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The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt takes listeners inside the game with in-depth interviews and analysis by one of the leading voices in the field. Andrew Brandt spent a decade each as both a player agent and as Vice President of the Green Bay Packers and is now ESPN's Sports Business Analyst, a weekly columnist at and the Director the Moorad Center for Sports Law at Villanova University. Brandt, who provides insight and analysis to the Ross Tucker Football Podcast every Wednesday, now hosts his own program, interviewing sports industry leaders making news in the sports business. Brandt will pull back the curtain on the inner workings of sports with league and team executives, agents, lawyers, CEOs and other top sports professionals. The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt will inform, educate and entertain listeners with truly unique perspectives not heard anywhere else.

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The Business of Sports with Andrew Brandt

RTAB #135: Free Agency 'Brandt's Rants'

Andrew talks about the major NFL trades involving Odell Beckham Jr & Antonio Brown plus the big free agency signings (Le'Veon Bell) on this week's 'Brandt's Rants' edition of the Business Of Sports podcast
00:29:34 3/13/2019

Past Episodes

Sports Illustrated legal analyst Michael McCann is this week's guest on the Business Of Sports. Michael & Andrew talk about Robert Kraft's legal troubles and where they go from here.
00:38:01 3/4/2019
Carolina Hurricanes owner & new Chairman of the Alliance of American Football Thomas Dundon is this week's guest on the Business Of Sports podcast. He & Andrew discuss his career, how he got into sports ownership, & his latest investment in the AAF.
00:42:28 2/27/2019
Andrew goes in-depth on the following topics this week: Antonio Brown, the Colin Kaepernick settlement, the AAF's funding, & Zion Williamson's injury.
00:24:28 2/20/2019
Andrew "rants" about MLB Free Agency, the debut of the AAF, Antonio Brown, & more on this week's podcast.
00:25:00 2/12/2019
Charlie Ebersol, Co-Founder of the Alliance of American Football is this week's guest with Andrew. They talk about how the AAF got its funding, their use of data & analytics, the value of the teams, its relationship with the NFL, & much more.
00:38:19 2/5/2019
Former NFL executive Jim Steeg is Andrew's guest this week on the Business Of Sports. Steeg helped transform the Super Bowl from just a game into the week long event it has become. They talk about the evolution of the Halftime Show, NFL Experience, A-List stars singing the National Anthem, & a lot more.
01:14:00 1/29/2019
MetPro founder Angelo Poli is this week's guest on the Business of Sports podcast talking about his company that offers Concierge Nutrition, Fitness & Lifestyle Coaching.
01:13:25 1/23/2019
Booger McFarland is this week's guest with Andrew on the Business Of Sports podcast. Booger talks about his upbringing, how he got into broadcasting, & his current gig with Monday Night Football.
00:59:01 1/15/2019
On this week's podcast, Andrew talks about getting a job in the sports industry, the NFL head coach hiring process, & more.
00:26:42 1/9/2019
Andrew turns the tables and interviews Ross on this week's Business Of Sports podcast. They look back on the 2018 NFL regular season and discuss the television ratings increase, rookie quarterbacks, Tom Brady's compensation, the Steelers missing the playoffs, and Ross's picks for this weekend's wildcard games.
00:43:06 1/1/2019
On this week's episode of the Business of Sports, Andrew talks about what it's like after Week 17 for teams NOT in the post season. Also, he 'rants' on why Nick Foles will most likely not be a part of the 2019 Eagles.
00:24:00 12/27/2018
Andrew talks about the end of the season player shut-downs and his latest thoughts on legalized gambling on this week's edition of the Business Of Sports podcast.
00:22:05 12/18/2018
This week's guest on the Business Of Sports is antitrust lawyer, Jim Quinn. Quinn is representing the City of Oakland in a suit against the NFL for conspiring to keep Oakland from retaining the Raiders & for going against the relocation guidelines.
00:36:42 12/13/2018
Andrew talks with Darren Rovell, Sports Business Reporter & Senior Executive Producer for @ActionNetworkHQ. They discuss Darren's decision to leave ESPN, the Action Network in general, & a lot more. Also, Andrew 'Rants' about the Kareem Hunt situation and Mike McCarthy's firing in Green Bay.
01:01:25 12/2/2018

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