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Raised by Wolves

Zach Harper on the rumors in Free Agency

*Danny, Ramie and Manny have more reckless speculation on the Wolves and the rest of the NBA in free agency; *Zach Harper of The Athletic with his thoughts on next week's NBA free agency bonanza *Write That Down predictions: Where do the guys think the top free agents are headed?
00:00:00 6/25/2019

Past Episodes

*What should we expect to see from the Wolves in Free Agency? Will they be as active as we think? Danny Cunningham and Manny Hill discuss that and more. *Where does Kyrie Irving land? Manny says Brooklyn is a better spot for Kevin Durant than the Knicks. *Where could the next tier of free agents go after the top tier guys are signed?
00:00:00 6/24/2019
*Danny and Manny react to the Wolves taking Jarett Culver. How shocking was it that they passed on Coby White? *What are the Suns doing?; Danny and Manny on the other moves made on draft night *Doogie joins with thoughts on the Culver pick, and what else could be in store for the Wolves this summer
00:00:00 6/20/2019
Danny Cunningham, Dane Moore and Manny Hill speculate more on what the Wolves will try to do in the NBA Draft *If Minnesota moves up, is Vanderbilt's Darius Garland the target? *Dane has thoughts on what the Wolves' needs are heading into the draft and free agency *Does the Anthony Davis trade make the Lakers the front runners for the NBA Title next season?
00:00:00 6/19/2019
*Ramie Makhlouf and Manny Hill are in studio, with Danny Cunningham at Target Center, and they react to the Timberwolves selection of Texas Tech's Jarrett Culver with the 6th pick after trading Dario Saric and the 11th pick to Phoenix
00:00:00 6/19/2019
*Doogie joins Danny and Manny with thoughts on what the Wolves will do in Tomorrow's draft *What players that could realistically be available at 11 intrigue Danny and Manny the most? *The Jazz have traded for Mike Conley; Are they a championship contender now?
00:00:00 6/18/2019
*Reid Forgrave of CBS Sports joins Danny and Manny on SKOR North Live to discuss what the Wolves could do with the 11th pick the draft.
00:00:00 6/17/2019
*Danny & Dane talk more about the NBA Finals and also speculate on the NBA Offseason; *Would the Warriors still be the front runners next year without KD? *What would the Lakers odds be if they landed Anthony Davis? *Who does Dane like for the Wolves to draft with the 11th pick next week?
00:00:00 6/12/2019
*Who's to blame for the Kevin Durant injury? Danny, Ramie & Manny debate *Will KD's injury impact the NBA offseason? *Will the Raptors close out the Warriors in game 6? *Danny runs a Mock Draft picks 1 thru 10
00:00:00 6/11/2019
*Danny and Manny discuss 4 potential draft night scenarios for the Wolves - What if Coby White falls to them at 11? - Could they roll the dice on a Kevin Porter Jr.? - Why they could reach for Tyler Herro - Can Sekou Doumbouya be the next Siakam?
00:00:00 6/9/2019
Minnesota Sports Rewind is brand new and available anywhere you find podcasts. Subscribe, please! On this episode: Phil Mackey, Jon Krawczynski (The Athletic), Manny Hill and Danny Cunningham discuss Kevin Love's 30 and 30 game from Nov. 12, 2010. They also dive into the gritty details of the David Kahn era of Wolves history. Please give us a 5-star rating and help spread the word!
00:00:00 6/5/2019
*The Wolves have made yet another hire, as they've added David Vanterpool as Ryan Saunders' lead assistant coach *Dane addresses the D'Angelo Russell rumors: "That's what a diligent front office does..." *More talk on the NBA Finals and the Warriors injuries
00:00:00 6/5/2019
*Can the Wolves pull off a deal to get D'Angelo Russell? Ramie, Danny & Manny speculate *Derrick Rose offers his perspective on his time with the Wolves in his new book coming out later this year. Who's to blame for what happened with Jimmy Butler & Thibs? *NBA Finals talk; The Warriors are short-handed going into game 3, but Ramie still isn't doubting them.
00:00:00 6/4/2019
*Danny Cunningham & Manny Hill go through their first mock draft with the NBA Draft just a couple of weeks away *Who does Danny have the Wolves taking at 11? Also, Danny and Manny are both intrigued by the same prospect who could be taken later than the Wolves pick.
00:00:00 6/2/2019
*Danny, Manny and Dane discuss the two hirings the Wolves made this week of Sachin Gupta and Gianluca Pascucci to their front office *Later, what's next for the Milwaukee Bucks after being ousted in the conference finals? *Examining the NBA Finals an whether or not the Raptors have a chance against Golden State.
00:00:00 5/29/2019

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