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Sharon Robinson (Seg #2) 8-26-18

Sharon Robinson is the daughter of baseball legend Jackie Robinson. Sharon is an educational consultant for Major League Baseball. In her role with MLB, Sharon oversees Breaking Barriers: In Sports, In Life. Breaking Barriers is a national character education program designed to empower students with strategies to help them face obstacles in their lives. While on the air, Ms. Robinson spoke about her latest young adult novel, Slam Dunk. She says that readers will identify with the book's main character, Jumper, who struggles to balance sports and academics, and new and old friendships, all in his first year of middle-school. She also gave clear examples of how parents can engage youngsters in reading.
00:26:23 8/28/2018

Past Episodes

KJ Dell'Antonia, Author, How To Be A Happier Parent: Raising a Family, Having a Life, and Loving (Almost) Every Minute. As a mom of four and a beloved parenting writer at the New York Times, KJ Dell'Antonia found herself asking the question that plagues most modern parents at some point in our lives: Why does this have to suck so much? In her hopeful, solution-packed book, HOW TO BE A HAPPIER PARENT, KJ draws on interviews and research, including her own, to offer not just an answer to that question (it's not all our fault), but ideas parents can use to shift their family lives away from the stress and towards the joy we hoped we'd find. Unlike so many anxiety-inducing parenting books on the market, HOW TO BE A HAPPIER PARENT does not demand that parents add more to their already busy lives. Instead, it focuses on improving problem spots and savoring the lovely modern lives we already live.
00:11:59 8/28/2018
The Sickle Cell Alliance Foundation is holding its 3rd Annual 5K walk on September 9, 2018. For more information
00:20:32 8/28/2018
Major Klenk joins us to discuss the role The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Services and all the ways The Salvation Army assists with first responders, hurricanes and disasters. Major Robert Klenk was ordained an officer in The Salvation Army in 1986. He has served the organization in various parts of the eastern United States. Currently he is the Divisional Secretary for the Southwest Ohio/Northeast Kentucky Division. In that role, he is responsible for oversight of property matters and Emergency Disaster Services in the region.
00:14:36 8/12/2018
Sam Landis, Homeless for 20 years and Bruce. Bruce performed a random act of kindness that changed Sam's life forever. They share their incredible journey.
00:10:26 8/12/2018
Sergeant Eric E. Franz, Cincinnati Police Department, Public Information Office, Social Media Administrator and Carol Smith, President, Roselawn Community Council. National Night Out, Tuesday August 7th. Help build a stronger, safer community by helping to improve police/community relations.
00:00:00 8/12/2018
Dr. Gary Chapman, Author, Now What? and Profit Sharing. Dr. Chapman is a best-selling author, an internationally-known speaker and marriage counselor who has counseled hundreds of couples during the past thirty years. Dr. Chapman joined Sunday Morning Magazine to talk about his two newest books. Now What? answers the question, how do we keep our marriage alive now that the children have arrived? While on the show he offered realistic advice on making marriage a priority, taking control of your schedules, taking control of your money, learning to effectively discipline your children, and discovering the key to intimacy. In the book Profit Sharing, Chapman provides guidelines for making money an asset in marriage. From the book, Chapman explained when to discuss money, how much money couples should save and how to make the most of the money you have to live a fulfilling life.
00:23:22 8/12/2018
Kat Schilling, Kat has turned her personal heartache into a way to serve others. She joins Sunday Morning Magazine to share her story.
00:15:46 8/12/2018
Tracie Martin - Founder of Pink Ribbon Girls, Pink House Party at Homearama 2018. Our organization was founded by breast cancer survivors who have a passion for supporting and empowering others who are currently in the fight against breast and gynecological cancers. We don't want to just TALK about cancer, we want to TAKE ON cancer. We are here to make the burden lighter. We strive to balance the fear and uncertainty that breast and gynecological cancers bring to individuals and families by providing FREE direct services of healthy meals, housecleaning, rides to treatment, and peer support to our clients, to ensure that No One Travels This Road Alone...?
00:16:52 8/12/2018
Suzette Combs explained on-air that Gen-1 is a groundbreaking program that is the nation's first living and learning community to focus on first-generation college students. She says the program promotes successful transition into college life and works on retention, and degree completion by helping students attain their academic, personal, and social goals. Dianiesha, who is the first person in her family to attend college, spoke about her experience in the Gen-1 program.
00:17:22 8/12/2018
Kathy P., Kathy joins the show to share her live-saving random act of kindness. Her selfless act started a chain reaction that ultimately saved the lives of four other people.
00:19:40 8/12/2018

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