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9/2 Hr 2: The end is here

It's the final hour of Sunday Morning Sports Talk and we spend it discussing PJ Fleck and the Gophers, (of course) Thibs, and the Green TV.
00:00:00 9/1/2018

Past Episodes

We have some fun on the last edition of Sunday Morning Sports Talk talking Vikings roster cuts, the NFL, and making NFL picks with Tom Linneman.
00:00:00 9/1/2018
Korzo opens the show discussing high school reunions before diving into Little League joining the IOC, NCAA, & FIFA. We close the hour talking about Urban Meyer situation as well as the boxing that, sort-of, took place Friday at the Armory.
00:46:00 8/25/2018
Korzo opens the second hour with an ode to John McCain. We then talk about the Vikings lack of a kicking game as well as the Gopher's lack of a QB game for, well, much of their history, good luck Zack Annexstad... Batting Cleanup wraps up the penultimate Sunday Sports Talk.
00:00:00 8/25/2018
Matthew Coller joins to kickoff the second hour as we discuss yesterday Vikings/Jags preseason game. Korzo then discusses the fact that he was right, them wrong, and now right again about Tiger Woods and his return. Before we get to Batting Cleanup we talk about Lindsay Whalen retiring as well as an interesting bit of news regarding Steph Curry and the Wolves.
00:47:00 8/18/2018
We open the show discussing the rather lackluster Vikings game from yesterday and the NFL Rules changes. Korzo then discusses Jalen Ramsey's comments from his GQ article. We close the hour discussing Keith Hernandez's comments about hitting a batter.
00:47:00 8/18/2018
Joe and Craig are joined by TPC Twin Cities Director of Golf Alan Cull to discuss all the changes coming to the course in anticipation of next years 3M Open.
00:46:00 8/4/2018
Joe & Craig are back for their final show of the weekend at the final 3M Championship. The guys are talking all things golf with Hollis Cavner discussing the final 3m Championship as well as the upcoming 3M Open.
00:46:00 8/4/2018
We open the second hour joined by's Matthew Coller to talk all things Vikings as we're into the first weekend of Training Camp. Korzo then gets suspicious about Tom Brady. Then we take a listen to a controversial song from the 90's. Batting Cleanup closes us out for the day.
00:46:00 7/28/2018
We spend much of the first hour today discussing the baseball starting with the Twins making deals sending players away. We then discuss the Twins' history at the deadline as both buyers and sellers. Jack Morris is going into the Hall of Fame so we talk about whether '91 got him in. (Hint: yes). We close the hour, of course, comparing Kevin Love and Andrew Wiggins and whether we'd make the trade again.
00:44:00 7/28/2018
Korzo opens the second hour discussing Vikings fans' trying to find reasons to already criticize Kirk Cousins. What should the Twins do about Joe Mauer in this the final year of his contract. Korzo talks about Tiger being back in contention. Batting Cleanup and Korzo's extended thoughts on the Josh Hader situation.
00:43:00 7/21/2018

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