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Dr. Jay Calvert is a world-renowned plastic surgeon with a passion for rhinoplasty... and HOCKEY! Welcome to the Zamboni Zone. No NFL, NBA, or MLB to find here. Everything NHL - exclusive guests, goals, fights, Canadian slang, and the road to the Stanley Cup! Doc Emrick graced this podcast.


Bryan Allen!

The Dr. Hockey crew chats with former NHL defensemen Bryan Allen about his career and experiences as a pro, Ovi's Cup run, burner accounts, and his life today!
00:52:53 6/21/2018

Past Episodes

The Washington Capitals are your 2018 Stanley Cup Champions! The crew recaps the Cup, Ovi's binge, the incredible run by the Vegas Golden Knights, and a quick peek into this year's draft!
00:39:26 6/13/2018
Can the Caps close it out, or does Vegas still have an ace up their sleeve? We get you ready for Game 5! Where's the Beef?
00:33:43 6/7/2018
Caps up on Vegas 2-1 after a wild Game 3 in Washington! The Dr. Hockey crew breaks down the keys to Games 2 & 3, THE SAVE, and predictions for the rest of the series! We'll be back Thursday for our regularly scheduled programming!
00:24:17 6/4/2018
The Dr. Hockey crew breaks down Stanley Cup games 1 & 2. Then, former NHL defenceman François Beauchemin joins the show!
00:54:02 5/31/2018
We're so excited for the Cup, we decided to record a bonus episode! Dr. Calvert goes around the horn with Dr. Jason Berkley, Marc Szem, and Kristy Flannery of Skating In Stilettos! Knights. Caps. WHO YA GOT?
00:00:00 5/28/2018
Dr. Calvert skypes in from Dubai! Jay and Jason break down the success of the Vegas Golden Knights and how they've come this far, as well as the key moments in the Caps/Bolts series. Plus, the Islanders land Lou Lamoriello in the front office, and the Rangers get a new coach!
00:38:54 5/24/2018
Yan chats with Jay and Sean about the playoffs!
00:55:57 5/17/2018
Jay and Jason break down how the Caps finally overcame the Pens in the postseason - And bet was made, so it must now be paid; Jason revels in his victory. Caps move on to face the Lightning, and the Knights await an opponent as their miracle run continues. Plus, blogger Kristy Flannery of SkatingInStiletos.weebly.com jumps on to talk NHL Awards!
00:49:02 5/10/2018
The Dr. Hockey crew breaks down the second round action! Plus, Arash Markazi of ESPN chats with Jay about the incredible run of the Vegas Golden Knights! Special Guest: Ellie Berkley. *This episode of Dr. Hockey is dedicated to Maria Szem. RIP Mama Hockey*
00:49:43 5/3/2018
Yan jumps on with the boys to break down the first round!
00:45:36 4/26/2018
BONUS EPISODE!! Dr. Evil and his brother recorded a bonus episode from Florida. Not a full episode, just a Mini-Me episode.
00:10:36 4/23/2018
Jay, Jason, and Ace chat with Mike Richards!
00:47:04 4/18/2018
Jay and Jason preview round 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs!! Sign up for the Dr. Hockey Bracket Challenge here -> -> -> bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/drhockeypodcast !!!! Winner gets an appearance on the show, shout out on Dr. Hockey socials, and Dr. Hockey merch! To be entered into the contest -> Follow the show on IG and Twitter @drhockeypodcast , tag three friends in the comments, and Rate & Review the Dr. Hockey on Apple Podcasts!
00:44:09 4/11/2018
Former NHL goalie John Blue returns to the show for a Playoff Goalie Roundup! John and the docs break down the goalies headed to the playoffs. It's been a Hellebuyck of a year guys. Jets = threats, but Fleury no worries...
00:50:00 4/5/2018

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