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Barstool Radio with Dave Portnoy is a weekly "best of" podcast where we deliver to you the best 60-90 min from Barstool's daily show on Sirius XM. This podcast focuses on the inner workings of Barstool Sports while also hitting on many of the viral topics of the week.


Best Of Week 33 Part 2 - 'Murder Was The Case' Featuring Baked Alaska & Clay Travis

After Monday and Tuesday were so intense they deserved their own podcast,...After Monday and Tuesday were so intense they deserved their own podcast, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday came through with that HEAT. On Wednesday, Kevin and Dave are at each other's throats again after Dave and Frankie spent a wonderful evening at Citi Field with Kevin's mortal enemy and owner of the Mets, Jeff Wilpon. Gay Pat drew out the Barstool critics and anti-semitic neo-nazis with some questionable blogs, which is exactly the opposite of what Dave wanted him to do. That set up the scene for Thursday, where Dave put not one, but TWO cowardly, fraudulent LOSERS in bodybags. If you listen closely, you can still hear Baked Alaska and Clay Travis trying to undo the zippers from the inside. On Friday, Dave is actually around to do the show. Not satisfied with the two bodybags he filled on Thursday, Dave stuffs a horse racing commentator into a bodybag of his own. Dave gets riled up about Roger Goodell and also does some of his own play-by-play while we watch the races in Saratoga. YP gets bodies by Nate, Frankie might secretly be a Nazi and more on this special edition of Barstool Radio.   Show More

01:45:26 8/14/2017

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It has come to Dave's attention that Glenny Ball has become too large for it's own good. But how exactly did that happen? Well, no one really knows because no one wants to take the blame. Glenny, Ria, Office Manager Brett, Louis, and Gaz all throw one another under the bus while explaining to Dave how 20,000 invites were sent for a 150-person party. Stars such as Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen, Sara Underwood, Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, Baron Davis and Mo Vaughn all received invites, but Frankie couldn't even get his buddies on the guest list. Determined not to let the Glenny Ball chaos ruin his moment at Barstool, Zah the black African midget from Zimbabwe bursts through the door, climbs on the table and berates Smitty for a mistake made over the weekend. Only on Barstool Radio.
01:46:30 8/9/2017
Week 32 of Barstool Radio is in the books and it was one for the ages. Kevin Clancy returns from his 8-month paternity leave much to Dave's dismay. Kevin spent his entire paternity leave harassing Dave online, so Dave kept a record of all the things that Kevin did to bug him. You would have thought Kevin never left the way they weren't getting along. Things got heated up when word got around Peter Rosenberg was trashing Barstool on Hot 97. Rosenberg ultimately called in for a "civil" discussion, but only after Pres spends the first 15 minutes of the showing calling him a cowardly, fraudulent, self-loathing whiteboy. Robbie Fox and Rone give everyone a recap of their first experiences with Phish, and more importantly, their first experience with nitrous. We discover our fanbase is much more diverse than we think when Da Midget Zimbo, an African midget from Zimbabwe calls in to say FUCK Peter Rosenberg. YP goes searching for buried treasure, Chaps is buying service dogs for vets, the callers take us to some WEIRD places, and more on this episode of Barstool Radio
01:59:32 8/7/2017
Week 31 has come and gone and would you look at that, Nate is the topic of discussion for the second consecutive week after the Alpha Dawg tackled YP during a filming of Stool Scenes. Nate Dawg questions the credibility of Stool Scenes and goes to war over it with Dave and Big Cat. Former MLB Pitcher, and newest Barstool employee Dallas Braden joins the show to talk about throwing perfect games, smoking weed and hating ARod. Uncle Chaps comes in studio and talks about training dogs in the military and how sometimes the best thing to do is just piss on them until they listen. Chaps also has some takes for why it would be better for males to not have testicles. Smitty tells a story about taking Hallucinogens and Rone follows up with a drug story that ends with disaster in a Port A Potty. Big Cat talks to Nate Dawg about his first year at Barstool HQ in NYC.
01:35:14 7/31/2017
Week 30 of Barstool Radio has come and gone. KFC is out on paternity leave and Dave has some things to say about that. Elika Sadeghi joins the conversation and gives her takes on whether or not Dave is going too far regarding Kevin's "boondoggle". A golfer snaps his leg in half after getting blasted by a golf cart which turns out to be a huge win for the Foreplay boys, and Riggs lets Dave know it. Comedian Ari Shaffir comes in studio to shoot the shit with the guys and tells a story about Carlos Mencia stealing his jokes. Dave goes on Late Night with Seth Meyers and we get to hear the before and after of the entire night, including Mike Portnoy Esq. official review on how Dave did. Octagon Bob and Francis go at it over a joke made, and Francis threatens to bomb the entire office. The guys find out that Mike Tyson is on the phone line doing an interview with Pardon My Take. Dave ends up speaking to Mike Tyson, and Tyson gives an incredible Peter McNeeley story from the night Tyson bit Evander Holyfield. Big Cat takes over Barstool Radio on Friday and he speaks to a couple guys from around the office to see how their first year in New York has been going. Mike The Bike responds to the Young & Happy diss track heard 'round the world, and Tex goes off on a caller. The show wraps up with Louis from sales who gives a behind the scenes look at the business side of Barstool.
