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6/24 Hr1: Unwritten rules, Iceland, and disappointment in Phil

Korzo opens the show discussing the Twins' seemingly unending focus on the unwritten rules. We then discuss a couple of players with off-field issues and how they're being handled. Tom Linnemann joins to discuss his trip to Iceland and watching the World Cup there as well as his thoughts on Kirk Cousins and the Vikings. Korzo ends the hour discussing his disappointment in Phil this week.
00:47:11 6/23/2018

Past Episodes

Korzo opens the final hour discussing how the draft was par for the course for Thibs before discussing a possible change to basketball that would almost certainly be great for the game. We then discuss Iranian soccer and the meaning sports has for some people. Batting Cleanup wraps the show.
00:43:56 6/23/2018
Hour two of the show we begin by discussing how the Twins have a win-win in sending Sano down to Single-A before discussing the NCAA making a needed change but how it's also not enough. We then discuss Fox's broadcasting of the World Cup and the US Open. Batting Cleanup and a quick leaderboard update wrap the show.
00:46:59 6/16/2018
Korzo opens the show discussing how Phil was right and once again the USGA screw up the US Open as well as how well Caddyshack represents real life. We finish the hour discussing NBA free agency and how $44m isn't enough for Kawhi.
00:47:16 6/16/2018
Korzo opens the second hour discussing the Twins slogging through the summer with young talent struggling. We then talk about Justified winning the Triple Crown and how our young sports memories stick with us more so than our adult sports memories. Then some uncomfortable sports topics get discussed before Batting Cleanup wraps the show.
00:45:13 6/9/2018
Korzo opens the show discussing Golden State's greatness, speculating where LeBron will go next, and how it's been a great 50 years for Bay Area sports fans. We also discuss the false narratives we place on superstars.
00:46:51 6/9/2018
Korzo opens today show talking all things JR Smith and how he dreams of golfing with him one day. We then discuss that blunder in Game 1 and whether something is wrong with Golden State this year. We close the hour talking about a now former Gopher rowing away from the program after just a couple months.
00:49:19 6/2/2018
Korzo opens the second discussing the Gopher baseball teams late night win and their run this year. We then move on to discussing maybe Tigers best ball striking of his career being paired up, unfortunately, with some pretty gross putting. A quick Twins talker before Batting Cleanup wraps the hour.
00:48:28 6/2/2018
With the Eastern Conference Finals Game 7 taking place tonight Korzo opens the show discussing LeBron and Michael and how they're different and equally great. Korzo then mentions another person who's comover to his side on the Wolves and he finishes the hour discussing how Mark Dayton and the Minnesota Legislature are Thibs.
00:46:00 5/26/2018
Korzo opens the second hour discussing THAT debate, thanks NFL... We then discuss the Twins' mounting issues before moving onto a baseball team doing well in this town, Gophers baseball. Batting Cleanup and the Golden Knights close the show.
00:45:58 5/26/2018
Korzo opens the hour discussing how legalized sports gambling is going to change sports. We discuss the importance of Joe Mauer and how the Twins are already missing him. Korzo gets a little hyped about the Lynx/Sparks season opener this afternoon. Batting Cleanup and some Twitter cleanup close the show.
00:46:04 5/19/2018

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