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Purple Daily: Is Kirk Cousins trying too hard?

*Can Zion Williamson play football? *Is Kirk Cousins trying too hard? *Jenna Laine of ESPN talks Bruce Arians and Kyler Murray *Big decision coming for the Vikings on Everson Griffen
00:00:00 2/14/2019

Past Episodes

*Judd, Coller & Dave Campbell of AP debate craziest Vikings seasons *What's the best landing spot for Teddy Bridgewater?
00:00:00 2/13/2019
Judd Zulgad and Ramie Makhlouf talk about Kirk Cousins and more on what the Vikings need to do to improve around him. Also, with Joe Flacco reportedly on the move to the Denver Broncos, what does this mean for Case Keenum's future?
00:00:00 2/12/2019
Manny has his Top 8 or 9 things list of his favorite multi-sport athletes. Then Coller and Cronin speculate on where some of the top free agent quarterbacks could end up, and what would be the ideal situations for them. Also, what should the Vikings do about finding a 3rd wide receiver?
00:00:00 2/11/2019
Matthew Coller and Courtney Cronin discuss more on the Vikings offensive line situation. Would moving Riley Reiff to guard make sense? Also, Mike Rothstein of ESPN joins to recap the first weekend of the AAF. Later, how much sense would Kyler Murray to the Vikings make?
00:00:00 2/11/2019
Kyler Murray has announced that he will pursue a full-time career as an NFL QB. Ramie Makhlouf and Judd Zulgad pose the question: Should the Vikings draft Murray if he's available at 18? Also, Terrell Davis said on NFL Network that the Vikings should bring back Adrian Peterson. Later, Judd gives his takeaways from week one of the AAF, and has one idea of how to make it better.
00:00:00 2/10/2019
Purple Daily is live from the Minnesota Golf show with Ramie Makhlouf and Manny Hill and wonder what to do with Anthony Barr and Everson Griffen contracts; should the Vikings consider trading Xavier Rhodes; Max Kellerman suggesting Minnesota trading for Nick Foles and much more on the latest Purple Daily.
00:00:00 2/7/2019
Ramie Makhlouf and Manny Hill are at the Choice Bank Minnesota Golf Show and discuss more on the Vikings offseason and some big decisions the team needs to make. Should Anthony Barr be brought back? Also, should the Vikings explore trading Xavier Rhodes?
00:00:00 2/7/2019
Matthew Coller and Judd Zulgad discuss Kirk Cousins and wonder if Cousins, even though the numbers were good in 2018, can be better at elevating the players around him to take the Vikings to the next level. Is that what separates him from the upper echelon quarterbacks in the NFL?
00:00:00 2/6/2019
Judd Zulgad and Ramie Makhlouf have the State of the Vikings as the 2019 offseason looms. Judd is positive and optimistic about the Vikings in 2019 and tells you why the Vikings are primed for a bounce back year.
00:00:00 2/5/2019
Hour 1: The Star Tribune's Andrew Krammer joins Matthew Coller in studio to discuss the Vikings offseason. Could Riley Reiff be moving to a new position? Where else can Minnesota improve up front, and who will be back in other areas on the team? Also, what is going to happen with the Packers this offseason?
00:00:00 2/4/2019

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