01:59:34 7/24/2017
It's week 29, and it was arguably the craziest week of Barstool Radio yet. The week kicks off with the Foreplay boys vs Dave fighting over whether or not they should be promoting golfers running each other over with golf carts. An attempted attack on Pres gets foiled which leads to Dave placing a $1000 Bounty on Riggs head. Nate Dawg and Smitty head to Vegas for the World Series of Poker. Nate Dawg goes to war with Dave and the content team over whether or not Nate gets the prize money if he places in the WSOP. CEOs and Lawyers are called onto the show for their take on the issue at hand. Fox Sports Fernando El Presidente Fiore calls into the show to discuss with Dave who the real "El Pres" is. The comedy legend Judd Apatow joins the show. The guys pick his brain on how he evaluates a comedian's "it factor" and Judd tells some great stories including the time he lived with Adam Sandler in a small apartment. Caleb tells Judd that someone (in the room) called one of his close friends a "bag of milk".
02:32:07 7/17/2017
The Barstool Radio boys came off the extended 4th of July weekend ready to go kicking the show off with some Amelia Earhart hate. The guys discuss Frank The Tank getting caugEht snoozing at a Mets game, and they get into a full discussion on FUPAs. The one and only Rico Bosco calls in for yet another legendary call regarding "Christmas In July". El Pres returns to the show describing his 4th of July weekend and why it may or may not have been his worst holiday ever. Dave talks about being fed the wrong information which led to him writing a eulogy for his friend Pete Frates, who in fact did not pass away, and he also recaps the Minnesota golf trip, where Frankie was labeled a "celebrity golfer". The celtics trade Avery Bradley after signing Gordon Hayward and Coley loses his mind. Octagon Bob and YP go at it over rap battles and it turns into the newest office rivalry. A cube monkey calls in with an ALL TIME story about sending out everyone's salary information to the entire company by accident and the guys go in on the bag of milk that is Lena Dunham.
01:46:59 7/10/2017
It's week 27 at Barstool Radio. Dave and Frankie start the week off with the boondoggle boys out in Minnesota leaving KFC, Caleb and Rone to do the show without them. The guys discuss the BET awards which then leads into Gay Pride Parade talk. Barstool's resident Gay guy, Gay Pat, comes in studio to answer all sorts of interesting yet valid questions from Caleb. Rone exposes Caleb for crafting a fake tweet by secretly recording their conversation in the elevator. Barstool has a company-wide happy hour that leaves Frankie Pistachios in shambles for entire next day of radio. A caller asks the hosts about what to do now that he has found out his friend's wife is cheating on him on bumble. Young and Happy's intern Mike The Bike makes his radio debut and a caller tells a story about finding a dildo inside his boss's desk. Our one and only Uncle Chaps calls into the show to discuss his minor heart attack and what it means going forward.
01:41:58 7/3/2017
It's week 26 and we are officially half way through year one of Barstool Radio. This week we kick the show off with caleb making a fashion statement. The #1 caller on terrestrial and satellite radio calls in and brings an energy to the show that only the legendary Rico Bosco can. Barstool Sports' newest employee Michael Rapaport calls into the show to talk about the new gig and he compares his and Dave's hate for LeBron James. Dave give his take on the death of Otto Warmbier, and Mike Francesa gets in trouble for saying the word "Orientals". Pat McAfee comes in studio and brings the heat as usual, especially when a Satanist comes in studio to tell the guys about his religion. Mike Portnoy Esq. joins the show as part of his Father's Day Gift, which he asked for from Dave, and tells incredible stories about his ongoing problems with the USPS and Timberland Boots. A caller tricks Mr. Portnoy into saying the word "Chicago". The best college football player of all time, Herschel Walker, joins the show and discusses his incredible athletic career and his absurd daily workout routine.
01:49:38 6/26/2017
It's Week 25 for the Barstool Radio gang it was our biggest, star-filled week yet. The guys react to the NBA and NHL Finals and hear from Rear Admiral on what this stately cup means for the Pittsburgh Penguins and the NHL. Riggs comes in studio to discuss his absurdly viral tweet about sunscreen. Rico Bosco gives his weekly electric call into the show and Caleb hears from his biggest hater. Dave absolutely destroys a fat waiters existence, and Frankie breaks down the drama behind the Borrelli's pizza review. Jay Chandrasekhar, known for his roles in Super Troopers and Beer Fest, stops by the office to shoot the shit with the hosts and talks about the possibility of "Pot Fest". KFC talks to the 4-time Academy Award Nominated Ethan Hawke about being an A-List movie star and what it takes to be a good father. KFC also speaks with THE best childhood actor of all time, Haley Joel Osment, about what it was like to have such an incredible career at such a young age. Rone and Caleb spend some time with one of the most successful comedians of all time in Jeff Dunham, who was accompanied by his wife Audrey Dunham. And finally Francis and Smitty have a great conversation with the one and only Larry The Cable Guy who is absolutely mind blown by Francis' Owen Wilson impersonation.
