Up and Vanished is an investigative podcast that explores the unsolved disappearance of Georgia beauty queen and high school teacher, Tara Grinstead. The 11-year-old cold case is the largest case file in the history of Georgia. Follow along as host Payne Lindsey, a filmmaker turned amateur investigator, examines old case evidence and re-interviews persons of interest. What happened to Tara Grinstead?


Up and Vanished

S2E11: Q&A: 11.19.18

Payne and the UAV team answer listener questions.
00:21:52 11/19/2018

Past Episodes

Chance, hunt.
00:27:42 11/13/2018
Up and Vanished is coming to TV on Sunday, November 18th at 7pm EST on Oxygen. Episode 11 of Season 2 will come out this Tuesday morning 11/13.
00:05:23 11/11/2018
How convenient.
00:41:52 11/5/2018
01:00:19 10/28/2018
00:33:33 10/21/2018
Payne and the UAV team answer your questions.
00:24:54 10/14/2018
Friend, daughter and mother
00:24:14 10/12/2018
Who. What. Where. When.
00:31:27 10/7/2018
There's a lot of finger pointing going on here.
00:29:05 9/30/2018


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