The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust.


Last Podcast On The Left

Episode 341: The Order of the Solar Temple Part I - The Beginning

It's a return to cults on this week's episode as we begin our series on one of the most mysterious of the late twentieth century: The Order of the Solar Temple. Join us as we trace the paths of leaders Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret as they wind their way down a path that eventually led to the murder and/or suicide of 74 people.      Now through Thanksgiving, 23andMe Ancestry Service kits are only $49 per kit when you buy 2 or more kits. Order your 23andMe Ancestry Service kit at Go to and use the code: last60 to get a total of $60 off, that's $20 off your first 3 boxes. Get an extra 25% off when you keep all items in your box at
01:29:25 11/16/2018

Past Episodes

Bizarre UFOs over Irish airspace. The shocking death of a wrestler who broke kayfabe. And a master who demands his subs have balls enhanced with silicon. Now that's what I call Side Stories?. Use our dedicated link to save 25% on your modeling kit. Get a free stock at
00:59:04 11/14/2018
On the conclusion to our series, we cover the worst of Peter Kürten's murder spree from his carnival double murder to the depths of his vampiric tendencies, plus his dubious confession claims and his eventual execution.  Now through Thanksgiving, 23andMe Ancestry Service kits are only $49 per kit when you buy 2 or more kits. Order your 23andMe Ancestry Service kit at Start your trial month of Hims for $5 at Visit and use code LEFT for a special offer!
01:12:14 11/9/2018
Live from Henry's hotel room! It's Side Stories! This week: THE OUMUAMUA METEOR AND MORE!   Visit and use code SIDE for a special offer!
00:59:43 11/7/2018
It's Heavy Hitter time once again with one of the most monstrous killers we'll ever cover: Peter Kürten, aka the Vampire of Dusseldorf. Join us as we discuss the early life and career of one of the early twentieth century's most brutal serial killers, including his dogcatcher-influenced adolescence and his first few horrific murders plus a quick overview of Peter Kürten's German serial killer contemporaries.  Order your 23andMe Ancestry Service kit at Learn more about SimpliSafe today at Get 50% off one item at with promo code: LEFT
01:28:24 11/2/2018
HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Ben and Henry are back with more horror movie recommendations to satisfy your bloodlust. TRIPLE L. Collect a special reward at and use CODE: HODZBZVTW
00:57:46 10/31/2018
On today's episode, we cover the story of 31 year-old Englishman Michael Taylor, who, following a botched exorcism in 1974, committed a murder so brutal that it may as well have been done by the Devil.  Get 10% off your first box today at Thanks,Casper. Save $50 on select mattresses at code left. Get your first refill pack free at
01:42:30 10/26/2018
It's time for our annual Listenerpasta episode! Join us as we hear more stories of the macabre, submitted by YOU: tiny ghoulish men, bloodthirsty creatures, and all the Bud Light Lime you can STOMACH. Robinhood is giving listeners a free stock to build your portfolio. Sign up at
01:22:30 10/24/2018
It's conclusion time this week as we cover the trials of Jessie Misskelley, Damien Echols, and Jason Baldwin, along with all of the infuriating judgements and insane experts that come along with them, plus the aftermath and their eventual path to freedom.    There's no reason not to join! Get yours at   Add Honey to your browser for free at   Get an extra 25% off when you keep all items in your box at
02:02:23 10/19/2018
'Ello gov'na. 'Nother episode of Side Stories innit. We've got STARGATES, SKY MURDER, AND MUCH MORE. Chim-chim-cheree! Bruv. You gotta live, laugh, love.   Get 50% off one item at with promo code: SIDE
00:59:00 10/17/2018
On part two of our series on the West Memphis Three, we cover the secret mission entrusted to a waitress that officially moved the cops towards the boys, the false confession that put them away, and the bogus piece of evidence that sealed their fate.      Order your 23andMe Health & Ancestry Service kit at   Apostle now streaming on Netflix:   Start your 4 week trial at with promo code: LEFT
01:50:28 10/12/2018

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