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Sunday Special Ep 11: Eric Weinstein

Eric Weinstein joins Ben from the shadows of the intellectual dark web to discuss the lack of free thinking on the Left, the costs and benefits of low skilled vs. high skilled focused immigration, and how the Facebook monopoly negatively affects online publishers. Date: 07-22-2018
01:00:56 7/21/2018

Past Episodes

Robert Mueller offers Tony Podesta a special deal, Trump prepares for a second Putin meeting, and we check the mailbag! Date: 07-20-2018
00:56:34 7/20/2018
An actor praises Ben and gets destroyed online for it, Trump suffers through Putin fallout, and should Americans defend Montenegro? Date: 07-19-2018
00:48:27 7/19/2018
Trump reverses himself on Putin, Barack Obama re-emerges to demonstrate why Trump was elected, and environmentalists fret over whether to have kids. Date: 07-18-2018
00:55:21 7/18/2018
Trump does a presser with Putin and the world goes insane, Democrats cry treason, plus we deconstruct some culture. Date: 07-17-2018
00:53:53 7/17/2018
Trump prepares for his meetup with Putin, Joe Biden prepares for a 2020 run, and Sacha Baron Cohen is back at it. Date: 07-16-2018
00:49:23 7/16/2018
Dennis Prager joins Ben for a rational discussion on biblical reason, the importance of the Ten Commandments, and how to reconcile a just God vs. a merciful God. Date: 07-12-2018
00:58:05 7/14/2018
FBI agent Peter Strzok gets clocked by a bevy of Republicans, Trump takes on Theresa May, and we check the mailbag! Date: 07-13-2018
00:49:52 7/13/2018
What happens when a political tornado hits a Trump at NATO? Plus, the meltdown over Brett Kavanaugh continues. Date: 07-12-2018
00:51:58 7/12/2018
Trump goes in hard at NATO, the Kavanaugh fallout continues, and Sacha Baron Cohen humiliates himself. Date: 07-11-2018
00:58:31 7/11/2018
It's Brett Kavanaugh, and the Left melts down. Date: 07-10-2018
00:52:20 7/10/2018

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