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Finding Bus Stops, Foreman Grill Do's & Don'ts & Night School approaches

The show opens with the controversial news that in a survey of over 75 Thousand Americans, Taco Bell was selected as America's best Mexican restaurant. Rob & Sarah also discuss Rob's upcoming movie 'Night School' with Kevin Hart and Rob explains the process of shooting the movie and how much improv the director allowed. As the guys get into some current events they explore stories including a search for a bus stop gone awry and a misguided naked chef trying to use a George Foreman grill to make cookies who is a front runner for the Turd Awards Top Chef of the Year. As the show wraps up they get into some listener questions of topics ranging from best uniforms, what NFL coaches are on the chopping block and much more! Betonline.ag - Your Online Sportsbook Experts! Use Code PODCAST1 Go to ForHims.com/RIGGLE for all your men's health & wellness needs
00:55:00 9/20/2018

Past Episodes

Rob & Sarah reunite in studio and they open the show with Rob recapping his high school reunion to the best of his hazy abilities. They also discuss Sarah and her boyfriend's housewarming party featuring bed jumping children and publicly urinating adults. Rob recounts his experiences with back to school night, they touch on the tragic passing of Burt Reynolds and Sarah gives Rob the business for drafting Le'Veon Bell early in one of his fantasy leagues. Later they discuss some current events including an NFL Cornerback who claims that with six months training he could make an NHL team, weird coincidences with the name Matt and NFL QBs and the results of the seven new coaches in the NFL after week one. Betonline.ag - Your Online Sportsbook Experts! Use Code PODCAST1 Whole food protein bars with real ingredients, go it RXBAR.com/riggle and enter promo code: Riggle at checkout For 25% off your first month of personalized Care/of vitamins, visit TakeCareOf.com and enter Riggle
00:56:00 9/13/2018
Rob & Sarah are back in studio this week and they recap the past few weeks that they've been on the road for various reasons as well as a recap of their Fantasy Football Draft and some planning for the upcoming American Turd Awards. They also discuss the recent controversy surrounding Colin Kaepernick and his Nike sponsorship and present a suggestion for those who may want to offload their Nike gear. Sarah also updates Rob & Sarah on her recent travels to the state of Georgia where she was able to take in two great sporting events. After exploring some current events and fan questions, the conversation turns to an antique store with an interesting twist and everybody's amazement at how their producer Gary was able to outkick his coverage in the wife department. Visit BetOnline.AG and use promo code Podcast1 Download the SquadQL app at SquadQL.com Play Fantasy Football at NFL.com/RigglesPicks
00:56:00 9/6/2018
Chan is joined by Britt Baron, Tommy Armour IV & Gabriella Sayou live from the premiere of Rob Riggle's Ski Master Academy. Chan and Gabriella also podcast the morning after the premiere from Chan's apartment and, as the show wraps up they take some listener questions.
01:07:00 8/30/2018
LIVE from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - Rob & Sarah hang out with Martellus Bennett (host of Revenge of the Jocks) for the Rams-Texans preseason tailgate party to talk all things football, world travel, philosophy, Martellus' incorrect thoughts on barbecue, martial arts and Sarah and Martellus vehemently disagree on a particular NFL team. Brought you by Hyundai Shopper Assurance. Car buying made easier, it's possible with Hyundai Shopper Assurance. To find out more visit HyundaiUSA.com/ShopperAssurance
00:00:00 8/28/2018
Rob, Sarah and recurring guests Chris Pizzi & Bennett Webber all convene on a Hollywood rooftop for today's episode that coincides with the release of Rob's new Sony Crackle show 'Rob Riggle's Ski Master Academy'. The gang reminisce about their favorite moments from the set of the show before diving in to a recap of the PGA Championship and some trash talk about the upcoming NFL Fantasy Football season. They also discuss why Cracker Barrell doesn't have a presence in California, check in on Travis Kelce in 'Tabs on Travs' and Rob checks in on everyone's experience with something known as 'Rate Calls'.
00:53:00 8/23/2018
Actor and Rob's longtime friend Billy Merritt joins Rob & Sarah for this week's Riggle's Picks and the show opens with Rob and Billy going down memory lane to explore how their longtime friendship came to be. The conversation then turns to the future and next week's premiere of 'Rob Riggle's Ski Master Academy' (available to stream free on Sony Crackle) in which Billy has a prominent role. When the conversation turns to sports we discover an unfortunate in studio rivalry that almost rips the show apart. The gang also discuss some recent viral videos including a baseball player suggesting that an umpire return to his home, some shenanigans at Disney World and as the show wraps up, some listener questions where we learn that Rob is back on his bullshit.
00:55:00 8/16/2018
