Small Talk

Michelle Smallmon hosts Small Talk, a weekly conversation for its own sake.


Adnan Virk and Dating Advice

FreezePops needs advice in the romance department, and wonders which emojis are acceptable to send to someone you're vibing with? Plus, we discuss the PGA Championship, and rank the sharks from Shark Tank. Also, Adnan Virk joins the pod to talk all things movies.
01:10:19 8/16/2018

Past Episodes

Stories? The Post Show Pod Squad has stories. We're talking seeing Post Malone out in public, the weirdest places we've fallen asleep drunk, and what annoys us most about one another.
00:55:35 8/9/2018
The Post Show Pod Squad goes all over the map in this one ... with a review of Very Cavallari, discussion over the hottest guys in the NFL, and tales from Ceruti's bachelor party.
00:55:39 7/26/2018
What image are you sending with your email sign-off? We discuss that, and the Cardinals firing Mike Matheny. Plus, ESPN's Mike Golic Jr. gives us a scouting report on the Detroit airport, and reveals his hottest takes of all-time.
00:55:36 7/15/2018
Ceruti and TommyFreezePops join the pod to give an updated Cool, No One Cares Power Rankings.
00:53:15 7/4/2018
Why haven't men's purses become the norm? Would you want to know the date of your death? We break both down during Three Random Things. Also, ESPN Soccer Analyst Taylor Twellman joins the pod to discuss the Germany's elimination from the World Cup, Messi's legacy, and the state of US soccer. Plus, he gives an epic rant on St. Louis, and rates soccer fashion in a game of "Red Card, Yellow Card, Goal"
00:59:56 6/27/2018
The Post Show Pod Squad convenes for an emergency podcast after Ceruti visits a gypsy. Plus, they discuss IHOP's bold new marketing campaign, and how to end each podcast.
00:40:19 6/13/2018
Michelle Smallmon gives a personal tribute to the life of Anthony Bourdain, plus Hot Ones host Sean Evans on eating crazy hot chicken wings with celebrities, what it takes to put together the show on a weekly basis, and if girls wearing overalls are hot.
00:50:50 6/10/2018
The Post Show Pod Squad breaks down the Brian Colangelo Twitter scandal, the Drake/Pusha T rap beef and talk who they hate follow on social media.
00:49:02 5/30/2018
Is the way someone dips a chip a window into their soul? We break it down plus ESPN's Jorge Sedano joins the pod to talk about the greatness of LeBron James, Pitbull's facial hair and his short stint in Reality TV.
00:59:33 5/29/2018
How much is too much to spend on a pillow? Is La Croix overplayed? We tackle those burning questions, plus the Post Show Pod Squad talks underrated TV shows and answers your questions.
00:47:25 5/16/2018

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