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Charlotte Hornets coach James Borrego

Charlotte Hornets coach James Borrego joins The Woj Pod to discuss leaving the Spurs for his first head coaching job, signing Tony Parker, building a relationship with Kemba Walker, the process of becoming a head coach in the NBA, what he learned under Gregg Popovich, growing up with a single mom in New Mexico, and much more.
00:35:27 7/16/2018

Past Episodes

Milwaukee Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer joins The Woj Pod to discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Bucks future, the Hawks years, LeBron leaving the East, where and how he gets ideas and getting the courage up as a young assistant to raise a point with Gregg Popovich in a Spurs coach's meeting.
00:45:06 7/10/2018
ESPN Front Office Insider Bobby Marks joins The Woj Pod for a discussion on DeMarcus Cousins' move to the Warriors, and the storylines and moves still left to play out in July free agency.
00:32:26 7/4/2018
ESPN Front Office Insider Bobby Marks joins the Woj Pod for the first of a two-part delve into NBA free agency, including LeBron James' move to the Lakers and the future of Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio.
00:31:41 7/4/2018
ESPN Draft Analyst Jonathan Givony joins Woj.
00:38:17 6/22/2018
ESPN NBA Draft Analyst Mike Schmitz joins the Woj Pod to breakdown the final days of maneuvering for Thursday's NBA Draft, including the Michael Porter saga, Luka Doncic, the art of the draft day 'promise' and much more.
00:43:08 6/15/2018
Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell joins The Woj Pod to discuss his breakout rookie season, his battle with Ben Simmons, learning how to become a franchise player, Quin Snyder, and why he believes he can be a recruiter to bring star talent to the Jazz.1:38: The whirlwind of the last two months for Mitchell, including leading Utah's playoff run.2:52: How much has changed for Mitchell after being doubtful whether he should turn pro last year.3:58: The Jazz going on a phenomenal run once Rudy Gobert returned from injury5:01: Mitchell's relationship with Jazz coach Quin Snyder, who gave him more responsibilities throughout the season.8:21: Leaving Louisville before the program became entangled in controversy.9:03: Mitchell's Jazz teammates helping him in his transition to stardom.10:43: Learning the responsibilities of being a star player, including the ferocity and energy it requires each game.16:53: The Jazz not thinking about rebuilding after losing Gordon Hayward.18:22: What Mitchell learned from growing up around the Mets clubhouse about how young players should interact with veterans.19:56: Attending Greenwich Country Day School and the benefits of being a late bloomer on the court.23:21: Going to the EuroLeague playoffs in Serbia and seeing how much the entire country loves the sport.26:48: Mitchell emulating the mentalities of Kobe Bryant and Russell Westbrook.29:46: With Mitchell and Gobert in place, the Jazz being an attractive destination for free agents looking to win.31:46: Staying the same person after achieving success.33:25: The adidas sweatshirts trolling Ben Simmons and his Rookie of the Year candidacy.38:19: Other players being willing to answer Mitchell's questions about the league.
00:40:42 6/6/2018
ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks joins The Woj Pod to discuss Game 1 of the NBA Finals, the Bryan Colangelo saga in Philadelphia, NBA free agency and much more.
00:35:49 6/1/2018
Portland Trail Blazers star C.J. McCollum joins The Woj Pod to discuss the Blazers playoff exit and future, building an identity in an NBA small market, growing up a LeBron James fan outside Cleveland, his new Pull Up podcast, the league's salary cap and much, much more.1:26: C.J. McCollum's new podcast Pull Up.3:07: Damian Lillard and McCollum having large brands despite playing in a relatively smaller market.4:52: Being recognized for his podcast instead of being a basketball player.6:26: Growing up in Ohio while LeBron James became a global star, and the evolution of his game.9:58: Championships being the measure for how James' free agency will be judged.11:32: James' game showing no signs of slippage in his 15thseason.12:37: McCollum leading the league in miles run per game.14:20: The potential impact of legalized gambling on the NBA.17:50: Is McCollum happy that his Cleveland Browns drafted Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield?19:30: How would Cleveland react if the Browns won a Super Bowl?20:28: McCollum's brother Errick playing professionally in Europe.21:22: Gaining an appreciation for the European game by watching his brother play.23:02: The Trail Blazers being shocked by the Pelicans in the first round of the playoffs.25:57: Does Portland need a star swingman, like Paul George or Kawhi Leonard, to take the next step?27:48: McCollum's go-to drill to start his workouts.30:15: Why McCollum picked the Cavs to win the series vs. the Celtics.30:56: The potential for a woman to become a head coach in the NBA.32:08: How do trades impact the locker room?
00:35:03 5/22/2018
Lakers forward Julius Randle joins The Woj Pod to discuss his restricted free agency this summer, the franchise's decision to not offer him a contract extension to protect salary cap space, Lonzo Ball, and much, much more.
00:32:41 5/21/2018
ESPN draft analysts Jonathan Givony and Mike Schmitz join The Woj Pod to discuss the aftermath of the NBA Draft lottery, how Phoenix, Sacramento and Atlanta will view their picks, the politics of the draft combine process for players, and how Danny Ainge and Boston has managed to have so much success in the evaluation of players.
00:40:59 5/16/2018

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