the some of the nation's best guides and anglers.


Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors: Bear Season Is Coming And We Talk Bear Baiting And Hunting With Matt Breuer of NorthCountry Guides...And Yes, We Talk A Little Fishing Too!

Hunting is Matt Breuer's favorite thing, and the quest begins tomorrow when bear baiting begins. We talk with Matt on what bear like, where they most likely will be and much more. And yes, we do get a fishing update as well, since we had him on the line!
00:00:00 8/15/2018

Past Episodes

We hear from Carl Adams on the Blackduck area bite (and points north), as well as Ethan Rogers on the Bemidji area scene. The walleyes have slowed here in August, with a couple of exceptions. But if you go beyond walleyes, you will be busy on the water. Ethan and Carl have all the details.
00:00:00 8/14/2018
Today we hear from Pro Walleye Angler Dean Arnoldussen who actually gives us other options when that August Walleye bite slows down. Plus, we ask the Aquatic Biologist Dr. Andy Hafs why we keep battling AIS when it doesn't seem to stop anything?
00:00:00 8/13/2018
The elite Kenora Bass International was won by a couple of Americans (and Bemidjians!) Craig Peterson and Scott Andersen. They come home with over $19,000 in prize money. We hear from Craig on how they made it happen, plus more bass talk!
00:00:00 8/12/2018
Charlie Worreth gives us the scoop on Lake Winni fishing and we discover Big Island near Park Rapids, our Lake of the Week.
00:00:00 8/9/2018
First time guest Deron "DoRight" Eilertson of Paradise Outfitters talks from an island on Rainy Lake where they are killin' em! He talks Rainy, Leech, Cass and more. Get all the details!
00:00:00 8/7/2018
Today we talk with one of the nation's best muskie guides, Kevin Cochran. The bite is heating up and he has the details where and on what. Plus, we as the Aquatic Biologist a hypothetical question: IF the Eelpout Festival had been moved to Lake Bemidji, how would that have affected the lake?
00:00:00 8/6/2018
Bemidji Area Guide Dick Beardsley is FIRED UP for fishing. Why? Because it's Monday! Of course, he'll be fired up because it's Tuesday, too...and Wednesday...and Thursday...well, you get the idea. Dick just likes to fish, and even though the walleye bite is in its typical August slowdown, there's a ton of other fish that are biting...and he's going after most of them!
00:00:00 8/5/2018
Today, we hear from one of the best...Hall Of Famer Duane Peterson. He talks hot bass, walleye and much more. Plus we delve into some of his concerns looking to the future and even get his thoughts on a statewide 4 walleye limit. As always, Duane delivers the goods!
00:00:00 8/2/2018
Bob Jensen of "Fishing The Midwest TV" checks in to talk August fishing. He also has a vacation tip for anglers, and Gary Barnard of the Bemidji Area Fisheries Office has our Lake Of The Week: South Twin.
00:00:00 8/1/2018
Today, Kev Jackson talks with Carl Adams of Timberline Sports in Blackduck on the continuing strong bite on Blackduck Lake and Red Lake. Tom Lucas checks in with Ethan Rogers of Northwoods Bait in Bemidji and talks walleyes, muskies and more.
00:00:00 7/31/2018

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