Former TV meteorologist, Jerrid Sebesta, walked away from a successful career in 2014 to find more purpose in his life and work. Based on Ben Taatjes' book, "Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America" where Ben encourages retirees to walk into a life of greater purpose - Jerrid teaches and inspires you to live a life of purpose, meaning and impact. Look for interviews with authors, experts in this field, people that have discovered their purpose in unusual ways and people that have left a dent in society or their field of work. Find out what motivates them and how others can follow their lead and leave a lasting legacy.


Using real estate to fight human trafficking (ep. 50)

Spencer Hutton is a licensed realtor for Commonwealth Real Estate Group in the Minneapolis area. He and his team are not only in the business of helping clients buy and sell homes, they are in the business of fighting human trafficking. This all started because Spencer pondered the question, "how can we have more impact?" It soon became apparent helping clients find homes was going to be the avenue by which they could give a home to children stuck in human trafficking. If you are struggling to connect your job and daily life to a greater cause and purpose, this podcast is for you. You can follow Spencer on Facebook and Instagram.
00:00:00 9/20/2018

Past Episodes

Tom Truszinski is the Center Director for Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge in Rochester, MN. Tom started drinking alcohol at a young age, barely graduating high school. Even though his alcohol usage increased during his young adult years, he found identity through success in college and in the corporate world. At 28 years old, Tom was the V.P. of a large financial firm in St. Paul, MN. He was even featured in the Wall Street Journal. At the same time, he was a raging alcoholic, suicidal and had a falling marriage. Tom was then involved in a serious motorcycle accident which set him on a journey where he found his real purpose and calling in life. For more information on MN Teen & Adult Teen Challenge go to
00:00:00 9/11/2018
Mark Whitacre exposed an international price fixing conspiracy to the FBI while working for Archer Daniel Midland, ADM, in the early 1990s. For three years, he wore a wire which helped the FBI establish one of the largest price fixing cases in U.S. history. Mark later served 9 years in federal prison for fraud and tax invasion. However, while in federal prison, Mark discovered his purpose in life. For more information, go to
00:00:00 9/3/2018
Vince Miller, founder of Resolute, a non-profit focused on providing men with tools for discipleship and mentorship, believes our purpose is not found within ourselves, rather given to us by our Creator. In this podcast, Vince retraces man's footsteps back to the very beginning shedding light on our biggest problem. He also illustrates how we can have "convergence" in life; where our human and supernatural purposes cross paths. For more information on Vince Miller go to
00:00:00 8/28/2018
Bob Willbanks is the founder of Ambassadors for Business, a non-profit based in Minneapolis which focuses on equipping people to walk with greater purpose and impact in life and at work. In this podcast, you'll hear how Bob has developed a foundational purpose statement which allows him to live a unified life. For more information on Ambassadors for Business, go to
00:00:00 8/21/2018
Jamie Groen, Executive Director of Children of the Promise was changed forever on his first trip to Haiti. His purpose and calling were revealed to him which he now lives-out through his work and family. In this podcast, Jamie explains how his potential was spoken into him at a young age and how we can follow suit. For more information on Children of the Promise, go to
00:00:00 8/13/2018
Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Darling was working for the White House Military Office when 9/11 happened. He then spent the next 24 hours in the President's bunker beneath the White House rubbing shoulders with President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld. In this podcast, Lt. Col Darling recalls personal stories from that infamous day. Also, he sheds light on his purpose and how we all can have greater impact in our lives. For more information on Lt. Col. Darling and his book, "24 Hours Inside the President's Bunker", go to
00:00:00 7/26/2018
Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO of MyPillow struggled with addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine for years dating back to the 1980s. Even after starting MyPillow in 2004, he was a heavy crack user. Today, not only is Mike sober, but he has a thriving business and one of the biggest platforms in the country. Best of all, Mike uses his platform to help people - people that don't have hope, people that are struggling or have struggled with addition just like him. In this podcast, you'll hear Mike talk about his faith and how he lives to impact others. For more information, go to and
00:00:00 6/29/2018
Jay Tornquist had leukemia and was given two months to live. Even with chemotherapy it appeared there was no hope. Jay and his wife, Kathy, decided to stop treatments and pray. Within a week Jay walked out of the hospital with no residual signs of cancer. In part two of this podcast, Jay talks about faith and his purpose. And he give two specific pieces of advice for people that are living "too fast".
00:00:00 6/21/2018
Jay Tornquist had leukemia and was given two months to live. Even with chemotherapy it appeared there was no hope. Jay and his wife, Kathy, decided to stop treatments and pray. Within a week Jay walked out of the hospital with no residual signs of cancer. In part one of this podcast, Jay retraces the events of getting news he had cancer, to lying on his deathbed, to now living a normal, active life as a 60 year-old man. In you are in need of hope, please, listen. Prayer does work. Miracles do happen. Jay Tornquist is a walking testimony this fact.
00:00:00 6/14/2018
Joe Mayers, actor in the one-man dramatic presentation, The Bema Live, which is about a raptured man and his experience before the Judgement Seat of Christ. In this podcast, Joe talks about how his perspective on life and purpose has changed since performing The Bema around the country. He also explains the importance of living life with perspective on eternity and rewards that will last forever. For more information, visit
00:00:00 5/24/2018

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