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Making her initial splash on the "The Bachelor" & forging a name for herself in the fashion world, the always quirky Corinne Olympios aka 'Corn,' is now bringing you your weekly dose of filter-less, pee-in-your-pants banter! Join Corinne every week, as she talks to her favorite people in the entertainment industry, fashion & comedy worlds, and anywhere else she has made friends. You can also expect a dose of sporadic acapella's, stories about life, the funny, the good, the bad & even the ugly & embarrassing, along with some updates on her chow chow Mookie. Join the girl who says pickles bring her the happiness that no man ever will!


Chilling with Brytni Sarpy + Corinne gets a Natal Chart Reading

Corinne welcomes her friend and actress Brytni Sarpy back to the show. Listen as they chat over coffee and talk about Brytni's latest projects Truth or Dare on Netflix ,Karma, and General Hospital. Listen as Corinne learns about crystals and energy plus Corinne gets her natal chart reading live on the show. A Natal chart reading is an in depth idea of your personal characteristics and how the worlds energy affects you. Corinne finds out if she is compatible with her boyfriend Jon, asks her 3 random questions, and so much more.
00:34:08 9/27/2018

Past Episodes

Corinne is back with her manager Mark and they have so much to talk about! Corinne's boyfriend John met the parents for the first time. Plus the talk Food. Why they love hamburgers so much and who serves the best one. Mark talks about teaching his young son about golf. Corrine shares all of the crazy foods she loves from tomato sandwiches to cheese pasta. The randomness continues with Corinne's slumber party memories, hilarious peeing in a cup stories, and first loves. Plus the tables are turned as Mark asks Corinne 3 random questions!
00:00:00 9/20/2018
Ready for a good Dad story? Corinne is back with her family series joined by her Dad. Corinne talks to her Dad about his favorite hobbies which include an amazing fishing trip where he got stuck in the treacherous everglades. Listen to his hilarious story of losing a tire while vacationing and driving in Ireland, and hear the wonderful story of Corinne's parents first meeting. The stories keep coming in funny episode. Plus Corinne talks about her new fashion business ventures!
00:49:23 9/13/2018
Corinne talks to Bachelor in Paradise star Amanda Stanton. Amanda talks about enjoying family life with her daughters Charlie and Kinsley and boyfriend. Plus Corinne and Amanda talk instagram haters. Amanda addresses the recent twitter attacks on her from current Bachelor in Paradise contestant Leo Dottavio and Corinne's 3 random questions.
00:36:09 8/30/2018
Corinne sits down with Claudia Oshry from the The Morning Toast to talk about Corinne's new cosmetic line, the bachelor, and so much more. Was Corinne's time on the bachelor the last good season in the franchise? They answer that question plus the pair talk about Corinne's transition out of reality TV to her new exciting career ventures, the Kardashian's, cosmetic surgery, social media followers, and more random fun!
00:36:25 8/23/2018
Corinne sits down for a fun chat with Wesley Stromberg, member of the pop trio Emblem 3. Wesley talks about his new transition as a solo artist and some of the challenges he faces. You'll literally hear how he got started in the music business on the X-factor tv show as Corinne listens to his audition live. From Corinne's favorite burger to Wesley's favorite cartoon they cover it all in this exciting episode.
00:31:40 8/16/2018
Corinne sits down for a fun and intimate conversation with her boyfriend Jon. Learn all about this cute couple. Corinne shares her funny story of Johns birthday and listen as she puts her man on the spot to find out if his friends like her. From Basketball and vacations to favorite foods and farting in front of each other, these two put it all out there.
00:22:00 8/9/2018
Corinne is joined by fashion blogger from @WeWoreWhat Danielle Bernstein. They discuss how Danielle started her amazing company taking pictures of students at FIT New York and how she has continued to expand her incredible brand WeWoreWhat. Danielle takes you behind the scenes of fashion week, Corinne talks about traveling with the Bachelor tv program, and hear the latest news on Corinnes new Lipstick line.
00:34:13 8/2/2018
Join Corinne and cousin Marley for an unforgettable conversation. The two share hilarious stories of growing up together, from her adorable Grandparents to learning about Corinnes funny childhood. Plus they talk Kardashians. Does Kendall Jenner deserve the self made title? And Corinne gives you the truth behind her appearance on the controversial Sacha Baron Cohen Showtime series Who is America.
00:29:00 7/26/2018
Corinne and her best friend sister Taylor officially announce her new cosmetic lipstick line at @platinumbeautyshop. She's giving you all of the exciting details plus learn how you can get a special giveaway by using the hashtag #puckeruprandom for a special treat.
00:18:13 7/19/2018
Corinne is joined by social media star Jackie O from The Morning Toast. Join the conversation as they chat about Bachelor gossip, cosmetic trends, and Corinne's big exciting announcement will have you on the edge of your seat. What could it be?
00:45:00 7/12/2018

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