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Why Trump's legal team would leak Cohen's evidence

Also, a funny thing happened after the DNC was hacked...
00:43:20 7/20/2018

Past Episodes

Yates: White House knew Flynn was not just compromised but under investigation when Trump asked Comey to lay off.
00:44:04 7/19/2018
It could mean that Americans you know are handed over to foreign dictators when those dictators ask.
00:44:23 7/18/2018
We, as Americans, need to figure out what we're going to do about the hard-to-avoid conclusion that Donald Trump is compromised by a foreign hostile power.
00:44:36 7/16/2018
Trump draws a crowd in England, but not in a good way.
00:43:57 7/13/2018
Plus, Rachel talks with Victoria Nuland about the fate of NATO and dares ask, What's the worst?
00:44:15 7/12/2018
Republicans may not realize what they're in for with tomorrow's public hearing.
00:46:02 7/11/2018
He was already confirmed when senators got more information about whether one of his answers was truthful.
00:44:10 7/10/2018
Protests already forming outside Supreme Court.
00:45:42 7/9/2018
No one bothers with Secretary Azar's comments to Congress in trial over reuniting families separated by Trump policy.
00:43:15 7/6/2018

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