The Big Dave Show Podcast

The Big Dave Show on B-105 in Cincinnati is all about "Good Country Fun!" They get your day started with the latest stories, Chelsie's College of Hollywood Knowledge and The Big Dave Phone Hacks. Listen for interviews with the biggest stars in country music and stories about the crazy lives of Big Dave, Chelsie, Stattman and Ashley. You just never know what will happen, so make sure you download the latest every day!


The Big Dave Show Podcast

Big Dave Show Highlights for Wednesday, August 21st!

-Kenton County went back to school today and Statt celebrated by making waffles at a bus stop! -The Dad Joke of the Day -Payton's Lemonade Stand! -The Cincinnati Zoo stopped by with some very cool news! -Latasha went all in for Aldean! -20% of people lie about THIS at the start of relationship? -Sarah from Covington took on Chelsie this morning!
00:00:00 8/20/2019

Past Episodes

-We caught up with Kane Brown! -Jennifer did WHAT for Jason Aldean tickets? -Truck Driver David with The Dad Joke of the Day! -Out with Ashley: 3rd graders on their least favorite food at school! -Is Ashley getting purple hair? -Steve got a hole in one on Brad's golf trip! -The Sports Physical Phone Hack! -85% of women say if a guy does THIS on the first date they will get a second one! -Gloria has waited two years to take on Chelsie!
00:00:00 8/19/2019
-Statt installed a train horn on his Buick? You betcha! -John Matarese toots the train horn in the B-105 parking lot! -Matarese on big changes at the Kroger Fuel Centers. -Dave Davenport with our Dad Joke of the Day! -Darlene went all in for Aldean! -Ashley wants to do what to her hair? -The We Want You to Be on Hoarders Phone Hack! -Studies show that doing THIS will improve your marriage? -Alisa beat Chelsie did she do today?
00:00:00 8/18/2019
-Every time Brad goes on his Boy's Golf Trip Chelsie makes a major purchase. What does Scarecrow think about this? -Statt's putting what in his car? #WooWoo -Dave shares a funny story about Kings Island's Train! -Out With Ashley: Freshman Move-in Day at NKU. What are they going to lie to their parents about? -Friday Phone Hack Flashback: Hell -57% of people say they would not do THIS even if they're spouse asked them to? -Larry vs Chelsie: Round 2
00:00:00 8/15/2019
-Rick has an idea for Ashley! -Meet Ashley's new boyfriend, Kyle! -Four Letter Boyfriends! -He only dates Ashley's? -Chelsie's Back to School Nightmare! -CPD Officer Mandy has a warning for Netflix users! -The Fax Machine Keeps Calling Phone Hack! -33% of guys have had THIS happen to them while dating? -The College of Hollywood Knowledge. Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!
00:00:00 8/14/2019
-Statt takes Graeter's donuts to Crossing Guards across the Tri-State! -Statt finally finds legendary Ft. Thomas Crossing Guard Judy! -The First Day on the Job Telemarketer Phone Hack! -Kelly from Florence takes on Chelsie in the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:00:00 8/13/2019
-How is Dave feeling about his new B-105 Retro Tattoo? -Statt draws a tattoo on Ashley with his left hand! -Out With Ashley: Worst I Don't Have My Homework Excuses! -Ashley visits her high school basketball coach! -A Nude Wedding Phone Hack! -A close call for ChiChi! -88% of women say if a guy does THIS on a date then the date is OVER! -Chelsie's College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:00:00 8/12/2019
-Dave's wife Carri weighs in on his new tattoo! -Listeners have a say in Dave's new tattoo! -Stattman's tales from the dunking booth! -John Matarese is on top of the new Kings Island Coaster! -The Back To School Fee Phone Hack! -26% of guys have cried over THIS? -Jamie almost didn't finish his round with Chelsie?!?!
00:00:00 8/11/2019
-How hard should Erica party at the Thomas Rhett Tailgate? Scarecrow has some thoughts! -Demolition Derby fallout with Ashley and Statt! -Statt made Melissa's night! -Friday Phone Hack Flashback: The Red Breasted, Black Hooded Warbler -The average guy only has 5 of THESE? -Samantha vs Chelsie in the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:00:00 8/8/2019
-Hitting Bubble Wrapped Statt with Wiffle Ball Bats! -Short Skirt Heather! -Chelsie's dog Ace has a pretty cool talent! -We'll do two more laps if you put us on the show! -12% of women sneak off to the bathroom to do THIS? -The 8-8 Edition of the College of Hollywood Knowledge!
00:00:00 8/7/2019
-Cristy clears Statt for Demolition Derby! -Out with Ashley: Salon Confidential -Headphones, Instagram and Amanda Valentine's Birthday! -Kayla from FC Cincinnati has a special surprise for Statt! -The average man tires of THIS after just 23 minutes? -Mickey is back to take on Chelsie!
00:00:00 8/6/2019

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