The Limit Does Not Exist

Why limit yourself to one side of your brain... or one career path? You guys, the limit does not exist. Multi-hyphenate powerhouses Christina Wallace and Cate Scott Campbell believe that creativity and STEM can and should hang out together all the time, and they've got a lot of really great guests who think so, too. If you're all about building your own custom Venn diagram, this show is for you.


97. Human Venn Diagram Highlights: Big Leaps and New Beginnings

It's an extra special highlights episode! We've gathered together some of our favorite advice for new graduates, parents of graduates, and anyone taking a big leap or starting something new. You'll hear from visual artist Lia Halloran, MET Orchestra timpanist Jason Haaheim, Fractured Atlas founder Adam Huttler, and LEGO artist Adam Ward. Listen in as you prepare for your next big adventure! - Get the right mortgage for you - Find the job candida te you've been looking for - Try products ris k free for 30 days with free shipping and free returns if you're not satisfied

01:12:00 5/14/2018

Past Episodes

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! To show our appreciation for teachers and their integral roles in our development as lifelong learners, we're sitting down with three listeners who are stellar math teachers and Human Venn Diagrams in their own right. You'll hear Tori Raddatz, Emily Dennett and Emily Hart talk authenticity, inspiration, self care and everything in between - and we guarantee you'll feel all the feelings for the teachers in your life. - Try products ris k free for 30 days with free shipping and free returns if you're not satisfied - Get the right mortgage for you - Find the job candida te you've been looking for

01:18:00 5/7/2018

Do you remember what you were doing last Tuesday? Cesar Kuriyama does. He's a director, animator, 3D VFX artist and the creator of the 1 Second Everyday app, which records?you guessed it?one second of every single day. You'll hear about Cesar's life-changing journey that began with a decision to quit his job in advertising and take a full year off. Plus, the power of memory triggers, why "creative human person" is Cesar's title of choice, and how it all traces back to Doogie Howser. - Find the job candida te you've been looking for - Try products ris k free for 30 days with free shipping and free returns if you're not satisfied - Get the right mortgage for you

00:57:00 4/30/2018
If you want to know how 1218 drones made a flying snowboarder in the sky at this year's Winter Olympics, listen up! We're geeking out with Natalie Cheung, Intel's General Manager of Drone Light Shows, about pulling off epic spectacles at the Olympics, Lady Gaga's Super Bowl performance, Coachella and lots more. Natalie shares how she ended up with a job that didn't exist until recently and gives advice on jumping into a line of work that may require skills beyond your current resume. Plus, so much cool stuff about the art and science of drones! - Get the right mortgage for you - Try products risk free for 30 days with free shipping and free returns if you're not satisfied - Find the right hire for you
01:03:00 4/23/2018
Ready, set, finish! We're talking about finish lines and how to get to them without burnout, worrying what will come next or not finishing at all. We also discuss how to make decisions and not second-guess them, why creative effort is never wasted, and the power of getting to an answer even if the answer is no. Plus, why we encourage you to cut yourself some slack. Hint: You're doing a great job!
01:27:00 4/16/2018
Can you picture Henry David Thoreau's Walden as a video game? After meeting Tracy Fullerton, a professor of interactive media and games at the USC School of Cinematic Arts and the director of USC Games Program, we promise you can. Tracy tells us how experimental game design intersects with art, science, politics, learning and more - and totally redefines our idea of gaming. Get ready to rethink the role that games can play in society and in your life. Game on!
01:04:00 4/9/2018
Raise your hand if you've seen OK Go's treadmill video! How about that insane Rube Goldberg machine? Or the one with zero gravity? Lead singer and guitarist Damian Kulash joins us to talk about the inspiration and execution behind those jaw-dropping videos. He also discusses the importance of balancing creative risks with pragmatism, shares why he considers himself a committed generalist, and tells us about the band's new educational initiative, OK Go Sandbox. Get ready for your mind to bend upside down and inside out!
01:15:00 4/2/2018
How do you turn a bunch of bananas into a piano? Or play Nintendo with a controller made out of Play-Doh? Jay Silver, creator of Makey Makey and founder and CEO of JoyLabz, is here to help make the world your own personal construction kit. Jay has a PhD from MIT Media Lab's Lifelong Kindergarten, he was the first-ever Maker Research Scientist at Intel and he's helped companies of all sizes smash electronics and everyday objects together. We discuss invention literacy, how to create more wildness in your work and the importance of unlearning. Plus, a Lightning Round mic drop!
01:10:00 3/26/2018
We're coming to you live from the The Conference For Research On Choreographic Interfaces at Brown University (think: artistic entrepreneurship, robotics and dance)! You'll hear two conversations with badass interdisciplinary collaborators on tapping into your creative identity, finding the right space to do your thing, maximizing collaborative potential and much more. Plus, a special Q&A segment and an epic Lightning Round!
01:11:00 3/19/2018
It's been 2 years of The Limit Does Not Exist - and it's Pi Week! To celebrate, we're recapping some of our favorite insights, aha! moments and recommendations from the last 87 episodes. Plus, show fave Emilie Wapnick is back on for a special segment with books, tools and game-changing hacks for Human Venn Diagrams. Tune in and join this highly educational party!
01:12:00 3/12/2018
What can nature teach us about innovation? According to Billy Almon, a dimensional designer and biomimicry aficionado, a whole lot. Tune in for parallels between ants and corporate organizational design, a discussion of biomimicry in Black Panther and more jaw-dropping insights. Plus, Billy shares his path from setting booby traps as a kid to designing immersive experiences, and shares advice on thriving and communicating well within multidisciplinary teams.
00:57:00 3/5/2018

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