02:13:07 6/19/2017
Week 24 of Barstool Radio has come and gone and it was jam packed with great radio. The week starts off with Coley getting ripped into by Dave for not showing up to work after an NBA Finals game. Julian Edelman Pizza-Cucks Dave and Frankie and they find out live on radio. The Foreplay boys go to war with Howard Stern after Riggs and Trent disgrace the name of Baba Boey. The JHammy nightmare continues after Dave finds some suspicious activity on his bank statements live during the show, Frankie sends a text to find out what's going on. The hilarious Comedian Ron Funches comes in studio and joins the guys to shoot the shit. Ron gives Dave advice for becoming a weed guy, he talks about getting manicures and pedicures and he breaks news about Lebron James being a dick and not showing up for show. The Legendary Bill Burr sits down with KFC and Caleb for an incredible interview. Bill talks about his new season of his show 'F Is For Family', why he hates social media, the horrible process of buying a refrigerator online, his take on Barstool Sports and much, much more. Rico Bosco calls in and gives himself the "Call Of The Day".
01:49:14 6/12/2017
Another week has come and gone at Barstool HQ, and in typical Barstool fashion it was filled with scandals and controversies. Tiger Woods gets a DUI which forces the Foreplay boys to come on Barstool Radio to defend their man. Rone questions KFC on his list of "worst days of the year" and Frankie has the worst commute to work ever. Tex gets tricked by the Purple Starfish basketball team and officially snaps. Tex steals Larry The Goldfish from his resting place (the freezer) which forces a live standoff on Barstool Radio between him and PMT. Big Cat talks Buff Cat, and Mike Francesa saves a man's life. Dave makes a decision on how to handle an ongoing Barstool controversy live on the Radio and goes through his thought process on why he makes that decision. Clay Travis calls into the show to try and hash things out after sparking a twitter war with Dave. Frankie Midnight calls in give his take on Mr. Met flipping off the fans and what it means for his beloved team and the legendary Rico Bosco takes us into the weekend with a typical Rico Bosco call.
01:52:22 6/5/2017
This week's show kicks off in typical Barstool fashion when the wifi in HQ goes out and the radio show loses connection. The LEGENDARY Frank Fleming AKA Frankie Midnight joins the show and brings the heat in a way only Frankie Midnight can. The guys talk about Orbs in the middle east, Uncle Chaps sparks a conversation about kissing, and a caller asks how airplanes make progress. Dave calls into the show from Boston following the celtics game 5 loss to put an end to all rumors that he left the game early. We receive the worst call in the history of Barstool Radio, possibly in the history of ALL radio. The hilarious Hannibal Buress joins the show and talks about his upcoming movie Baywatch and how much money it would cost for him to take his shirt off. Hannibal gives Rone tips for coaching the intramural basketball squad and also touches on his road to success. Michael Kelly AKA Doug Stamper from House of Cards also joins the show to talk all things House of Cards and the incredible character he has created. He describes the similarities between the show and reality, and also speaks about possible real life Doug Stampers.
01:41:09 5/29/2017
This weeks show kicks off with a conversation over who was more clutch throughout their career, Derek Jeter or David Ortiz. Dave tells a story about his Mother's famous Sour Cream Cakes and the mystery behind how they are made. Mama Portnoy eventually gets on the phone with the guys to give some insight on these legendary cakes. The legendary Scott Van Pelt walks into the studio unannounced, fresh off his pizza review with Dave, spittin' truths about the radio and TV business. Caleb goes to Tech Crunch NYC to pitch his app idea "Just The Tip" and comes back to the show with a wild story about how an Investor basically stole his company. The Barstool basketball team continues to divide themselves apart following their 5th consecutive loss. Dave calls in live from Boston to discuss his experience sitting court-side at the Celtics v Cavs game, and gives breaking news regarding Lebron James. Caleb and Rone give their first hand experience from dumpster diving with local New Yorkers the night before, and the guys talk about the world's most important dick.
01:46:34 5/22/2017
This week kicks off with Dave's experiences at the Kentucky Derby, and the reasoning behind the "Picture Heard Round The World". Mike Portnoy Esquire calls in with an all-time story regarding his neighbor. UFO and Extra Terrestrial Expert Dr. Steven Greer calls into the show to discuss all things aliens. Smitty comes in studio to discuss his unbelievable streak of getting things he starts cancelled and Jake Marisnick of the Houston Astros calls in to discuss his late game heroics throw at Yankee stadium and his favorite jerseys in the MLB.
01:34:33 5/15/2017
Rone is Back! Adam Ferrone makes his long awaited return from his California sabbatical this week and he picks up right where he left off. This week's show also includes a conversation about proposals at sporting events, Dave's experience as head coach of the Barstool rec league basketball team, and Dave's '27 Reminders Why Lebron James Is Still The Antichrist'. Spider Monkey Nate and Blockhead Smitty come back into the radio ring once again to preview their upcoming head to head poker match, and 15 year old Steve tells the guys how Barstool helps his family get through family dinners each night.
01:34:56 5/8/2017
KFC starts the week off with an amazing recap of his day with Frank 'The Tank' Flemming at the Mets Game. Rico Bosco calls to give his take on the ongoing Jhammy drama, and also pitches some ideas for new Bartool Merch. The Barstool Rec League Basketball Team continues fight with each other which eventually leads to Dave firing Coach Nate live on the radio. Michael Rapaport joins the show and gives a classic Rapaport take on all the topics of the day. Caleb heads down to Philadelphia to attend the NFL Draft with his best friend (#2 Overall Pick) Mitchell Trubisky. Caleb describes the scene at the draft and all his experiences with the Chicago Bears' newest QB. Dave sparks an argument about dog names and the guys go through the winners and losers of multiple superhero matchups.
