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A Northern Irishman and an Australian walk into a pub... What could go wrong? John Cosgrove & Stephen Quinn are The Crafty Rogues - your weekly dose of futbol, culture and craic. (No Americans were harmed in the making of this podcast). Cosgrove and Quinn touch on the latest happenings with Minnesota United FC, Major League Soccer (MLS), the Premier League (EPL), La Liga, Bundesliga and more! Cosgrove grew up in the mean green fields of rural Northern Ireland in the glorious era of the 1970's and 80's. As a consequence, he immigrated to America where he learned to play soccer, be nice to girls and use a microphone. As a soccer player in Australia, Quinn was known for his searing pace, breathtaking skills, chiseled God-like physique and wildly vivid imagination. He's now known for his standing, shouting and pointing. Quinno has over 35 years' experience as a writer/presenter/producer. Nobody quite knows how. Part of SKOR North.


The Crafty Rogues

At what cost do you sell your soul? (ep. 126)

New branding (SKOR North), new opener (Cosgrove & Quinno don't know what it sounds like), new equipment (one set of headphones doesn't work) it's all going swimmingly for the boys this week. The boys are both back this week despite both being in Phoenix at some point since we last recorded. We jump right into the action talking about the latest round of Premier League play including Manchester United's sixth win on the bounce, John calling Wagner out, and Rafa's troubling Newcastle quote. We then get John's predictions about this weekends games before moving onto discussing the FA & EFL Cups The bold predictions stop but the bold opinions don't in the letters segment where Cosgrove answers your emails. Quinno steps back a bit in the Just Be Cos segment to let John get something off his chest. Producer Jonathan jumps in for his big Football Update segment. We wrap the show today with the return of Your Choice. All that and much more on this week's edition of The Crafty Rogues! John's Predictions for the Weekend: Wolves 2-1 Leicester Bournemouth 1-0 West Ham Liverpool 1-0 Crystal Palace Manchester United 1-0 Brighton Newcastle 1-0 Cardiff Southampton 1-1 Everton Watford 1-1 Burnley Arsenal 0-3 Chelsea Huddersfield 0-6 Manchester City Fulham 1-0 Tottenham
00:57:00 1/17/2019

