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Person of Interest with Jeff Thomas: Jeff Berding

"Meet the man who helped bring soccer to Cincinnati! How he did it, and what he's planning next..."
00:00:00 7/15/2018

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Clerk of Courts Aftab Pureval. Young, bright, and handsome... Aftab is considered the biggest threat to Ohio's GOP in decades.
00:00:00 7/4/2018
Hamilton County's Coroner, Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco, has one of the toughest jobs in public service. Much of her time is spent fighting on the front lines of our region's opiod crisis. Last year, she was thrust into the national spotlight to clarify differing accounts of what led to the death of Otto Warmbier, while an escalating war of words between President Trump and Kim Jong Un played out on Twitter. Who leaves a lucrative career as a neuroradiologist to lead one of the most neglected and underfunded departments in Hamilton County? This woman does. She's my "Person of Interest" this week...and I found her fascinating!
00:00:00 7/4/2018

Hollywood in Cincinnati: More and more movies & TV shows are choosing to film in Cincinnati over Hollywood, than ever before. This week's Person of Interest has a lot to do with why. Kristen Erwin Schlotman is the executive director of Film Cincinnati, a nonprofit r esponsible for attracting and facilitating filmmakers from all over the world ? providing a huge boost to our local economy! Hear how she does it...and how directors like Emilio Estevez have made Cincinnati their new home...

00:00:00 7/4/2018

Human beings are social creatures, right? But in this world of social media ? Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram ? many of us still feel disconnected...isolated...even lonely. This can be especially true for people with developmental disabilities. Candice Jones Peelman is the Executive Director of Starfire ? an organization working to change that. Hear how the community is becoming more inclusive of people with disabilities.

00:00:00 7/4/2018

Amanda Valentine is the co-host o f the Amanda & Jesse show, which airs on our sister station, B105. To her fans, she is hilarious, often fearless, and always real. She's also known for publicly baring her soul throughout the course of an incredibly personal weight loss journey. Her story of how she lost 117lbs is sure to entertain and inspire you to your core. A woman who truly knows how to live her best life and isn't ashamed of what she has gone through to get here to today. Enjoy and relax into this weeks Person of Interest with Jeff Thomas: Amanda Valentine!

00:00:00 7/4/2018

Shawn Braley and Chris Ashwell are the co-founders of Cincy Stories - a social i nitiative designed to connect communities through storytelling. Let's face it - Cincinnati's neighborhoods are more than just the news-blurbs you occasionally hear about. Our communities are a rich fabric of people, families, history, ethnic diversity, and fascinating stories. When we share our stories with others, we create empathy. When we create empathy, we're collectively more willing to listen to each other - which is especially important, in this era where we seem to be more tribal than ever. Listen to how Shawn and Chris are connecting communities through storytelling!

00:00:00 7/4/2018
Joe Creighton owns the popular downtown restaurant Cheapside Cafe on 8th Street...and Mecca, the eclectic Over-the-Rhine bar he owns with his wife and business partner. He loves Cincinnati and he expresses that love through his work. Many locals consider Joe Creighton to be a visionary. While he's excited about the progress Cincinnati has made in the revitalization of neighborhoods like OTR, Joe envisions a cultural renaissance in other neighborhoods, like the West End ? which is one of the reasons he's helping to spearhead the revitalization of Dayton Street in the West End. We wanted to know where that passion comes from, what inspires him, and what his vision of Cincinnati's future looks like, which is why he's this episode's Person of Interest.
00:00:00 7/4/2018
The world loves FIONA! But what about the people who work behind the scenes to take care of Fiona? The Cincinnati Zoo's Wendy Rice and Jenna Wingate work on Fiona's primary care team. It's their sole job to care for Fiona, and they've been there since the beginning. So, what's it like to care for a hippo? How does one get that job? Does Fiona enjoy her fame? Are the other animals at the zoo jealous of Fiona's attention? Listen here to find out!
00:00:00 7/4/2018

Cincinnati chef, Jean-Robert de Cavel, is celebrating 40 years in the restaurant business ? 25 of those in Cincinnati! From his humble beginnings in France, to becoming one of America's top chefs! Hear why Jean-Robert is this week's PERSON OF INTEREST!

00:00:00 7/4/2018

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