01:49:43 5/1/2017
Barstool Radio kicks off the week on Patriots' Day with Boston Marathon talk and calls about the worst types of Marathon Runners. The guys talk to the one and only Rone about his battle rap championship loss, and Pissed Off Pat calls in to rattle off his latest list of things he is pissed off about. The Barstool rec league basketball team enters a civil war after Coach Nate showed up to the game late which sets Smitty off on a tangent. Francis completely turns heel and goes after Caleb about his athletic abilities. This weeks show also includes a Davey Hair Plug update, a discussion about whether or not height truly matters for picking up chicks, conspiracy theories and more Lebron hate. Andrew Frates calls in with an update on our friend Pete Frates and the ALS Awareness baseball game at Fenway Park.
01:47:00 4/24/2017
This week's Best Of Barstool Radio kicks off from a remote location since the internet went out at Barstool HQ early Monday morning. The show includes a final Masters recap, talk about how Mark Wahlberg is actually not the greatest person ever, and the Riggs vs Lindsey Pelas twitter war. The Stanley Cup and it's keeper Mike Bolt stopped by the studio this week and we get a behind the scenes look at the Stanley Cup's journey throughout the year. Cara Maria from The Challenge, and also one of the very first Barstool Smokeshows, stops by and reminisces about the good ol' days of the stool with Dave. The week closes out with Eli Manning being a criminal as well as a heated argument between El Pres and KFC over who was hotter in their prime, Ashton Kutcher or Brad Pitt.
01:38:37 4/16/2017
This week on Barstool Radio, the boys go to Augusta for the greatest golf tournament in the world - The Masters. The week kicks off with the boys holding down the fort at Barstool HQ discussing the Borrelli-Jose Reyes rivalry, why Caleb went to UNC for the Championship with no plan for content, and most importantly the instant legend Frank The Tank Fleming. The second half of the week is brought to you from Augusta where the boys welcome Paige Spiranac to the show to talk about her claim to fame and her handsome fiance (No joke, the dude is gorgeous). The week ends with a wild phone call from none other than Rico Bosco.
01:50:05 4/10/2017
It was another great week here on Barstool Radio. We start off with a recap of Dave's extravagant birthday weekend in Las Vegas. The guys get into a heated argument over UConn Women's Basketball and womens sports in general. Mike Auriemma, Geno Auriemma's son, calls into the show to discuss Dave's remarks regarding his father and UConn Women's Basketball. Barstool's very own foreign correspondent , Donnie Does, comes in studio to discuss all things China and 3rd world living. An intern for Pat McAfee out at Barstool Indy, who goes by the name "Cervix Killer" slides into Ria's DMs and boy does it get awkward. We talk to the Cervix Killer himself as well as Pat McAfee about the entire situation. This weeks show also includes some great Nintendo talk, where KFC and Dave talk about their favorite NES games. We wrap up the week with a preview of the Barstool Gametime Taser Match between Tex & Smitty.
01:51:35 4/3/2017
This weeks Best of Barstool Radio is LIVE. We kick the week off with a full blown analysis of the worst one on one basketball game of all time between Loud Sean and Spags. They both came in studio post-game to talk about what just happened. Ed from Easton calls in and sparks some great old school Barstool talk with Dave. Tiko Texas and Mike Portnoy Esquire call in to wish Dave a Happy Birthday, and Pat McAfee calls in talk about the upcoming Vegas trip. KFC, Feits and Coley go to war with middle america, and Trent comes in the studio to defend his territory. A female stoolie calls in to talk about how she turned down a wedding proposal which makes for one of the most wild calls on Barstool Radio yet.
01:46:11 3/27/2017
Best of Barstool Radio Week 12 is Live. This week's show opens up with the aftermath of Grudgement Day. Dave goes through the Stoolie take-over of Soul Cycle's social media, Frankie becomes Dave's best friend and a new office battle arises between Hank and Tex. Gambling Dave makes an epic comeback as he give's live play by play of the march madness games that he has action on. This week's show also includes an all-time Dicky V story, behind the scenes of the Budlight Buster's challenge, a St.Patrick's Day rant and much more.
01:31:42 3/19/2017
Best of Barstool Radio Week 11 is Live. Boy oh boy what a week it was. We kick the show off with Loud Sean vs Chris Spags (1:08 - 30:35). The two go back and forth about what happened at Karaoke night and it turns into one of Barstool's most intense arguments ever. Next up was an update on the Robbie Fox Cum Challenge (30:35 - 38:50). Other topics include International Women's Day (41:08 - 43:20), The impact of Pizza Reviews (43:20 - 46:08), and caller Natalia had a choice to make (46:06 - 48:38). The entire second hour consists of Grudgement Day (49:35 - 1:51:31) as Dave airs out all his dirty laundry regarding a recent breakup with his girlfriend live on SiriusXM airwaves.
