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On "The Pat McAfee Show" Pat McAfee and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won't be heard anywhere else. Pat's a recently retired NFL All Pro who has zero filter. A common man who has experience in an extremely uncommon professional athlete lifestyle is a beautiful concoction of hilarity for the average Joe. Both relatable and ridiculous, "The Pat McAfee Show" promises to inform, intrigue, and entertain at least twice a week. Thanks for listening. Cheers. #Viva


PMS 055 - Tiger is LIT

Welcome to the era of same day delivery for The Pat McAfee Show. Pat...Welcome to the era of same day delivery for The Pat McAfee Show. Pat about flipping the rap game upside down, Todd McComas takes us "Behind the Badge", Tactical Digs gives us a sports update, and World News Nick delivers breaking news.   Show More

01:06:15 8/15/2017

Past Episodes

Pat and the boys sit down for a chat with NFL running back and Dancing with the Stars Champion Rashad Jennings.
19:57 8/15/2017
Thanks to 100 Retweets in less than a minute by the twitter faithful, here is a Monday edition of The Pat McAfee Show. Pat talks about his first time watching the Colts, we receive breaking news from World News Nick, and get the latest NFL news from Tactical Digs.
01:08:29 8/14/2017
A bonus episode of The Pat McAfee Show as two legendary badasses, Matt Mitrione and Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, crash the studio for an amazing chat about MMA. Enjoy the bonus episode. Cheers.
50:13 8/11/2017
Pat and the boys sit down for another late night podcast with Bobby the Money guy. The boys cover everything from finances, ordering 500 shots at the bar, and the newly formed "Little 3" Basketball league. The group also takes you on a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
02:12:13 8/10/2017
Pat and the boys sit down to podcast after eating an amazing meal prepared by the $20 Chef himself, Shaun Latham. The boys discuss the Dolphins signing Jay Cutler, the blind twin brother prank, Martavis Bryant being reinstated, and take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
52:49 8/8/2017
It's the 50th episode ... the boys celebrate with Conor Daly.
02:12:42 8/3/2017
Pat and the boys premiere the first episode from the new Heartland Studio. Comedian and Roast Master Tony Hinchcliffe calls in to talk about his upcoming tour and working with celebrities such as Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. Pat and the boys go past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update, and Pat gives us his game plan on playing soccer with U.S. legend Tim Howard.
01:14:21 8/1/2017
BANG! Diamond Dallas Page joins Pat and the boys and talks DDP Yoga, taking on Brock Lesner in the ring, Jake the Snake, and DDP's acting career. The boys fill pat in on the worst concert of all time, Pat gives his take on the most recent CTE study, Degenerate Digs gives his NFL week 1 gambling picks, and Todd takes us "Behind The Badge" with a real life horror story.
01:14:21 7/27/2017
Extreme/action sports icon Travis Pastrana joins the show and Pat attempts to find out what Travis is truly afraid of. The guys talk about the best show on tv (Game of Thrones) and the worst show on tv (Michael Phelps Races a Shark). Pat goes to the movie Dunkirk and throws a carnival for his ladies birthday. The boys also take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
01:23:19 7/25/2017
One of the best bookies in Las Vegas, Chris Andrews calls into the show to shed some light on the gambling industry. Not only is this podcast filled with great gambling advice, but Pat and the boys dish out cant miss life advice on texting and driving, sexual intercourse, catching punted balls, police search warrants, and more. The boys also take a trip past the DMZ and get a Jim Kong update.
01:15:52 7/20/2017
Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians joins Pat and the guys to discuss his reputation as a player's coach, his respect for Andrew Luck, running up the score, and his relationship with Ben Rothlisberger. Pat and the boys also discuss the Game of Thrones premiere, R. Kelly's legal trouble, Tim Tebow dominating the minors, and we take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
01:45:31 7/18/2017
Pat and the boys sit down and discuss the new HBO show "The Defiant Ones", the McGregor vs Mayweather press conference, the legend of Wild Bill Hickok, and they chat with two of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in fitness, John Fosco and Cory Gregory.
