Q102 presents The Hot List

Join Tim and Toria for the day's biggest stories in Cincinnati and across the Tri-State. It's kind of the "Kathie Lee & Hoda" of Q102. News, food, celebs, tech, sports, style, DIY, motivation, good vibes, life, bars and beers, shopping, fashion, pets and fun things to do. You will hear it all on The Hot List.


Q102 presents The Hot List

Hot List 05/23/19

-How to cool your house with plants! -MND graduate gets her own mural downtown! -Booze News! -Bailey in the Ballpark -Why is CSPAN in town?
00:05:37 5/22/2019

Past Episodes

-Kardashians -Where is Ciara going to college -Best sandwich in OH -Beer news! -Free bowling for the kids this summer -Cincinnati made a "worst of" list -Yard Game Week! -Should it be illegal to walk and text?
00:04:31 5/20/2019
-GOT Therapy -Coffee, Beer, and Eats -The best wedding registry gift idea in a LONG time! -The most complex word in the English language -Is Scooter coming back soon? -The best pool floats for this summer
00:05:25 5/19/2019
-Grumpy Cat is in heaven -NKY Traffic is going to be bad this summer -More Zoo BABIES! -Q To Do -What was in the safe?! -Doing THIS could help you live longer.
00:06:35 5/16/2019
-Britney may never perform again -What's in the safe?! -What is Ruby Chocolate? -New zoo babies! -BASEBALL! -Socks and sandals?
00:05:16 5/15/2019
-Kevin Federline is speaking out about Britney -Good news for Cincy Pot Smokers -Do we have a Cincinnati accent? -Why was one of the richest men on the planet in the Tri-State? -Need to relax and reboot your mind and body? -Spicy toothpaste?
00:04:43 5/14/2019
-Top Baby Names -Kim and Kanye might have a baby name picked out -Empire canceled? -First American Woman on the moon -Queen Rosie bobblehead in the Iron Throne -FC Cincinnati setting records -
00:06:46 5/13/2019
-Happy 513 Day! -Join us at Madtree for HH tonight and help Cincinnati Children's -This Is Us is sticking around -Graeter's announces a new flavor -Braxton on the move! -Is Bigfoot nearby? -Florida Man is coming to TV
00:04:32 5/12/2019
-Miley has new music! -Do you LOVE Vodka? -Mother's Day freebies! -Another concert venue coming to the TriState -Zayn has new music for Aladdin -FC Cincinnati host Montreal -Q To Do
00:05:03 5/9/2019
-New music from Justin and Ed -Royal baby name! -How to have a boy -Names of everyday items that you might not know -Skydive...inside!
00:00:00 5/8/2019
-Kim K joining Dateline? -The rhinos are doing it -"Best" Taste of Cincinnati winner -How to like something more -DO NOT trim your nose hair -FC Cincinnati making changes -Biggest college majors
00:06:43 5/7/2019

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