Past Episodes

Phil Mackey announces some exciting, major changes at 1500, beginning right now! For starters, we've got a new name now - SKOR North (and And an expanded menu of Minnesota sports content across multiple platforms. You'll be able to find SKOR North LIVE & LOCAL on AM 1500 (between noon & 7 weekdays), starting with a daily Vikings show at NOON on weekdays called Purple Daily. Then you can hear SKOR North Live with Matthew Coller from 2-4p, Mackey and Judd w/ Ramie from 4-6p, and assorted specialty shows in the 6:00 hour. We're also expanding our digital content in a BIG way over at, where, in addition to great written content, you'll find some of the most entertaining Minnesota sports podcasts -- such as Purple Podcast, Raised by Wolves, Touch em All, The Scoop with Doogie, Reusse Unchained, The Crafty Rogues and plenty more. As for social media ? expect a lot of fun and creative stuff on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube ? all @SKORNorth. So, give us a follow ... Check out our shows ... Give us your input and ideas ... And tell your friends that SKOR North is here! ... Minnesota Sports. Anytime. Anywhere.
00:00:00 1/15/2019
Quinno is off in Phoenix this week so John had to find someone who could fill in that big hole in the show and we think he did a pretty good job in getting Minnesota United's TV Play by Play voice Callum Williams. John and Cal open up the show talking about a lad from Birmingham (England NOT Alabama) makes his way over to Minnesota, as well as deal with a lack of good tea over in the states. The boys then jump into all the action that's taken place over the last week including Leicester falling to Newport, City demolishing Burton, and the FA Cup Fourth Round Draw. We then look ahead and get Cal's predictions on this weekends upcoming matches (scores and everything). John and Cal then answer your email, Producer Jonathan pops in for his Big Football Update, and we close the show with a Shoot Magazine style special with Cal. All that and more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:57:00 1/9/2019
The Crafty Rogues are back and recovering from the holidays and have about nine million matches to talk about. The guys quickly run through the Boxing Day action, the weekend action, and the most recent midweek action. We take a look at the upcoming FA Cup games as well as the EFL Cup semifinals taking place. John and Stephen answer your questions. John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos. Producer Jonathan hops in for the big Football Update and we close the show asking what 2019 will bring and talking about resolutions. All that and much more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:54:00 1/2/2019
The festive season only continues as the boys meet up bright and early at Brit's to tape a Boxing Day Special edition before the kickoff of the big set of matches. John and Stephen are joined by special guest Carl Craig to review the last round of action, preview the Boxing Day matches as well as the next round of matches. The trio also look back at the season so far and discuss how each squad has done to this point. John gets something off his chest in his Just Be Cos segment. Producer Jonathan steps in for the second edition of the Big Football Update segment. We wrap with some quick awards for the halfway point of the season.
01:07:00 12/25/2018
The holiday season is in full swing but we're not to the point yet of games, seemingly, every other day which gave John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn just enough time to sit down a talk about the last week of football, as well as share a pint or two. Not sure if you've heard but Jose Mourinho was sacked at Manchester United but we discuss that bit of news along with the recent rash of Carabao Cup matches, the big Everton/Man City match, and the even bigger Liverpool/Man United match at the weekend. The guys also answer your emails, John talks presents in his Just Be Cos, we debut Jonathan's new segment, and we wrap with a look at the top Christmas movies as well as a look at the Women's World Cup Draw. That and much more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:51:00 12/19/2018
Wit so much to discuss the boys couldn't fit it all in the usual 60 minutes of play so we went to Extra Time to fit it all in. John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn discuss Manchester United being unwatchable, Alisson justifying his price tag, and a fun Premier League this year. The guys also discuss I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here (yep actually happened), MLS Cup's appearance at an Atlanta club, and play a round of wanker or super wanker. All that and more on this bigger, longer, better edition of The Crafty Rogues!
01:13:00 12/12/2018
Since we last convened four our own summit the Premier League has played two rounds of games so the guys have plenty to talk about over a couple pints at Brits. The craic was outstanding, if we do say so ourselves, while discussing the end of the Mark Hughs era (hopefully for good), the cracking North London Derby, what the heck was Pickford doing, and Wolves upsetting Chelsea. John Cosgrove and Stephen Quinn answer your emails, John get's something off his chest in Just Be Cos, Producer Jonathan has the penultimate MLS segment of the season (for real this time), and we wrap the show with a pair of discussions about Manchester City cheating and English talent not getting Premier League playing time. All that and much more on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
00:57:00 12/5/2018
There's violence in sport, Manchester United are crap, and Neymar is a bit of a prick... so, nothing changed over the holiday break. John came back from his trip home rejuvenated. We open the show discussing the violence down in Argentina over the Copa Libertadores second leg. We chat about Manchester United being crap in the Champions League, as well as the Premier League, then get some predictions from John about this weekend's matches. The guys answer your emails, John gets something off his chest in the Just Be Cos segment, and producer Jonathan hops on for the penultimate MLS segment of the season. We wrap the show discussing the line for Morality and Money and a quick look around Europe. All that right here on this week's episode of The Crafty Rogues!
01:08:00 11/29/2018
We've got a full crew again as Stephen is back from the Middle East and driving the bus again. We jump right into the Nations League, as England made it quite exciting. After a quick International Friendlies review we get John's predictions on the upcoming Premier League weekend and Champions League fixtures. The guys answer your emails, John gets something off his chest in Just Be Cos, and Producer Jonathan has the MLS segment. We wrap the show with another round of Your Choice and a look at Brexit. All that right here on this edition of The Crafty Rogues!
01:06:00 11/21/2018
With Quinno off to the Middle East again John is in charge and we're slowing things down a bit this week. John is joined by co-founder of Starting Eleven Teague Ogreman again. This time we're putting Teague in the analysts chair as we discuss the Manchester Derby, Newcastle scoring a goal (two of them actually), and the upcoming International matches. John and Teague sift through the mountain of emails that came in this week. Producer Jonathan drops in for an update on the MLS playoffs and we close the show with a round of May I Have a Word. All that right here on this episode of The Crafty Rogues!
01:02:00 11/14/2018

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