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Bit 36 - Smash Bros. Ultimate: E3 Reaction, Part II

Alex's brother returns to pine for Waluigi, defy Kraid, look at Greninja's amiibo, and discuss the Smash Bros. Ultimate reveal.
01:04:32 6/20/2018

Past Episodes

A new Smash Bros. game is announced and everyone is invited! Alex sits down and gives his fresh thoughts after the game's first day in the public eye.
00:48:34 6/13/2018
The boys talk about what they want, and what they DON'T want to see in the new Smash Bros.
00:58:08 6/6/2018
Alex drags Henry back onto the show to reminisce about Super Smash Bros.
00:40:46 5/31/2018
Alex and Henry talk about (almost) every Zelda game, because there's never a wrong time to reminisce about a favorite video game series.
01:00:03 5/24/2018
Kirby's at it again, and Alex decides to talk about a game involving friendship... without any of his friends around.
00:21:27 5/17/2018
With Kingdom Hearts III on the way, Alex and Henry decide to think twice about what they want in the game.
00:33:10 5/9/2018
On the eve of Donkey Kong's latest adventure, Alex takes it to the fridge. Also Funky Kong is there.
00:17:15 5/3/2018
Did the second visit to the Alola region measure up to the first? Alex gives his thoughts after stalling for 21 episodes.
00:22:23 4/26/2018
The sun rises in the land of Nippon. Again. This time in HD. Again. Come and listen as Alex tries to sell you on this game.
00:20:51 4/18/2018
With Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on the close horizon, Alex decides to showcase Travis Touchdown's past adventures.
00:24:40 4/12/2018

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