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The Wrap is Australia's fastest technology podcast - wrapping news, analysis and reviews in an earful that you can hear in less than ten minuets. Think of it as the week in technology wrapped in the time it takes for you to grab a bus to town or eat your toast in the morning.


The Wrap - June 22, 2019 (Optus vs. World Cup, Oppo's all-screen dream, and Sony's curvy phone)

Optus' soccer squabbles, Oppo's all-screen smartphone dream, why "tax time" means "cybercrime", and how Sony's new phone falls short. This is The Wrap.
00:05:00 6/21/2018

Past Episodes

Kogan enters the smart home, BlackBerry returns, Sony's little big camera, why a game is causing a stir, and how you can watch the World Cup on practically any device. It's The Wrap.
00:05:00 6/14/2018
All of Apple's big announcements from WWDC, what's new from Sonos, tidbits from Computex, and we'll review a phone that hit a staggering three workdays of life (so what's the catch?). All that in this week's episode of The Wrap. Tune in.
00:05:00 6/7/2018
Motorola takes on the mid-range, Apple makes its HomePod do more, Alexa learns to read, and we'll go hands-on with gear from Hisense and Beats. This is The Wrap
00:05:11 5/31/2018

Telstra's not so great week, what's in a megabit, new gear from Razer and Fujifilm, and how will HTC wow you with its iPhone competitor. All on Geek Pride and Towel Day, it's a geeky episode of The Wrap.  

00:05:03 5/23/2018

Why WiFi at home is on the mend, which app has Adobe made free, how has Apple made the world a little greener, what's the music service Google is making, how is Lenovo shaking up phones, and what crazy idea has Sony cooked up. All those questions answered on The Wrap.

00:05:02 5/16/2018
Android gets a new edition, unlimited gets a time limited deal, the future of mobile connectivity gets faster, and is Huawei's P20 Pro the photographer's phone you have to get? Find out. Get The Wrap.
00:05:02 5/10/2018

Mobile plans go unlimited, VR gets easier with Oculus, B&O updates legendary earphones, LG's new phone detailed, and Amazon's Alexa finds the force. May the Fourth be with you on this edition of The Wrap. 

00:05:00 5/3/2018

Telstra and Spotify offer something for nothing, while Sonos and Ultimate Ears both gain the support of Amazon's Alexa. And we'll review Apple's 2018 iPad. Is it the best iPad ever? Find out all of this in less than five minutes on The Wrap.  

00:04:58 4/26/2018

TVs get talked up from Samsung, LG, and Hisense, and you'll hear what's happening in sound, too. It's TV change-over time, and we'll explain QLED, ULED, and OLED this week on The Wrap.  

00:05:12 4/19/2018
Blackmagic makes hi-def filmmaking easier, Google Assistant eases the burden of school holidays, Panasonic makes it easier to experience Hollywood magic at home, and MIT scientists can easily read your thoughts. It's an easy going Wrap.
00:05:13 4/12/2018

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