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The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.


Writer And Director Makes Feature Film Out Of Landmark Legal Case

Courtney Balaker is the writer and director of a new feature film, "Little Pink House," that tells the story of Susette Kelo's landmark legal battle against eminent domain. Balaker discusses the process of filmmaking and her approach to political issues through storytelling.
00:53:00 6/21/2018

Past Episodes

Jay Cost is a National Review columnist, AEI scholar, and author of the new book, "The Price of Greatness: Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and the Creation of American Oligarchy." Cost and Domenech discuss the founding fathers' relationships and America's origin as a wealthy yet unequal nation. They also talk current 2018 elections and competitive races this year.
00:59:00 6/20/2018
Need an explainer of what's going on legally with migration crisis? Attorney and Federalist Contributor Gabriel Malor explains how this crisis came to be and digs into the Senate Democrats' carelessly written bill. Senior Correspondent John Daniel Davidison reports on what Border Patrol agents are dealing with on a daily basis and how drug cartels play a major role in the inflation of migrants.
00:56:00 6/19/2018
Senior Editors Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi discuss the current debate over immigration and border enforcement . They also dive into the big takeaways from last week's Justice Department inspector general report on the FBI, James Comey, the Hillary Clinton investigation.
00:51:00 6/18/2018
Mona Charen is the author of the new book, "Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense." Charen discusses the feminist movement's entanglement with the sexual revolution, and why that hasn't turned out to be good for women. She also shares her research on dating, hook-up culture, and the war that has been waged against men.
00:56:00 6/17/2018
Elania Plott, staff writer at The Atlantic, joined Majority Whip Steve Scalise for his first baseball practice since the shooting exactly one year ago. Mary Katharine Ham and Plott discuss Scalise's miraculous recovery and questions surrounding the race for the next Speaker of the House.
00:54:00 6/14/2018
Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson III addresses the damage done to the pillars of American life such as the rule of law, the meaning of education, national unity, and our religious institutions. He asks his own generation to recognize its youthful mistakes and pleads with future generations not to repeat them. Wilkinson is a Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judge and the author of "All Falling Faiths: Reflections on the Promise and Failure of the 1960s."
00:53:00 6/13/2018
Laura Vanderkam is an author and speak on the subject of time management, and her newest book is, "Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done." Executive Editor Joy Pullmann interviews Vanderkam about wasted time, the economics of time management, and skills of CEOs and other successful time managers.
00:40:00 6/12/2018
Emily Yahr is a pop culture writer at The Washington Post. Yahr joins Bre Payton for a break down of this season's "Bachelorette", the 20th anniversary of "Sex and The City," and how today's feminism and #metoo movements are reckoning with these sex-centered shows. Later in the hour, they discuss the announced changes to the Miss America competition.
00:58:00 6/11/2018
Christopher Nixon Cox, grandson of President Richard Nixon and Nixon Foundation Board Member, joins Ben Domenech to discuss President Nixon's impact on both domestic and foreign policy. They reflect on Nixon's contributions to the Republican Party today, and Chris's memories of his grandfather.
00:52:00 6/10/2018
Jennifer Haberkorn is a senior health reporter at Politico. She joins Ben Domenech for a discussion on the state of health care policy in Congress, Right to Try drug policy, and the Trump administration's changes to Obamacare.
00:48:00 6/7/2018
Dave Rubin is a comedian, a political commentator, formerly at the Young Turks, and now host of The Rubin Report. Rubin joins Ben Domenech for an extra long edition of the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss his unique ideological path and a slew of other topics including comedy, identity politics, YouTube censorship, and why he is pro-choice.
01:30:00 6/6/2018
Cathy Young is journalist who writes at various outlets such as Reason, Newsday, and The Forward. She joins Ben Domenech to discuss current American cultural debates like the positives and negatives of socialism, feminism, and The Enlightenment.
00:54:00 6/5/2018
Jacob Heilbrunn, editor of The National Interest, joins Ben for a discussion on American foreign policy debates across various political camps. They compare Tillerson's and Pompeo's State Departments, discuss the idealization of Bush Era conservatism, the new German Ambassador, and Trump's feud with the NFL.
00:59:00 6/4/2018
Kevin Ring is a former lobbyist and Senate Judiciary Committee counsel, who went to prison himself, and is now back on the Hill fighting for sentencing reform. Ring is the president of Families Against Mandatory Minimums and he joins Federalist Radio for a discussion on Matthew Charles, criminal justice reform under Trump, and his own personal experiences with law enforcement.
00:56:00 6/3/2018

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