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Amanda is down 117 pounds and counting... all through healthy lifestyle changes! Listen Monday-Friday for helpful real-life tips and tricks in this weekly discussion about losing weight, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, fitness, and nutrition from a girl that's been through it all.


Pound This

192: Staying Healthy While Working Odd Hours - With Guest Jason Theobald

Trainer and nutritionist Jason Theobald and I discuss how you can stay healthy while working odd hours. Find Jason here: http://www.scoobyprep.com/ And on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/scoobyprep1_ifbbpro/?hl=en From Jason's website: Jason Theobald is an IFBB Pro Classic Physique competitor having placed top three at the JR National level and won the Overall Mens 35+ Classic Physique title at the NPC Master's Nationals. He has become a sought after contest prep coach due to his hands on approach, top level customer service and the conditioning his athletes exhibit at their shows. Jason is versed in all things contest preparation from supplementation, cardio, training, to the most important: the proper nutritional plan for YOU. Jason has helped turn athletes pro in the NPC, OCB, INBF, and the NGA to name a few organizations. We invite you to peruse the site, check out the About Us tab and read over some testimonials. If you have further questions email Jason directly at Jason@scoobyprep.com.
00:17:30 1/21/2019

Past Episodes

One of the big keys to success? Setting small, reasonable goals. Let's chat about it!
00:13:01 1/18/2019
Talia Koren makes healthy, delicious meal prep and wants to help you do the same! In this episode we discuss what inspired Talia to start meal prepping and the ways she shares her knowledge to help people on their path to eating healthy meals while saving time. Find Talia here: https://workweeklunch.com/ And on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/workweeklunch/
00:14:37 1/17/2019
Jill will have a new episode next week! But, in case you missed it this is our first interview in January 2018. Jill Christine not only shows her amazing food and intense workouts on Instagram, she sends out such an authentic, positive message on living a healthy lifestyle. In this podcast you'll hear about her own weight loss journey, her fitness routine, and her best advice for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle. Find her on Instagram at @JillChristineFit and at www.JillChristineFit.com
00:54:36 1/16/2019
A week ago myself, my husband and my personal trainer did a 62 hour fast. In this episode hear Josh and I discuss the process and if we would do it again. Also, go one some pretty random tangents.
00:32:16 1/15/2019
Here's some real talk today. I've gained some weight back. We're on this journey together, right? Let me tell you how things are going in my own journey right now.
00:18:37 1/14/2019
I've never watched the tv show The Bachelor in my life, until this week. I shared some thoughts on the You Get a Rose podcast, and also created a Bachelor workout challenge! Subscribe to You Get a Rose here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/you-get-a-rose-a-bachelor-bachelorette-podcast/id1138372429?mt=2
00:16:45 1/11/2019
Personal trainer and gym owner Josh Garrett discusses the top 10 mistakes people make in their fitness routines and ways to fix them. Find Josh here: https://www.cincy360fitness.com/
00:39:09 1/11/2019
Starting a running routine in the new year? Whitney from Fuel The Sole and Cincy 360 Fitness has advice on how to get started, good form, stretches and shoes to get running! Find Whitney here: https://www.fuelthesole.com/ And here: https://www.cincy360fitness.com/
00:27:43 1/10/2019
Erica is a mom, personal trainer, down 150 pounds and battling thyroid cancer. In this episode we discuss Erica's journey, staying healthy through a cancer diagnosis. Follow Erica here: https://www.ericafitlove.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ericafitlove/
01:05:01 1/9/2019
Answering your questions! Today's question: What Are Your Go-To Kitchen Supplies For Meal Prep? Ask your questions on Instagram! http://instagram.com/youcanpoundthis
00:11:42 1/8/2019

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