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Hard Factor

Hard Factor 11/21: Facebook Problems, Tekashi 6ix9ine Arrested, and the Presidential Turkey Pardon

Facebook is having problems because of all the stupid shit they've done in the last year. Tekashi 6ix9ine got arrested on all kinds of charges, and they put him in the general population in jail like a schmo. President Trump performed the annual Presidential Turkey Pardon, cracking some political jokes along the way; and other headlines, including asylum seekers, Ivanka's emails, DON'T EAT ROMAINE LETTUCE, and NASA investigating Elon Musk.   
00:18:50 11/20/2018

Past Episodes

Mass shootings in Chicago and Denver bring the total count to 309 mass shootings in America this year. Nancy Pelosi is hell-bent to take back Speaker of the House, but she's getting some push back from her own party. Finally, a Lightning Round of other headlines, including a Kansas bureaucrat claiming to be a part of the "master race", Ivanka using her personal email account to conduct government business, a man scared of catching cancer from someone on a plane, a migrant caravan update, the "turkey challenge", and Chris Watts getting life in prison.   
00:18:10 11/19/2018
The governor and senate races are finally over in Florida and Georgia, with republicans winning all three contested races. Meghan Markle is angering "palace staff" and other workers who support the British royal family with her American work ethic. Finally, a lightning round of other headlines, including gruesome injuries for Alex Smith and Sophia Floersch, Tommy "Vape God" Smokes' incredible weekend, California wildfire updates, and a falsified assault in Texas.   
00:18:10 11/18/2018
Michael Avenatti got arrested for domestic violence after allegedly kicking a screaming woman out of his apartment. Russia says that they will be first nation to make it to Mars in their nuclear rockets, and that Elon Musk uses shitty technology in his SpaceX rockets. What the Hell China: scientists have made an "artificial sun" potentially capable of nuclear fusion, and electronics factories sound like the seventh circle of hell. Other headlines, including Jim Acosta vs. Trump, CIA considering the use of truth serum, buying virgin wives on Facebook, and family on family homicide.   
00:18:50 11/14/2018
First Lady Melania Trump takes out West Wing employee Mira Ricardel for fucking with her travel arrangements. Billionaire Boys Club: Jeff Bezos and Amazon announce their new headquarters in Long Island City, NY and Crystal City, VA, and Elon Musk touts the sewer building abilities of his Boring Co. Thousands of herpes infested recess monkeys are terrorizing a park in central Florida; and other headlines, including California wildfires, smart toilets, and an illegal immigration bust.   
00:18:50 11/13/2018
In a shocking turn of events, new evidence is showing several active missile bases in North Korea despite promises to end nuclear weapon production. Hillary Clinton is putting out feelers for another potential presidential run in 2020. A bunch of high school boys in Wisconsin are in hot water for making a nazi themed prom picture; and other headlines, including midterm election updates, RIP Stan Lee, and UFOs spotted in Ireland.   
00:18:50 11/12/2018
California had a terrible weekend with enormous wildfires raging in the north and south of the state, and a deadly shooting in a bar late last week. El Chapo's trial is set to begin in New York, and he has "promised" not to kill any of the jurors. Uganda is cracking down on their zero tolerance policies for pornography, and that lands them smack dab in the middle of the SOFT CORNER; and other headlines, including Florida election recount, CNN vs. the White House over Jim Acosta, Babe Ruth and Elvis Presley get the Medal of Freedom, and Pete Davidson makes up with Dan Crenshaw.   
00:18:50 11/11/2018
Jeff Sessions is pushed out from his job as US Attorney General and weed stocks soar. A man in Thailand was busted for running a human on dog sex/pornography ring via Facebook. Hard Factor International Correspondent Wonton Don joins to discuss China making fake moons, President for life, banning dogs from going outside, and all kinds of crazy stuff; and other headlines including midterm election follow-ups, and Floyd Mayweather backing out of his kickboxing match.   
00:18:10 11/7/2018
The Democrats take over the House of Representatives, while the Republicans retain control of the Senate, and we recap some of the notable moments from election night. We also cover Bill Gates' plan to implement waterless toilets worldwide, and fix the waste problem that plagues most of the undeveloped world.   
00:15:00 11/6/2018
We run through the basic landscape for this year's midterm election, and a list of our favorite candidates - PS make sure to vote today. Under Armour makes some changes to their corporate policy regarding using company cards in the strip club. Kids in Generation Rx (trademark Hard Factor) are literally killing their guardians; and other headlines, including teachers in trouble for halloween, Amazon deciding to ruin two cities, and our ELECTION NIGHT POWER HOUR ON PERISCOPE 10-11 PM TONIGHT.   
00:18:10 11/5/2018
Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp launches a "hacking" investigation into the Democratic Party of Georgia just a few days before the election. Tanzania is cracking down on homosexuality, and the US embassy is warning Americans in the country to be careful. ELON'S WORLD: Musk releases a video of his new underground people moving tunnel in LA; and other headlines, including controversial campaign ads, Pete Davidson, and a yoga studio shooting.   
00:18:10 11/4/2018

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