So Random with Corinne Olympios

Making her initial splash on the "The Bachelor" & forging a name for herself in the fashion world, the always quirky Corinne Olympios aka 'Corn,' is now bringing you your weekly dose of filter-less, pee-in-your-pants banter! Join Corinne every week, as she talks to her favorite people in the entertainment industry, fashion & comedy worlds, and anywhere else she has made friends. You can also expect a dose of sporadic acapella's, stories about life, the funny, the good, the bad & even the ugly & embarrassing, along with some updates on her chow chow Mookie. Join the girl who says pickles bring her the happiness that no man ever will!


Corrine's Mom!

Ever wonder where Corrine gets her fun personality? Her Mom of course! Corrine sits down for a chat with Mom! Quirky embarrassing stories and all you'll find out what life what Corrine was like as a little girl growing up in a fun, loving, and a little crazy family! Oh and you'll never guess what happened to Corrine at Coachella? Listen and find out the randomness that happend in this weeks podcast.
00:37:00 4/19/2018

Past Episodes

Corrine chats with leading beauty expert and social media star Eman. Her popular makeup tutorials and styling videos that have racked up more than 56,000,000 views on YouTube, with more than 650,000 fans subscribed to her channel. Corrine and bestie/sister Taylor bare it all and ask every question you've wanted to know from foundation to finishing. You'll learn about the hottest cosmetic products and techniques that you can use today to get that amazing look!
41:00:00 4/12/2018
Corrine sits down with PodcastOne host and star of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules Scheana Shay for a random chat. In this episode you'll get the relationship scoop on who Scheana is dating now. Whats life really like on Vanderpump Rules and more. From reality tv show gossip to the crazy story of the first time Scheana met Corrine ... this is definitely an episode you won't want to miss!
00:35:00 4/5/2018
Corrine chats with her sister Taylor Olympios! She's home for the holidays and back with her favorite people... her family! Spend some time with the girls as they share stories of family, life and more!!!
00:37:00 3/29/2018
What is it like to manage Corrine Olympios? Corrine chats with the man who keeps track of all her randomness! Her manager Mark Finley. Listen as they reveal some funny, quirky and intimate details of Corrine's life. You won't want to miss this episode!
00:50:00 3/22/2018
In this episode join Corrine on the road in Mexico. Listen to her random Spring Break adventures and join her on vacay South of the border.
00:22:00 3/15/2018
It's Bachelor Finale Recap time! Corrine sits down with PodcastOne host of the 'Lady Gang' Jac Vanek to talk about the explosive Bachelor finale. Did Arie make the right decision? Plus find out what the new Bachelorette Becca is thinking? Corrine and Jac dish on juicy behind the scenes gossip, entertainment, favorite cartoons and more randomness!
00:25:00 3/8/2018
Corrine talks with Brytni Sarpy! The randomness continues! Listen as they dish about life on General Hospital. How did Brytni break into the industry to find tv success and 3 random questions from Corrine! Anything can happen on So Random! Download today!
00:32:00 3/1/2018
Corinne introduces a special preview episode of Podcast Ones newest host from tv's the Bachelorette. 'Bigger Talks' with Eric Bigger. Eric is joined this week by fellow PodcastOne host Corinne Olympios for a fun and enlightening conversation about confidence, relationships, being too nice and being true to yourself.
00:50:00 2/23/2018
Corrine sits down to dish with Lola and Nicole. Creators of the wildly popular Instagram meme account @MyTherapistSays. How did their page blow up to become one of Instagram's fastest growing accounts? Plus get more randomness! Find out which one of Corrine's guests dated Nick from the Bachelor? Learn about Corrine's obsession with Sponge Bob ... Corrine's parent's drop by and more!
00:38:00 2/22/2018
Corrine is joined by Podcast One host and Season 13 Bachelorette contestant Eric Bigger plus Clevver's own bachelor "after show" host Joslyn Davis. Listen to this action packed show as they recap Monday's Bachelor episode with juicy behind the scenes insight. Plus Corrine's relationship gossip and learn about her absolute favorite food!
00:58:00 2/15/2018

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