The BroadCast Podcast

A variety show-turned-podcast hosted by two likable unladylike ladies, Erica Tamposi and EmmaVP. The duo cover the intersection of sports and pop culture by way of not-so-hard-hitting interviews with notable broads and bros in the industry. The BroadCast Broads are often joined by their NFL colleague and "semi-permanent" guest, Colleen Wolfe, to opine on the week's biggest stories and participate in recurring segments such as 'Bush League' and 'Dear Broads.'


The BroadCast Podcast

Broads Only- Gentral Neutral Podcast

Ricky and Emma are elated to have no guest on this week's episode so they can focus on keeping the friendship flame alive as they say. The Broads kick it to the BroadCap to talk about Rick's Improv 101 class, the rumor circulating among Emma's peers that she moved to New York, and Erica's extra friendly new neighbor. Then, the Broads answer some detailed and absurd questions from listeners in the latest edition of "Q & Broads." Lastly, in a special installment of "Emma's Music Lab," Emma reviews two rap songs by teen sensation Swag Z Tamposi.    
00:37:43 6/19/2019

Past Episodes

Erica and Emma are joined by stand-up comedian and cartoonist Mo Welch to discuss the controversial rise of one-piece bathing suits, the fun yet humiliating nature of improv comedy 101 and what it's like to have Anthony Jeselnik tell a large room of strangers that you're pregnant. Also, Mo gives Erica some strong feedback on her latest stand-up comedy routine, and the broads give some much needed advice to a couple of quirky listeners in the latest edition of "Dear Broads."
00:44:07 6/12/2019
Emma was too "busy" to show up for her own podcast leaving Erica with no mics, no plan and nothing but her own raw, completely improvised talent. Taylor was a great sport and we talk how to relate to people that are good looking. What else could you want? Emma conveniently showed up for the last 5 minutes. 
00:37:42 5/30/2019
The Broads are joined by shower runner extraordinaire Meaghan Rady to talk her name origin, Emma in the work place, and if Sarah Silverman will go to Ricky's improv graduation performance. 
00:46:52 5/22/2019
The Broads are joined by actress Aasha Davis to talk about motherhood, method acting, and Friday Night Lights. Clear eyes! 
00:41:38 5/15/2019
In honor of Mother's Day, the Broads are joined by their smartest, loveliest, most important guest to date - Emma's mom Sarah. Erica asks Emma's mom some probing questions about Emma's childhood, how she became so tightly wound and how she really feels about Emma's fiancé Brett. The Broads and Emma's mom share some genuinely sweet moments that could very well be exclusive to this particular episode. Tell your moms!
00:37:51 5/8/2019
The broads are joined by their first repeat guest, Anthony Jeselnik, to discuss all things HIM. His new special Fire in the Maternity Ward is out on Netflix and he gives performance reviews for Ricky and Emma. Emma went to a festival this weekend, so naturally she took it to the lab. Rate, Review, subscribe & tell your hairdresser! 
00:39:22 5/1/2019
The Broads are back and at full strength this week with semi-permanent guest Colleen Elizabeth Wolfe. Even more exciting, Agent K is in the house to talk about her huge new high profile client, and the broads. What even is NASDAQ? 
00:41:22 4/18/2019
Ricky and EmmaVP are joined by comedian Jacqueline Novak for her takes on french fries, sexualizing the pot belly, and what Ricky and Emma should name their book. 
00:47:52 4/10/2019
Ricky is joined by herself when Emma is plowed down by the flu but is joined by some friends at their first softball game. Ricky and Emma go to a salon for their Broads About Town segment where things get a little hairy. Wax on, wax off - it would take the karate kid to force Emma to get a wax, but can Ricky pull it off? The broads feel strongly that this segment should be nominated for an Emmy. Note to listeners: Please don't tell my mom about this episode. 
00:26:53 4/3/2019
The broads are back with Los Angeles's hottest news reporter (just a saying) Jada Elizabeth Montemarano to talk about her days as a child actor, Ricky dating her boyfriend and Emma crying in college in front of her peers. 
00:46:28 3/28/2019

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