01:51:32 3/12/2017
Best of Barstool Radio Week 10 is Live. The one and only Paul LoDuca joined the Barstool Radio gang for all of week 10. The guys talk all things Oscars, which includes some Viola Davis hate, and Kelly Keegs mean tweets. Riggs gets scolded for having the worst hair in the office, and Kmarko gets called out by Caleb for not being good at basketball. Andy Buckley, famous for his role as David Wallace in "The Office" stops by the studio and gets caught up in what turned out to be a wild show. Fake Voice guy shows up in studio mid phone call, the inspiring Eric LeGrand joins the show and takes some calls, and boxer/trainer Eric Kelly shows up unexpected to roast Dave for not helping Tex get ready for Rough n Rowdy. The Hosts talk to Chris "In It To Win It" Bennett and Tex prior to the big Rough n Rowdy Fight live from Welch, WV.
01:42:02 3/5/2017
Best of Barstool Radio Week 9 is Live. Michael Rapaport joins Dave and Big Cat in studio. The guys talk about MSG being (or not being) the "mecca", Rapaport not winning any film awards, Meryl Streep and much more. Abigail Ratchford calls into the show to discuss the instagram comment left by New York Knicks star Kristaps Porzingis. Pat McAfee calls in to discuss the opening of Barstool Indy and the launch of his new podcast The Pat McAfee Show. Other topics include Dave's hate for Bill Simmons, Tex entering the Rough n Rowdy boxing match in West Virginia, and the Bingo man being relieved of his duties. Paul LoDuca calls in to talk about his upcoming visit to Barstool HQ, and Spittin' Chiclets' very own Ryan Whitney and Rear Admiral stop by to talk about why the wave is one of the worst things in sports.
99:46 2/26/2017
Best of Barstool Radio Week 8 is Live. Dave and Frankie go off to Houston on a private plane with the SI Swimsuit models for an event and leave KFC all alone with the show. This week's show includes a recap of the Swimsuit weekend, the entire Francis DM saga, Jamie O'Grady domination, a caleb check-in from Cali and much more. Fake Voice guy returns to the show.
111:09 2/22/2017
Best of Barstool Radio Week 7 is Live. Dave opens up the week by absolutely eviscerating the twitter egg that is Patrick Claybon. Office Manager Brett loses all of Club Dave's clothes, Dave's Mother makes her Barstool Radio Debut, and Fake Cancer Francis gets questioned. The guys also go into heated debates over Valentine's Day, the Grammy Awards and Beyonce. Sports Illustrated Swim Suit models Danielle Herrington, and Lais Ribeirocome come on the show to talk about the upcoming weekend with Dave and Frankie. Intern Robbie and Tex are asked hold out on ejaculation for a month, and Trent talks about Tiger Woods withdrawing from a press conference.
106:01 2/15/2017
Best of Barstool Radio Week 6 is Live. The show opens up from Houston as the guys react to Super Bowl 51. Chaps opens the show with some Donald Trump jazz voice. Pat McAfee, fresh off retiring from the NFL to join Barstool Sports, joins the show to talk about his decision and also gives an all time story about getting kicked out of the Bar at the Comedy Central set. Dave, Feits and Hank record Monday's show from the living room couch after a night of partying with the Patriots, resulting in the most hungover radio show ever to hit the SiriusXM airwaves. KFC talks all things McGillicuddy and Pats, is also joined by his KFC Radio Co-Hosts to talk about friend zones and midgets.
99:17 2/8/2017
Week4 5 of Barstool Radio is Live from Houston, Texas home of Super Bowl 51. This week the guys recorded straight off the Barstool RV at Kirby Ice House in Houston. We had Sam Dekker of the Houston Rockets, NFL QB TJ Yates also known as "Yates of Hell", and Sarah Tiana of Comedy Central Roast Battles all stop by the RV to hang out. Topics include Barstool Rundown on Comedy Central, Gay Bar Talk, Bowel Movements, the Super Bowl, Nipple Twisting, and much much more. The ol' KFC Radio Gang gets together again for Barstool Radio.
111:03 2/1/2017
Week 4 of Barstool Radio is Live. As Barstool HQ gears up for the trip down to Houston for Super Bowl 51, the Barstool Radio covers all things from conspiracy theories about the military and heroin to 'Jersday'Thursday Intern Wars. Minnesota Vikings TE Kyle Rudolph stops by to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl, Dave calls all Falcons fans fake and also gives a public PSA of his personal life. The guys also repeatedly call the New York Post to complain about Bart Hubbuch's outrageous tweet about Donald Trump.
115:00 1/25/2017
Week 3 of Barstool Radio is Live! This week we welcomed Pat McAfee back into the studio as well as Xavier Rhodes of the Minnesota Vikings. The guys talked NFL playoffs, the Barstool Rundown on Comedy Central, and took many "This or Thats" from the stoolies. Caleb tells Dave live on air that he spent $10,000 on the company credit card at the club, Office Manager Brett brings in a girl for an on-air interview with Dave which gets super awkward and Dave talks to ESPN's Anita Marks about fake boobs and football and Barstool Radio attempts the first ever "radio inception" while trying to crash in on "KFC Radio". Tune in to SiriusXM Rush 93 Monday through Friday noon-2pm to listen to Barstool Radio Live.
