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Monday, July 23rd, 2018

What newly-released documents on the FBI wiretapping of a former Trump campaign adviser tell us. The President threatens Iran. And hundreds of rescue workers in Syria are themselves being rescued.
00:12:21 7/22/2018

Past Episodes

Top Trump administration officials publicly diverge from their boss. A new surprise: Trump invites Vladimir Putin to Washington. And Comic-Con in San Diego brings costumes, cameos, and creativity.
00:12:58 7/19/2018
Will congressional Republicans act to head off future Russian election interference? Bureaucratic warfare rocks the Department of Veterans Affairs. And a new law goes to the heart of Israel's identity.
00:13:17 7/18/2018
President Trump takes that Helsinki comment back. Another thread in the story of alleged Russian influence in U.S. affairs. And disturbing stories from migrant detention facilities, from those inside.
00:12:44 7/17/2018
There's been bipartisan negative reaction in the U.S. to President Trump's Helsinki performance. What's Russia thinking? And student protests against Nicaragua's government draw a violent response.
00:12:20 7/16/2018
President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin have spoken to the press following their summit in Helsinki.
00:11:38 7/16/2018
Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin meet in Helsinki - why have some senators strongly urged the president not to meet Putin alone? And southern Iraq is in turmoil as protests over jobs and a shortage of basic services draw a military response.
00:12:31 7/15/2018
President Trump's bombshell interview with a British tabloid. Is the U.S. government reuniting separated immigrant families at an acceptable pace? And an ex-Pakistani prime minister flies home from exile ? expecting to be arrested.
00:12:34 7/12/2018
The NATO summit accomplishes more than President Trump's rhetoric might suggest. London braces for big protests as the British government prepares to receive Trump. And with the Supreme Court's balance changing, abortion rights advocates prepare for a future they hope never to see.
00:14:34 7/11/2018
President Trump publicly lays into NATO allies in Brussels. The Trump administration escalates its trade dispute with China. And a court-ordered deadline for reuniting separated immigrant families came and went yesterday, mostly unfulfilled.
00:12:13 7/10/2018
What do we know about President Trump's new Supreme Court nominee? The NATO summit in Brussels will deal with Trump's adversarial approach to longtime allies. And Brexit troubles shake both the British government's plan for leaving the European Union and Theresa May's government.
00:12:31 7/9/2018


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