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Hard Factor 7/23: Trader Joe's Standoff, Tekashi 6ix9ine Gets Robbed, and James Gunn Pedo Jokes

A wild police chase in California ends in a deadly stand-off at a Trader Joe's, unbearably annoying rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine got robbed for his jewelry, and a we have a roundtable discussion grading the pedophilia-related tweets that got James Gunn fired from Disney.   
00:16:10 7/22/2018

Past Episodes

Kurt Warner's wife (or a very strong look alike who works for the EU) announced that the European Union is suing Google for $5 Billion, a man in Idaho gets 30 years for his 6th DUI, and a man in Tennessee steals his date's car to go on a date with another woman that same night.   
00:15:00 7/18/2018
Trump clarifies that he meant he wouldn't see why Russia wouldn't have meddled in the 2016 election, a new species of poisonous snake was discovered in the giant Fear Factor episode that is Australia, the Mandalay Bay is pre-suing the victims of the Las Vegas shooting massacre, and the guy who called the cops for a hard foul in a pick-up basketball game takes a trip to the soft corner. 
00:15:10 7/17/2018
America erupts with emotional reactions after President Trump got big-timed by Putin in Helsinki, Papa John get's "officially" kicked out of the Papa John's offices, a village in Indonesia goes on a revenge killing spree at a crocodile sanctuary, and we take another trip to Elon's world where he's making calculated attacks on a hero from the Thailand cave rescue.   
00:15:10 7/16/2018
Trump continues his European tour all the way to his meeting with Putin in Helsinki, France wins the World Cup Final that was spiced up by a protest from the band Pussy Riot, Pennsylvania state police accidentally killed a small time pot farmer with a bulldozer, and a bloodthirsty jaguar goes on an animal killing spree at the Audubon Zoo. 
00:15:10 7/15/2018
A giant argument about how to split the defense spending bill erupts at the NATO Summit, police across the USA are breaking out their choreography skills for #LipSyncBattle, Elon Musk is getting embarrassed left and right, and Wes scored an own goal on himself leaving the Orioles game early before a walk-off win over the Yankees. 
00:16:10 7/11/2018
Cave Watch is finally over and the Thai kids are safely out of the cave, President Trump goes apeshit on his to-do list (tariffs, pardons, NATO, etc.), a woman in Tennessee lives in the 7th circle of hell with spiders all around her, and we rate some of the best #Resist tweets we can find. 
00:18:10 7/10/2018
Taking another look at cave situation in Thailand and hoping for good news, Brett Kavanaugh is nominated as the next Supreme Court Justice, a wild wake in New Orleans is done Weekend at Bernie's style, and the entire UK (whichever countries are in there anyway) is tossed in the soft corner! 
00:16:10 7/9/2018
CAVE WATCH - Day 7: four boys are out but the rest may not be so easy, there's a Trump baby balloon of questionable size that will be floating in London and other cities as a protest, Scott Pruitt is an all time political heel, and spiders can fly using electricity. 
00:16:10 7/7/2018
CAVE WATCH - DAY 3, the soccer team is still in the cave, 92 year-olds are fighting back against the nursing home by forcing their way into prison, Congressman Jim Jordan is accused of being the next JoePa, and #AmericaIsForLegends - Caresse Crosby invented the brassiere.
00:16:10 7/4/2018
The kids soccer team in Thailand has been located alive deep inside some flooded caverns, Mexico has a new President with an acronym name and a fresh agenda, the world's best criminal busted out of prison in a helicopter and then torched it like a boss, and we celebrate #AmericaIsForLegends with Joe Shivers - the inventor of SPANDEX. 
00:18:10 7/2/2018

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