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The Raised By Wolves podcast features NBA writers Steve McPherson (Rolling Stone, A Wolf Among Wolves, 1500 ESPN) and Derek James (Hardwood Paroxysm, 1500 ESPN) and 1500 ESPN radio host Manny Hill. It's a weekly podcast on everything going on with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the NBA. Driven by news, personalities and opinion, the podcast is the first basketball-themed podcast to join the 1500 ESPN podcast network.


Raised by Wolves

Ep. 138: Wolves might want to start shooting a few more threes

Manny Hill, Danny Cunningham and Derek James discuss the Wolves West Coast road trip after their loss in Sacramento Wednesday night. The lack of 3-point shooting during the road trip is astonishing as the Wolves just aren't keeping up with their opponents. The guys then get into more NBA storylines; Are the Raptors a threat to Golden State? Who should be the league MVP?
00:00:00 12/12/2018

Past Episodes

Manny Hill, Danny Cunningham and Dane Moore examine the Wolves start to their 2nd west coast road trip of the season, as they've started 0-2 with losses to Portland and Golden State. Also, is Jeff Teague being fairly analyzed? Is there a way Thibs can get Josh Okogie into games regularly despite him not being part of the regular rotation?
00:00:00 12/10/2018
Manny Hill and Danny Cunningham talk more on the resurgent Timberwolves, and speculate on if they can keep this up. How much credit should Tom Thibodeau get for this improved stretch? Would the team making the playoffs be enough to retain Thibs?
00:00:00 12/5/2018
Manny Hill, Dane Moore and Danny Cunningham talk more on the Wolves improvements defensively after their comeback win over the Rockets on Monday night. What impact has Robert Covington had on the defensive mindset of the rest of the team? The guys also venture into the rest of the NBA, particularly the Western Conference. Is Kevin Durant leaving Golden State next summer?
00:00:00 12/3/2018
Manny Hill and Danny Cunningham continue to examine the Wolves recent play, and ask the question: When does this become more than just a small sample size? Also, should Josh Okogie get back into the rotation? If so, how can the Wolves fit him back in? Can Andrew Wiggins get out of this shooting funk?
00:00:00 11/28/2018
Manny Hill, Danny Cunningham and Dane Moore discuss the Wolves improvement since the Butler trade. Karl-Anthony Towns has played better, but what is the solution to Andrew Wiggins' continued struggles? Also, Danny is ready to say it; Derrick Rose is good again.
00:00:00 11/26/2018
Manny Hill, Danny Cunningham and Dane Moore talk more on the Wolves since the big trade, who has fallen out of the rotation, and speculate on what other roster moves could be made down the line. They also get into some of the other storylines around the NBA, including the dysfunction in Washington with the Wizards.
00:00:00 11/19/2018
Manny Hill and Danny Cunningham give their thoughts on the Wolves debuts of Robert Covington and Dario Saric against the Pelicans. And it's more talk on the continued strong play of Josh Okogie. He just "does things" according to Danny. Later, is Andrew Wiggins finally going turn a corner?
00:00:00 11/14/2018
Manny Hill and Danny Cunningham dive more into the Wolves acquisitions of Robert Covington, Dario Saric and Jerryd Bayless. What would a frontcourt of KAT and Saric look like offensively and defensively? Who is going to get their minutes scaled back with the new players coming in? Also, the guys are still having a hard time making sense of Derrick Rose's continued hot streak from deep, but what if he keeps it up?
00:00:00 11/12/2018
Manny Hill, Danny Cunningham and Dane Moore have more reaction and thoughts on the fallout from the Jimmy Butler trade to the Sixers. Derek Bodner of The Athletic in Philly joins to share what Wolves fans can expect from Robert Covington and Dario Saric.
00:00:00 11/11/2018
Manny Hill and Danny Cunningham break down the Timberwolves trade of Jimmy Butler to the Philadelphia 76ers. What are the Wolves getting back in Robert Covington and Dario Saric? Also Manny and Danny take questions via social media in regards to what this move now means for the rest of the roster, and Tom Thibodeau.
00:00:00 11/9/2018

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