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The Mom Show is dedicated to moms in all stages and of all ages, from pregnant moms to moms with school age kids and even empty-nest moms. Learn about the trends, issues and solutions every mom can use.


1/14 The Mom Show

Welcome our new guest Cassandra Brashier from Clear Step Financial! How do you know when you need a financial adviser? 7 Steps to building your financial foundation for 2018.

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Dr. Amy from health foundations birth center is on today. She is joined by Stephanie the Operations Director Aubrey the Directors Assistant. We talk pregnancy and postpartum quirks that you may not know about.
Attorneys DeAnne Dulas Jeffrey Sheridan are in today. What issues do families encounter during the holidays? When kids are used as weapons. What is the 36 hour rule? What is the right way to hire a lawyer? Common stress can lead to worse domestic issues. What will happen if you call the police?
The Shamblott Family Team of Dentists are in today. It is our listener submitted question and answer show. What effects your teeth that you may not even realize? Why are some cavities worse than others? What if you ignore your toothache? How to properly clean braces as an adult? Chewing ice. Superstitions about fillings. Is it okay to leave baby teeth alone? What does dental insurance cover? Are there benefits of drinking bottled water? What's the deal with wisdom teeth?
Dr. Amy is in today. Is this normal? What to do when baby becomes mobile. What is the right amount of sleep for you and baby? When should you look pregnant? How are you supposed to feel? What will ...
The Shamblott Family Dentists are in today. Seasonal care of your teeth. Drinking water can help clean your teeth. Keep your mouth moist. When to get a new toothbrush. Put your tooth in ...

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