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Featured Clips

2020 Babies??

NSYNC's Lance Bass stops by to announce 2020 babies!
00:01:50 8/18/2019

Past Episodes

Chael talks about his "unique" experience of being bamboozled by Hollywood producers.
00:01:05 8/17/2019
Nico Greetham shares why being a Power Ranger isn't all it's cracked up to be.
00:00:55 8/16/2019
Katie Hamilton shares how her ex weighs in on her successfully moving on and her latest appearance on TV.
00:01:30 8/11/2019
Adam expresses where he thinks we are heading as we continue to protect or "bubble wrap" everything.
00:01:10 8/10/2019
Chael discusses the debate over promoter's attitudes towards fighters.
00:01:10 8/9/2019
Scheana recounts how John Mayer unintentionally helped get her cast on Vanderpump Rules.
00:00:50 8/9/2019
Heather finds a very rare item at a certain pop-up shop!
00:01:25 8/8/2019
Guests Kelly Zajfen and Nikki DeLoach remind us to remain calm and be thoughtful of others while in a waiting room because someone could be receiving the worst news.
00:01:30 8/8/2019
A heinous murder, an innocent victim, and an unsolved homicide investigation reopens a year after the crime when a new tip leads detectives to a teen with a disturbing history.
00:01:10 8/7/2019
Shaq suggests that LeBron needs to sit down at his son's AAU games and let Bronny have his moment.
00:01:15 8/7/2019
Richard Marx is giving Heather the opportunity of a lifetime, but what will she wear?
00:01:20 8/5/2019
Bill Goldberg talks about getting hyped before matches and the danger of the comedown.
00:01:20 8/4/2019
Dodgers' pitcher Clayton Kershaw shares his take on robot umpires and the strike zone.
00:01:10 8/3/2019
Find out what choice words Amanda LaCount's mom had for Richard Simmons on a red carpet!
00:01:05 8/2/2019

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