118:51 1/18/2017
It's been a crazy week here at Barstool HQ, lots of action in and out of the office. Pat McAfee came in studio to talk about what is a sport and what isn't, he also gives his review of the Broadway play "Hamilton". Dave gives his pitch to save hockey, Jerry Thornton comes by to talk NFL Wildcard Weekend, and the guys argue over which NFL QB is most "murderable". Also, lot's of golden globes talk, Roger Goodell hate and Mike Portnoy Esquire calls. Tex comes into the studio minutes after getting the shit beat out of him by a Barstool Idol contestant and fake voice guy makes his SiriusXM debut.
108:57 1/11/2017
Introducing Barstool Radio. The Dave Portnoy Show will now become a "Best Of" episode with all moments from Barstool Radio on SiriusXM Rush Ch. 93. On the first ever Barstool Radio; Dave, Rone and Caleb give an explanation as to what Barstool Sports is. They introduce a new segment called "Shit We Need To Talk About", El Pres tells stories of his recent experiences with Johnny Manziel and Noah Syndergaard. Dave, Rone and Caleb announce Barstool Sports' new TV deal on Comedy Central. They bring the blog life to radio with a segment called "Barstool Headlines", and they talk about grudges while Dave explains his hate for Bill Simmons. Mike Portnoy Esquire then calls in to give a grade of his son's new radio show and Asa Akria joins to talk about ASMR and Porn.
78:40 1/4/2017
This week on the Dave Portnoy Show, we recap the past year of episodes with a "Best Of" compilation. From the very first episode with Mike Kerns of Chernin Digital to the very latest episode with Asa Akira, we recap all the top moments the Dave Portnoy show has created. Special Guests include Peter Chernin, Erika Nardini, Mike Kerns, CT from The Real World, The people's golfer Jim Renner, Curt Schilling, Jack Eichel, Paul Lo Duca, Dave's Parents and caller of the year Brad from Charlotte.
69:04 12/28/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined in studio by Asa Akira, Rone and Riggs. The group took calls from the Stoolies while also mixing in a new segment "Watching Porn With Asa". They discussed the ongoing holy war at Barstool HQ, Asa's love for Gay Porn, Dave being robbed in Vegas, and many other important topics like what it takes to keep an erection for a long time.
67:02 12/21/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined in studio by Rone, Caleb and Young Pageviews as the guys took calls from the Stoolies straight power hour style. They talked about who ate the food out of the garbage at Barstool HQ, if Intern Tex is actually insane, the Barstool Spelling Bee, Young Pageviews' backstory and his journey to Barstool, and many more important issues like why Rone should not take his upcoming three month hiatus.
62:02 12/14/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined in studio by Rone and Caleb as they discuss the huge announcement that Barstool Radio is going to be featured daily on SiriusXM. The guys took live calls from the stoolies, and Rone rattled off a bunch of new ideas for the upcoming Barstool Radio show including Head to Head Psychics, Getting A Kick Out Of It, Blind Faith and many many more.
69:18 12/7/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined in studio by Rone and Caleb as they took calls from the stoolies straight power hour style. They discussed the possibilities of a Barstool Porn Video, if Caleb should leave Barstool to be in an entourage, upcoming plans for Dave's house in Nantucket, the history behind the Barstool logo and a familiar voice calls in.
69:03 11/30/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave and Rone took calls from the Stoolies straight Power Hour Style. They discussed the Marine Birthday Ball, Dave's favorite piece of content since starting Barstool, hot girls in the office, a threesome request from a Go Pres Go fan, and many other important issues like what it takes to get Dave's attention when applying for a job.
67:08 11/16/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Erin Olash and Rone joined Dave in studio as they took calls from the Stoolies straight Power Hour Style. They discussed who in the company has the most dirt on Dave, Erin's "type", the return of Jerry Thornton, the history behind the name "El Presidente", and many more very important topics.
64:50 11/9/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Rone and Glennyballs joined Dave in the booth as they took calls from the stoolies Power Hour Style. They discussed if cancer is fair game, Glenny's favorite deli sandwich, the "Angel of Barstool", First time jerking off and many more very important issues.
64:23 11/2/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave took live calls from the Stoolies power hour style. They talk about a Jenna Marbles reunion, all the lost articles by Devnest Nate, a throwback Chiddy Bang story, Dave's current health status, would Dave want to attend his own funeral, and many other very important issues.
56:30 10/26/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined by his Father, Mike Portnoy. This week, the Father and Son duo took calls Power Hour style from the stoolies. They talked about Dave's most difficult decision with Barstool, Mike's athleticism, history of the purple star fish, Dave consistently locking himself out of his house, and many other very important topics.
58:20 10/19/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave kicked it Power Hour style and took calls from the stoolies. They discussed the new studio, Nate at Night drama, Dave being intimidating and other very important topics like the first time Dave got high.
52:51 10/12/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave speaks with Barstool employees around the office. Barstool's mystery man Milmore tells a story of being drugged, Office Manager Brett explains his journey to Barstool, and Trent talks all things Iowa and his hopes of coming to NYC. Dave also speaks with International Battle Rap Champion Rone, who gives his pitch for why he should be working for Barstool.
