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GOP fails to explain excluding FBI from Kavanaugh investigation

Plus, Cohen talks with Mueller about all things Russia and Trump
00:44:22 9/20/2018

Past Episodes

Plus, in addition to death and destruction, Florence leaves behind serious environmental problems
00:44:39 9/19/2018
Clinton addresses the Kavanaugh accusation and Donald Trump's anonymous resisters, among other issues.
00:44:11 9/18/2018
Plus, Trump throws national security to the wind with declassification order
00:46:43 9/17/2018
Oh, and Michael Cohen is talking to Mueller's team now too.
00:46:49 9/14/2018
...and that's not to mention the odd secret Kavanaugh letter. Insane amount of news today.
00:44:00 9/13/2018
Also, Manafort appears to be trying to make a deal of some kind.
00:46:43 9/12/2018
Plus: Rachel interviews Bob Woodward in his first cable news interview since the public release of "Fear."
00:44:40 9/11/2018
Plus, Both a little scared, Neither one prepared
00:43:45 9/10/2018
Plus, Can it be possible that The Rachel Maddow Show is ten years old?
00:45:21 9/7/2018
The Senate nomination hearing is a targeted operation, not (just) a public spectacle.
00:44:43 9/6/2018

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