When Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, a lone gunman was captured at the scene, revolver in hand. It seemed like an open and shut case. So why did the police keep evidence hidden away for decades? 

Over ten episodes, hosts Zac Stuart-Pontier (Crimetown) and Bill Klaber (author, Shadow Play) comb through previously secret police tapes and track down the people who were there to investigate troubling questions about one of the most significant crimes in American history.


Up and Vanished, Season 2

Up and Vanished merges storytelling with investigation, highlighting a new missing persons case each season. Season 2 focuses on the disappearance of young mother Kristal Reisinger from a remote mountain town in Colorado. Follow along with host Payne Lindsey as he travels to Colorado to trace Reisinger's path.
00:36:57 9/17/2018

Past Episodes

On the night of Robert Kennedy's murder, a young photographer named Scott Enyart had his film confiscated by the LAPD. When Enyart sued the city more than twenty years later, Bill Klaber was there.
00:27:51 9/10/2018
Last week, Zac and Bill sat down in front of a live audience at The Bell House in Brooklyn. The show featured a heated debate between Bill and special guest Dan Moldea, plus musical performances by Rosaleen Eastman.
00:42:06 9/3/2018
Zac goes back to Acidalia for one last interview with Bill.
00:40:49 8/27/2018
Slate's Slow Burn excavates the strange subplots and forgotten characters of recent political history -- and finds surprising parallels to the present. Season 2 captures what it felt like to live through the saga of Bill Clinton's impeachment.And...The RFK Tapes will be live in Brooklyn on August 29! Zac and Bill will be joined by guest Dan Moldea to discuss the RFK case, take your questions and get into all the juicy details that didn't make it into the show. Tickets available at rfktapes.com/live
00:36:34 8/20/2018
Investigative journalist Dan Moldea finds the man he believes assassinated Robert F. Kennedy.
00:39:32 8/13/2018
Investigative journalist Dan Moldea begins a quest to try to find evidence of a second gun in the pantry of the Ambassador Hotel... by talking to the cops who were there that night.
00:28:40 8/6/2018
Zac sets out on his own to talk with former aides to Senator Robert F. Kennedy about what that 1968 campaign was like, and what they believe happened the night of the California primary.
00:31:42 7/30/2018
To prepare for Sirhan Sirhan's 2011 parole hearing, his current legal team brings in an expert to investigate whether or not Sirhan was hypno-programmed to shoot Senator Robert F. Kennedy.
00:27:33 7/16/2018
Moments after Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated, Sandra Serrano, a young campaign worker, says she saw a suspicious woman in a polka dot dress running away from the hotel screaming, "We shot him, we shot him."
00:30:23 7/9/2018
Was the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy a deliberate political statement or the act of a sick mind? As Sirhan Sirhan sits in jail awaiting trial, the prosecution sends in a psychiatrist to find out.
00:38:16 7/2/2018

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