Revenge of the Jocks with Martellus Bennett

Internet trolls will tell athletes to "stick to sports." But that's not Martellus Bennett's style. Sorry, not sorry. Marty is a Superbowl Champion and 10-year veteran of the game, but over the last few years, his audience has shifted from athletics to the world of art and design. He is a musician, producer, filmmaker, sketch artist, children's author, and social media influencer. Join Martellus and his creative friends as they cover a broad spectrum of topics on what it means to be a creative, activist, and overall culture shaping world changer.


Revenge of the Jocks with Martellus Bennett


This week I sat down with the undefeated heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder. We discussed the importance of visualizing success, following in your brothers footsteps, fatherhood and our constant fight for our people.
01:25:00 11/30/2018

Past Episodes

This week I sit down in The Imagination Agency Studio with one of the people that knows me best....Best Friend Dessie AKA LowDown AKA LD4Sho AKA Dessie Lee Brown Jr. We answered questions from our listeners and discussed starting a business, marriage, relationships, fatherhood and our WHY.
01:46:00 11/28/2018
This week I sit down in The Imagination Agency Studio with the director of Creed II Steven Caple Jr. We discuss the movie making process, the importance of telling meaningful stories, top hood movies and a drug transaction gone bad! NO SPOILERS ALERT
01:19:00 11/21/2018
It's a family affair on this edition of Revenge of the Jocks as we highlight moments from two of the most important people in my life - my brother Michael - and my wife Siggi!
01:11:00 11/14/2018
On this edition of Revenge Of The Jocks - we highlight moments from Pixar Theory author Jon Negroni - media strategist / entrepreneur Ryan Holiday - and Pro Bowl wide receiver Brandon Marshall!
00:58:00 11/7/2018
This week I sit down at The Imagination Agency Studio with the talented TT The Artist. We discuss art, music, bookshelves and the old Kanye.....Pre Cray Ye!
01:21:00 10/31/2018
This week I sit down in with former Pro Bowl Running Back Arian Foster. We discuss his music career under the alias Bobby Feeno, movies, being your true self and Jon Negroni's Pixar Theory!
01:25:00 10/24/2018
This week I sit down at The Imagination Agency Studio with Jordan Harbinger often referred to as "The Larry King of Podcasting." We discuss how not to get kidnapped, the importance of reading and how friends don't like to talk about money.
01:14:00 10/16/2018
This week I sit down in The Imagination Agency Studio with music mogul and entrepreneur Kareem "Biggs" Burke. We discuss Black Excellence, Bridging the Gap, Mentorship, Fashion and of course Roc-Fell-A! It's the Roc in here!!
01:05:00 10/10/2018
This week I sit down at The Imagination Agency Studio with International A-List DJ & Entrepreneur DJ Mick. We discuss music, superheroes, representation and Plan Bs. Yo DJ! Play my song!
01:29:00 10/5/2018
I sit down at The Imagination Agency Studio with Bob's Burgers creator Loren Bouchard. Burgers. Fries. Pitching Shows. Fatherhood. Football. Creativity coming right up. Everything is on the menu. This episode will definitely satisfy your appetite for awesomeness.
01:20:00 9/26/2018
I sit down with New York Times Best Selling Author Mark Leibovich to talk his new book "Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times" as well as politics in sports, Colin Kaepernick, the future of the NFL, creativity and life!
01:25:00 9/19/2018
This week I sit down with Davin Gentry and John Geiger of clothing brand Diet Starts Monday and shoe company Geiger Co to talk about the hustle it takes to build your own fashion company - where the design culture is headed - and what it means for something to actually be cool! As well as deciding what is cool to you and not letting society decide for you.
02:00:00 9/14/2018
As school begins to kick off this fall I thought it would be great to talk about the future of the school system and kids in the classroom. I sit down with Collette Williams Alleyne who has 18 years of experience in alternative and arts education and now serves as the Senior Director of Education at Inner-City Arts here in LA. We discuss raising a creative child and finding your creative voice as well. What's it means to be an encouraging parent that allows your child to explore and being courageous enough to explore the arts with them. Children are the future and we must allow them the space to create this episode touches on those things and many others.
01:43:00 9/5/2018
In this episode I sit down one of the best wide receivers in the game over the last decade and talk about the good old days playing for the Chicago bears, friendships, maturing as men and athletes and the time I almost kick Brandon's ass at practice plus more.
00:48:00 8/29/2018

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