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Kim's Attitude of Gratitude

Kim talks about the attitude and heart necessary for gratitude, as well as the magic in life that can come from it.
00:01:23 9/20/2018

Past Episodes

Jack tells the story of Jim's reaction to a caddie being paid by President Ford. But he changed his tune when his coach handed him a $10 bill.
00:01:22 9/20/2018
Jeff Probst explains his first meeting with Mark Burnett, and Mark's initial doubts that Jeff could handle the wild. Plus, Jeff shares what the famous line, "the tribe has spoken" could have been.
00:02:02 9/13/2018
"Curious about the Golden State Killer? Wondering where it all began? Join Brooke Gittings, as she tells all about the alleged killer - Joseph DeAngelo."
00:02:26 8/21/2018
Do you remember the screen writers strike back in 2007? We do! This week, Captain Phillip's writer, Billy Ray, discusses what it was like to be in the Writers Guild of America during this time, and how that has affected tv and film writing today.
00:01:21 8/16/2018
In the murder of Jasmine Fiore, Alex, Jasmine & Billy examine the weird fascination of salacious photos and why her death photo trended #7 on Google.
00:03:35 8/15/2018
This week's guest, Kelly LeVeque, talks strange pregnancy cravings and how to balance it all.
00:01:39 8/8/2018
This week, Jon calls out Charlie Sheen and how his actions have led to his inability to afford child support. Listen in to find out how he truly feels.
00:02:37 8/7/2018
Country music star, Brett Kissel, tells Kaitlyn about the letter he received from Johnny Cash on the day of Cash's death. Listen in to find out how this moment impacted him.
00:02:39 8/2/2018
Martellus talks with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Michael Bennett, about the perception of black and white athletes in the NFL. Plus, Marty reveals Michael's hangouts with LeBron James and Larry David.
00:02:44 8/2/2018
Can wearing socks increase pleasure during sex? This week The Amber Rose Show co-hosts play a sex-related game of true or false. How far will they go? Tune in!
00:01:40 8/2/2018
Hear the challenges of doing a Bar Rescue in Puerto Rico, and who stepped up to help correct the unfair consequences of the hurricane.
00:01:37 7/26/2018
Adam and Dennis Miller talk the Mark Duplass and Ben Shapiro conflict, and why Ben doesn't need to apologize to Mark. Plus, Carolla talks putting people in boxes based on their vote.
00:03:32 7/26/2018
Was Stormy Daniels entrapped? Amber Rose and Dr. Chris dish out their thoughts. Plus, sex talk!
00:02:08 7/20/2018
Heather sings not only one, but two of her old answering machine jingles to Natalie. Where did she get the inspiration? Listen to find out!
00:02:35 7/20/2018

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