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The Bingle Show is a free weekly audio and video podcast, hosted by American comedian Eddie Ifft. Each week Eddie travels around in his mobile podcast studio, the Bingle Bus, interviewing celebrities, comedians, musicians, athletes and other interesting people.


45. Halloween Spooktacular Pt. 2 with Jimmy O Yang

Halloween continues, as Eddie and Jason talk with Jimmy O Yang of Silicon Valley, about authentic Chinese food, driving for Uber and more. Joe Praino sits in. All hell breaks loose on this All Hallows Eve as Gene Pompa Crashes the party with some choice standup. Henry Phillips and Chris Fairbanks join the party. Pompa returns?!   Follow our guests: Jimmy O Yang: T & IG: @funnyasiandude Henry Phillips: T & IG: @henlips Joe Praino: T: @fixyourlife IG: @joepraino Chris Fairbanks: T: @chrisfairbanks IG: chris_fairbanks   If you like the show and would like to contribute, check out
01:36:39 11/5/2018

Past Episodes

Eddie and Jason host Claude Shires and Joe Praino on a special Halloween episode of the Bingle show.   Comedy Wipeout Tickets:   Follow our Guests: Claude Shires @laughloungeus Joe Praino @joepraino   Help Support The Bingle Show:
01:18:46 10/31/2018
Pete Lee joins Eddie on the Bingle Bus for another great episode. Things get a bit conspiratorial. Eddie is convinced Pete is a murderer under his nice, cheerful exterior. Malibu Killer update   Follow Pete Lee: T: @peteleetweets IG: @peteleepeteleepetelee   If you enjoy the show and want to help keep the bus running or buy some beers, please check out our Patreon:
01:21:33 10/22/2018
Eddie chats with Tommy Johnagin about BBQ, nutrition, parenthood, PC culture, and more, for a great episode aboard the Bingle Bus.   Follow Tommy: T&IG: @tommyjohnagin Site:     To support our show and to soon access exclusive content:
01:47:38 10/15/2018
What started as an intro to our session with Chris Porter, devolved into a mutant episode of a chaotic nature. Our story starts with a surprise visit from the "World Famous" Gene Pompa, A favorite from the T.S. days. Eddie soon finds himself in a whirlwind of guests including: Cort McCown, Jade Catta-Preta & Abdullah Saeed.   Things get wild...   Follow our guests Gene: @genepompa Jade: @thejademovie Cort: @cortmccown Abdullah: @imyourkid
01:32:21 10/8/2018
Eddie sits down with Chris Porter for a Bingle Session filled with laughs, discussion of the state of comedy, $13 handjobs, and more! Brian Redban of Deathsquad drops in for some rodent and marsupial talk. We tried to record a simple intro for this one and it turned into next week's episode.   Follow Chris Porter @IamChrisPorter   Follow Redban @redban
01:09:42 10/1/2018
Eddie sits down with The Mean Boys, Keith Carey and Connor McSpadden, for an episode filled with roasts and some surprise pop-ins. Craiglslist glory holes, Standup Batman. @connormcspadden @keithtellsjokes
01:34:02 9/24/2018
Jamie Kennedy, of Malibu's Most Wanted, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, the "Scream" franchise and more, stops by the Bingle Bus for a brief, but hilarious conversation. Eddie and Rockhard kick off the episode with google searches of the week and some raunchy songs. Eddie and Jamie discuss pranks they've pulled over the years and regional accents of Pennsylvania.   Ghost car?
01:07:06 9/17/2018
The Great Ian Edwards drops by the Bingle Bus for a chat with Eddie. Plantains & sweet potatoes are the new steroids. "Le Tour de Triche"    
01:24:17 9/10/2018
In this episode, Eddie sits down with David Koechner, of "The Office" and "Anchorman" fame, for a night full of laughs. Eddie and the windowlickers learn that sustainable fish leather is a thing. Taigon and Rockhard ask David fan questions about his career and more!
01:19:51 9/3/2018
In this Episode of the Bingle Show, Eddie and Jason have Earl Skakel  back on, to discuss general deviancies, the dark underbelly of Hollywood, and more. Grab a sleeve of Ritz crackers and have a listen!  
01:46:10 8/27/2018

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