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Selfie Made: The Podcast is a weekly show for the aspiring social media influencer and pop culture vulture looking to stay ahead of internet trends. We're giving you all the tips and tricks you need to take your social media career all the way. Learn from our guests, the biggest social stars in the world, get inspired, and get Selfie Made!


Selfie Made

All About The Conrique's: with Dylan and Caden Conrique

Teen influencer siblings Dylan Conrique and Caden Conrique discuss moving to Los Angeles, their roles on Chicken Girls, what's it's like having an internet famous sibling, and of course some of their top tips to get ahead on social!
00:28:58 2/8/2019

Past Episodes

Denzel tells us what vid to post this week and how he continues to stay on top. And sisters Bailee and Kaitlin discuss acting alongside heavyweights like Charlize Theron and Katie Holmes, being entrepreneurs, Bailee's new book and clothing line, and their podcast "Just Between Us". And of course how social helps them connect.
00:41:13 2/1/2019
From the set of the I am #selfiemade Campaign Meridith speaks to Chicken Girls Star Brooke Butler about how she got started and broke through, her tips and tricks, and how her mom urged her to start on social. Also Meridith answers your dear selfies!
00:27:58 1/25/2019
UK music duo, Max & Harvey, talk about their upcoming tour dates, new music, balancing school, and they teach us how to master the British accent! Plus, another amazing Dear Selfie from you - the fans!
00:38:29 1/18/2019
The stars of 'The Dark Realm' on Tigerbeat, the D'Ambrosio Twins, dish about working with Hayden Summerall and Brooke Butler, and discuss their anti-bullying work with Boo2Bullying. And actress Emily Skinner spills about working with Ariana Grande on 'Sam And Cat' and her new duet with Lilia Buckingham!
00:41:18 1/10/2019
Hear Hawaiian actor Matt Sato, from Chicken Girls and Hawaii Five-O discuss having to kiss on camera, how he uses Instagram and YouTube, and what it's like playing Robby on Chicken Girls. And sisters Rihanna and Coco Quinn from Mani on Brat stopped by the studio!
00:31:46 1/3/2019
Actress, dancer, and singer Lilia Buckingham stops by to chat about her show "Dirt" on Brat, how she met Maddie & Kenzie, and her new duet with Emily Skinner.
00:37:10 12/27/2018
Creator of the viral dance craze the 'floss', Russel Horning aka Backpack Kid, discusses his whirlwind rise to fame and his debut E.P. "Swagback Kid" featuring his single "Drip On Boat". Swagpack Kid is out today, December 19th - and singer Alabama Luella Barker talks about her single "Heartbreaker", the accompanying music video featuring Hayden Summerall, and growing up Barker. Mads delivers the news PLUS a brand new 'Dear Selfie' explaining how you can make your own merch!
00:32:44 12/19/2018
YouTube superstar RCLBeauty101 (Rachel Levin) discusses having over 3 Billion views, secretly dropping out of college, and offers her tips and tricks for gaining a following on arguably the toughest of platforms. 'Bumblebee' and 'Diary Of A Wimpy Kid' star Jason Drucker dishes on the recent Transformers premiere and shares how he launched his acting career -- with Mads Lewis on News and another Dear Selfie!
00:39:45 12/13/2018
Comedian and Influencer Rickey Thompson joins Meridith and Mads to talk about making the jump from Vine to YouTube and Instagram, his fashion show debut, balancing fashion and humor, his own clothing line, and his addiction to making videos. Plus, Mads has the news!
00:27:54 12/6/2018
Bravo star turned entrepreneur Kim Zolciak Biermann ('Real Housewives Of Atlanta', 'Don't Be Tardy') and her daughter Brielle talk online trolls, translating tv fame to social media, and staying true to yourself - and Kendall Schmidt, former Nickelodeon star of Big Time Rush and lead singer of Heffron Drive, discusses his new music, the pitfalls of 'doing it for the gram', and finding happiness after teen stardom.
00:49:35 11/29/2018

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