Freak & Geek, Inglorious Bastard and the all around hilarious Samm Levine joins Rob & Sarah for this week's podcast as we dive into a discussion about some of Samm's recent work including his co-hosting gig with Kevin Pollak. The conversation then turns to the world of sports with some review of how everyone's favorite baseball teams are doing at this point in the season as well as everyone's feelings on Terrell Owens skipping his NFL Hall of Fame induction. After checking in with a sports betting expert from Betonline.ag (use promo code Podcast1) they explore some loopy behavior from Jim Harbaugh, craziness out of Florida and more.
01:00:00 8/9/2018
Comic and actor Erik Griffin joins Rob and Sarah in studio and they discuss Erik's latest Showtime comedy special as well as his long standing love of the LA Clippers. They also go over Sarah's recent surprise trip that she took her boyfriend Chris on to New Mexico in celebration of his birthday. Rob also talks about his recent lake front vacation and how it led to a slightly new look on his part. After some NFL rookie talk featuring Sam Darnold & Baker Mayfield and a bizarre story about a shark theft in Texas, they turn to fan questions including some Workaholics reminiscing with Erik and more.
01:00:00 8/2/2018
Sarah Tiana and her boyfriend Chris Brockman are driving the ship for today's episode recorded live from their LA home. After speculating wildly as to Rob's whereabouts they discuss the unspoken rules amongst sportscasters, they dive into the world of sports and what's hot in sports news. They discuss the fast approaching football season and reflects on the currently evolving Major League Baseball season including the success of their beloved Red Sox & Braves and Chris' trip to the MLB All-Star Game. They also discuss and debate the best musical front man of all time and welcome Vince Carter to an Atlanta Hawks team where there is a player who has been alive fewer years than Vince has been in the NBA.
01:03:00 7/26/2018
With Rob away disciplining his children (probably) Sarah is joined by friend of the show and television producer Chris Pizzi and they talk about the recent MLB Home Run Derby and Sarah's experience with Cryotherapy. They also discuss Sarah's recent work on the forthcoming Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis, the intricacies of the Die Hard movie franchise and Chan's extensive history with law enforcement. As the show wraps up we explore a bear that just wants to live the good life and have a cocktail and the universally revered movies that each person in the room has yet to see.
01:10:00 7/19/2018
Rob, Chan & Bennett Webber are back in studio for this week's podcast and the open with some wild speculation about where Sarah Tiana is this week before turning their attention to Bennett's current work writing on next week's ESPY Awards. We also get into some Kansas City Royals news, an update on the evolving World Cup and Bennett's Angry Movie Reviews returns with a critique of Solo. They also take some listener questions on topics including the merits of college football vs the NFL, the outcome of a fight between Jesus & Superman, and more.
00:51:19 7/12/2018
Rob and Chan are live from the Bahamas this week as they record an episode in pieces while they are shooting an upcoming show for Shark Week with Shaquille O'Neal. As the show opens up Rob & Chan reflect on some of the shooting they've already done in shark tanks and look forward to the coming days where they will be swimming with the sharks in the ocean. They also take a moment to reflect on and discuss the huge LAbron news and what it means for the NBA as a whole. Rob also reports from Stuart's Cove with Austin Gallagher from the non-profit Beneath The Waves which works to study & preserve sharks. As the show wraps up Chan and Rob give a recap of all the craziness they experienced and how excited the fans of Shark Week should be, especially as they tease some 'Shark Week History' that was made. At the tail end of the podcast 'Sharkquille' makes a quick appearance!
00:50:19 7/5/2018
While Rob is away Sarah is joined by the very funny Bennett Webber and they explore some of the recent news from the NBA awards including Bill Russell's obscene gesture towards Charles Barkley, James Harden's MVP win and more. They also discuss ESPN's 10th edition of the Body Issue and Greg Norman's confusing appearance therein. After some updates on the current events of the day including some shenanigans from the Philly Phanatic, Bennett dives in to this week's movie review featuring Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.
01:03:26 6/28/2018
Rob & Sarah are reunited in studio today and they open up the show catching up on their great time at The Big Slick, from which we heard some clips last week. They also give an update on the world of sports including the recently passed U.S. Open and the changes that have occurred in the modern day golfers' physique. Later they recap some of the crazy events from the early stages of the ongoing FIFA World Cup as well as some stories from beyond the world of sports including a drug user who was looking for a quality check and a woman who ended up on the unfortunate side of an encounter with a python. As the show wraps up they take a few of your listener questions on topics from favorite childhood toys to the merits of skateboards vs. roller blades and more.
01:02:25 6/21/2018

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