67:00 10/5/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave kicked it Power Hour style and took calls from the stoolies. They discussed his eye eczema, glenny balls, who drops the nastiest deuce in the office, chaps being blasted during the debate, and other very important issues like what it means to be "salt of the earth".
47:42 9/28/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined by CEO Erika Nardini to discuss life in the New York office, as well as providing power rankings for each of the bloggers.
59:00 9/22/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by the "Non Cool Club". Basically everyone who wasn't invited to the Kanye West concert. He talked to Clem: about his commute and being fat. Riggs: about his plans for BarstoolHQ and his illustrious Harvard Hockey career. Nate: On being hated and his plans for Nate at Night. Smitty: about his thoughts on the "Club Cool" and his feud with Nate. Coley: about his infamous blunt rolling video and Mo recruiting him to leave Barstool.
61:00 9/14/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by Scott Zolak former QB of the New England Patriots and current radio host on 98.5 The Sports Hub. They discussed Dave's past battle with Zo regarding Giselle Bundchen, if there is any drama inside the walls of 98.5, if he hates anyone from WEEI, and how the Patriots will do these first 4 games this season. Dave also took calls from stoolies where he got into the Kanye West concert and "club cool" . Caleb then called in from the Barstool RV to try to clear the air.
61:00 9/7/2016
On this weeks Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by Jared Carrabis. Jared tells us why he wasn't the one to break the David Price signing with the Red Sox story, why old beat writers don't like him, and how Nate was salty with him when he first started at Barstool. Dave also talks about why he is mad with Trent this week and how our new head of video guy already screwed up. Finally, Dave snuck in a little note confirming a certain rumor that has existed around Barstool for years.
55:23 8/31/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by Mike from Old Row. They discussed the big Barstool acquisition of Old Row, how it happened, why it happened, and what it means for Barstool and Old Row moving forward. Dave then gave updates on the office including the war he is having with DirecTV and then he addressed what is going on with the comment section. Finally, Dave was joined by Caleb to discuss how and why Caleb said he didn't work hard on his podcast.
40:36 8/24/2016
Dave, Erika, and Jay (Head of Sales) sit down to discuss all that has happened during the Barstool Nantucket Retreat.
45:42 8/17/2016
This week on the Dave Portnoy Power Hour Dave answered calls about what his best first date would be, if he would play in a Pro-Am with Nate as his caddy, and If he is milking Harambe's death for profit, and who the Big 10 is going to play out this year. Were you wondering what song was playing on Phelps headphones when he was mean mugging pre race? Dave knows the answer.
38:39 8/10/2016
This week on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by former NFL linebacker AJ Hawk. Topics include the Mt Rushmore of Ohio State State Linebackers, the Michigan vs Ohio State rivalry including how long before Harbaugh wins a Championship, Tom Brady's 4 game suspension, and who AJ would want to play for if he came back to the NFL.
45:09 8/3/2016
On this weeks Dave Portnoy Show Dave discussed his trip to the Republican National Convention, the status of Rico Bosco, and who he would hire if he had no budget. He also talked about his best betting memory, when the barstool casting couch will be back, and who would win in a fight CT or Chad.
41:02 7/27/2016
On todays Dave Portnoy Show, Dave introduces the new Barstool Sports CEO, Erika Nardini. They discuss her previous roles before Barstool, her thoughts on Barstool, why she took the job, the criticism, and where she wants to take the barstool business in the future.
41:23 7/20/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show stoolies brought their usual wackiness mixed in with some actual substance. Topics include: Will PFT ever be on the rundown, What was the best blog Dave has ever written, How many chicks did Dave hook up with in college, Does he want to freeze his brain so that it can last forever, When he is a noodle what kind of noodle is he, and If he could piss a scent like a skunk what scent would it be? Like we said all important questions that need to be answered. There was also a can't miss story about your boy Nate.
45:50 7/13/2016
Today on the Dave Portnoy Show live from Nantucket we took non stop calls from stoolies. Topics includes: Get your dick sucked by a guy or suck a guys dick, Would he rather wake up tomorrow as Brady or Beiber, What his favorite cape town is, what school would Dave go to if he had a full academic scholarship for football. Did Dave plan the Peta attack on Big Cat, Thoughts on foul ball guy, and would he accept a billion dollars to blow Lebron James on the rundown?
42:21 7/6/2016
On today's Dave Portnoy Show, Dave was joined by his mom and dad....and special guest Big Cat. They talked about his dad's golf game, him falling down in the backyard, and how he showed up today with a USB device he found. Dave's mom also chimed in with her thoughts on barstool including if she was ever embarrassed by anything Dave has done in the past. Dave's dad then tells us based on no knowledge what so ever what universities are good and bad. This whole episode is a must listen to round table discussion.
49:06 6/30/2016
On this weeks episode of the Dave Portnoy Show Dave is joined by MTV Real World Road Rules Challenge legend, CT. They talked about how he originally got on the Real World, his numerous fights including how he chased Adam around the house, how he choked out Kenny, and how he wore Johnny Bananas as a back pack. Did CT do steroids? Will CT do another Challenge? All questions are answered. Download and listen to find out.
