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From the minds behind Echo Fox, one of the world's preeminent e-sports organizations, comes a triple A podcast all about the culture, athletes, and inner-workings of the gaming industry. Immerse yourself in conversations about e-sports you love, and find out what "Good Game" really means from a trio who's taken the business by storm: 3x NBA Champion and Echo Fox owner, Rick Fox, along with Twin Galaxies CEO and host of The Jace Hall Show, Jace Hall, and award-winning producer and head of content for Twin Galaxies, Todd Roy. Join the queue now!


The GG Podcast

Violent Video game Viola

On the Twelfth installment of the gg Podcast the guys mention the unfortunate news coming out of Evo regarding sexual misconduct allegations and explore some of the toxicity in the FGC. Jace talks about the chaos and mayhem going on in the video game culture. And the gang breaks down the recent controversy of scapegoating violent video games for violence in our society.
00:47:37 8/14/2019

Past Episodes

Today the gang is joined by host of the Eavesdrop podcast, owner and CEO of OpTic gaming Hector "H3CZ" Rodriguez! Hector shares his journey from Account Analyst for AIG to running his own esports team and all the craziness that comes with it. Being based out of Texas Hector gives his take on the recent tragedy in El Paso. And you definitely won't want to miss the blow up when both Rick and Hector saying EXPLOSIVE and CONTROVERSIAL things!
00:45:09 8/7/2019
Today on the 10th episode of The gg Podcast Kyle Fox has taken a stronger hold on the guest spot than his internet counterpart does a Monster Energy drink. The guys break down gaming gear and what they think matters most. Rick gets emotional talking about a tweet from his son and the response of the gaming community. And you'll definitely want to hear why Todd is extra happy he didn't enter the Fortnite World Cup tournament.
00:48:24 7/31/2019
This week Rick clears up the rumors surrounding Echo Fox selling their League of Legends slot. Jace steps up when it comes to a competition between he and Rick. And the guys make sure to take time to honor the passing of Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson.
00:28:48 7/24/2019
Special guest Kyle Fox is back in the studio this week as the gang delves into social issues debating the recent casting controversy around Scarlett Johansson and the film "Rub & Tug". Rick wants in on the Area 51 raid while Todd has already been performing reconnaissance. And you won't believe the kind of dough up for grabs when Jace talks about the after hours money matches at Evo!
01:03:17 7/17/2019

Hey, PodcastOne Sportsnet listeners! As a special bonus this week, here's one of the latest podcast episodes of The Dan Patrick Show. As one of the best in sports, Dan Patrick gives you three daily episodes full of his award-winning reporting, interviews and commentary. Here's one hour from to day's 3-part show. To hear part 2 and part 3 , or any other episodes, visit or now. Enjoy! 

00:46:00 7/17/2019
Video Games are under attack in Belgium and Publisher Electronic Arts is accused of pushing gambling on children. Jace attempts to argue in favor of Electronic Arts and controversy ensues. Then Rick Fox shares the IRL physical and mental health challenges facing esports athletes while his son Kyle Fox questions the courage of NBA athletes during major earthquakes.
00:53:35 7/10/2019
EP6: "Crunch Time" - an illegal exploitation of video game makers? Children lured into a gambling scheme with loot crates, OH NOES! Esport prize pool over 25 MILLION DOLLARS? The truth is revealed.
00:58:10 7/3/2019
Sitting in a box, head big as an ox, today on the podcast we have a hungry Rick Fox! Join in the laughs as we find out why that's Jace's fault and Todd is a hero. Kyle calls in to tell us all why he wants us to leave Pokemon Go developers alone. And Jace disperses some Dogma from his newfound religion!
01:08:44 6/26/2019
Today, it's all about Tiger Style when the guys talk about toxicity in gaming. Jace explains some examples of trolling while Todd and Rick prefer to take a more hands on approach, by subjecting him to it... Rick tells about how the never say die attitude that served him well as an NBA champion has caused some turmoil during his LoL climb. And the guys explore balancing the relationship between time spent gaming and health and fitness.
01:11:21 6/19/2019
Today, the guys look ahead to E3 and discuss which console and game announcements they look forward to most. Rick gives us all an update on his climb to Iron II in League of Legends along with a creative metaphor for where he stacks against the professionals. The guys also share their first World of Warcraft memory... except Jace who would rather talk Ultima Online. And of course there is a call with Kyle who asks the inevitable question, "why is Todd on this podcast again?"
01:16:52 6/12/2019

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