The Hollywood Filter

Let's remove the filter and see what's really going on in Hollywood. From top LA beauty trends to events and celebrity goings on, join Jessica Hall and Mel Lamprey as they pull back the curtain revealing the unfiltered Hollywood that you rarely see . You thought you knew LA...but do you?


The Hollywood Filter

Eyelash Extensions with Nazanin Mandi & Nadia Moham

Jess & Mel are ready to split hairs (or lashes) about the ups and downs of their long-time addiction to eyelash enhancements before welcoming the cousins and hosts of PodcastOne's "Ladies Like Us" to talk about make up tips to make you glam like a pro, what it's like to go on tour with Naz's husband Miguel, and what to do with Jess's box of photos from her Playmate past!
00:55:00 9/11/2019

Past Episodes

Mel discovers a dark secret to a face-lift alternative (as well as nonlegal tender) before talking to the Queen of lip scrubs about her process of developing a necessity in a world that doubted her from an early age.
00:59:00 9/4/2019
Mel & Jess look into the science behind not eating for 16 hours each day before welcoming the country girl turned Hollywood housewife and actress about her possible return to the farm life, washing eyelashes, her husband's return to Beverly Hills 90210 and so much more!
01:00:00 8/28/2019
Mel & Jess decide to cleanse themselves in two very different ways before welcoming the beautiful business lady from Selling Sunset to hear all about her decision to go o-natural and the tough reality of the LA dating scene!
00:40:00 8/21/2019
In the debut episode, Jess & Mel establish their format of giving you both researched and personal information on an in-trend beauty topic, followed by a celebrity interview and lifestyle talk. This week they're kicking off the start of your new favorite podcast by discussing the allure of microblading. Then everyone's favorite tomboy from Girls Next Door swings by to talk about how microblading helped save her post-pregnancy brows and what it's actually like to drunk golf with Jess!
01:05:00 8/14/2019
Coming soon!
00:00:00 8/5/2019

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