38:45 6/22/2016
Today on The Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by Nick Bonino of the Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins. Nick discussed what the last few days have been like since they won the cup, If Logan Couture is a bitch for complaining about Sydney Crosby's face-off antics, what he plans to do with the cup, and how he thinks he would fair vs "The People's Goalie".
This week on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave was joined by handicapper and friend of the program Rico Bosco. Dave and Rico discussed where Rico stands with Barstool, Rico then talks about the different circles of people he has and who he would rather kill Clay Travis or Doug Gotlieb if he only had one bullet. Overall its a wild 50 minute ride where you never know whats going to happen next.
This week on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave had "the handsome one" Hank join him to talk about his role with Barstool and how its changed. Hank also gave his thoughts on the NYC move and what he would do if he was the boss for a day. The always entertaining Rico Bosco then called in to offer his thoughts on a few matters including how hard Hank works and where Hank should live when he gets to NYC.
This week on the Dave Portnoy Show Dave brings back his first podcast guest of the show, Mike Kerns. Mike Kerns, if you don't remember, spearheaded the Barstool Sports & Chernin Digital deal. They get into where he thinks things stand after five months. Topics include the CEO search, the NYC office construction, the potential TV show, and the new Barstool app. They also give their thoughts on the state of the Barstool podcast network including the "Grit Tour".
Todays guest on the Dave Portnoy Show is one of the four original Barstool writers and current WEEI radio talk show host Jerry Thornton. They discuss why Ron Borges & Dan Shaughnessy hate new media, the general landscape of the Boston media including why the WEEI morning show buries Jerry constantly. Jerry also answers what was the worst thing about working for El Pres. Finally the boys reminisce about a hilarious story involving Jerry getting kicked out of a Barstool Party.
This weeks episode of The Dave Portnoy Show features a Barstool "state of the union" and includes an interview with former Intern "Pirate Simon". They delved deep into the whole pirate porn saga. Simon gave us an update on his life and whether he still wants to work at Barstool. After that stoolies got there chance to call in and ask Simon the hard hitting questions like "If you could be in a pirate porn threesome with any other barstool blogger who would it be?"
This weeks episode of The Dave Portnoy Show features former MLB all-star and current horse racing guru Paul Loduca. Dave and Paul got deep into this weeks Kentucky Derby race. They were also joined by Jared Carrabis when Paul Loduca called him out for allegedly giving out his phone number. Finally the stoolies got to call in and ask Paul important questions like who had the biggest hog in the Mets clubhouse.
This weeks episode of The Dave Portnoy Show features Curt Schilling. Dave and Curt got into A LOT of topics including ESPN, MEMES, Is Curt a bigot? 38 Studios, "the Schilling robe", Could Schilling still pitch and get Dave out, the Boston media, Evolution, and more...
On this episode Dave interviews his boss Peter Chernin about being the "Big swinging dick at the cracker factory", being portrayed as a caveman for being involved with Barstool Sports, on if he got any blowback from Twitter for El Pres storming twitter demanding to be verified. They also get into how Peter Chernin got into the business including his past ventures at Fox/News corp and his current ventures including fullscreen and various movies. Lastly the get into a spirited debate over Nantucket vs Martha's Vineyard.
"The People's Golfer" Jim Renner gives us an update on his current status. He also gives his thoughts on the Masters and the interim peoples golfer Keegan Bradley. Dave discloses some details about a behind the scenes conversation he had with Barstool Nate this week. Dave talks to Stoolies and gives his thoughts on the first lady going on an upcoming KFC radio show, the moment he first realized he made it with Barstool, and the current status of his relationship with Gronk & Edelman.
This week on the Dave Portnoy Show he goes old school with a
"Barstool Power Hour" esque show taking non stop phone calls and questions from Stoolies. He also provides updates on the NYC move, the ceo search, and what its like living in NYC.
In today's episode Dave interviews Charlotte Hornets Forward Frank Kaminsky. They talk about Franks final four loss when he was at Wisconsin, His life in the NBA compared to being a big man on campus, and for the first time in Dave Portnoy Show history a guest takes LIVE questions from stoolie callers.
In today's episode Dave interviews Buffalo Sabres center and Chelmsford MA native Jack Eichel. They talk about Jacks experience growing up playing hockey in the Mass area, why he chose BU over BC and the season he spent there, social media etiquette and if he's more recognizable in Buffalo or Boston.
Alone in a New York hotel at 1am, Dave Portnoy talks about his hatred towards the city of New York, the state of Barstool Sports including a timeline for the move to New York, being rich, the return of Pirate Simon and more.
Dave, Dan and Kevin break down their week in Hollywood trying to get the Rundown made into a TV show.
Dave goes 1 on 1 with his dad to get his thoughts on everything, from being made fun of on the blog to whether he ever thought Barstool would be successful to which bloggers he likes the most.
Dave Portnoy sits down with Mike Kerns from Chernin Digital who was the main contact for the Barstool acquisition. We discuss what his thoughts and hesitations about Barstool and doing this deal was.
Introducing the Dave Portnoy Show. This show will focus on the inner workings of Barstool Sports. We'll talk about all the controversies, decisions and stories from the past that helped mold who we are today as well as questions that will define the future. Basically an in depth look behind the curtain of one of the most controversial blogs on the planet and the guys who make it tick.

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