01:49:12 7/13/2017
Pat and the boys sit down and recap their 4th of July weekend at the Greenbrier with John Daly, who had sex in a hot tub this weekend, Nick and Digs becoming dads to Sugar Gliders, Todd McComas gives us a glance behind the badge, and we take a trip past the DMZ to get an update on old buddy Jim Kong.
01:31:02 7/11/2017
Pat and the boys recorded this episode on the tour bus of a living legend, John Daly. Pat and John talk about being partners in the PGA tour Pro-AM at the Greenbrier, chocolate milk, living on a boat, surgeries, the White House, and going to the casino. Todd also takes us on a quick trip "Behind the Badge".
01:17:38 7/6/2017
Pat and the boys are back from vacation and ready to celebrate America's Birthday. The guys talk about their vacations and how good it is to be back in the good old US of A, Trump's unprecedented presidential GIF, getting your twitter hacked like Jim Irsay, and Todd takes us "Behind the Badge".
01:31:09 7/4/2017
This episode is 1 hour and 48 minutes of Behind The Badge. It's hosted by Todd McComas and co-hosted by comedian Jeff Vibbert, U.S. Army veteran Ryan Cauley and firefighter / UFC legend Chris "Lights Out" Lytle. The last 45 minutes of this episode features special guests Marty Dulworth and Joe Garrett. Marty and Joe are brothers that are both police officers for the city of Anderson, IN. Marty and Joe tell the crew the most intense story of courage, comradery, fortitude and sense of duty ever told. A story about how "just another shift" left Marty and his canine "Kilo" in a terrifying battle for their lives and left Joe in a desperate race to find his younger brother and get him out of harm's way. If this story doesn't move you, you don't have a pulse.
01:48:09 6/29/2017
Pat and the boys are joined by Billy Buck Roscoe, a man who loves two things; his country and drinking beer. Billy Buck's drinking videos have made him an internet sensation, but his tales of sex and patriotism on this podcast will make him a legend.
01:30:51 6/27/2017
Pat and the boys sit down with the greatest kicker in the history of the National Football League, Adam Vinatieri, and discuss the ins and outs of a living legend's career.
01:19:00 6/22/2017
Pat phones into the studio from high society Connecticut to tell the boys all about his first morning on NBC Sports Pro Football Talk with Mike Florio. The boys recap their $1,000 bar tab, Paul George leaving Indy, foreign drama, and go "Behind the Badge" with Todd.
01:33:37 6/20/2017
Pat and the boys sit down for a ridiculous interview with Stanley Cup Champion, Ian Cole, from the middle of the Penguin's championship parade. Pat plants a seed for an amazing original movie and the boys water it until it blooms into the greatest original movie ... ever created.
01:25:06 6/15/2017
The Pittsburgh Penguins are "back to back" Stanley Cup Champs! Pat and the boys celebrate by having the voice of Pittsburgh, Mark Madden, on the podcast with a special guest appearance by Pen's superfan, AQ Shipley. Digs tells us about his interesting Uber experience, Todd takes us "Behind the Badge", and Nick takes us on a trip past the DMZ for a JimKong update.
01:44:55 6/13/2017
Rip Rodgers is a wrestling legend and a man without a filter. Rip tells Pat and the boys everything about wrestling and life; in the most raw interview to ever hit the Pat McAfee Show. Todd McComas takes us "Behind the Badge". The boys get a visit from the next president of The United States, and the gang goes on a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
01:56:29 6/8/2017
Two time Daytona 500 winner and Fox Nascar analyst Michael Waltrip calls in and answers the question everyone wants to know about racing. The gang discusses going to the zoo, Pat's wrestling training, the NHL and NBA playoffs, players fighting coaches, and the Kathy Griffin drama. The boys also take a trip past the DMZ and get a Jim Kong Update.
01:50:41 6/6/2017
"BizNasty" Paul Bissonnette joins the show to talk Stanley Cup Finals and his NHL career. Pat accepts a challenge from his mother to donate $ to charity every time he swears on the show. Todd takes everyone Behind The Badge on his experiences with bribes. Other topics include Tiger Woods DUI, Jim Kong's new iPad, and a font to indicate sarcasm.
01:40:33 6/1/2017
Pat and crew present their final show from the Indy 500 infield in dire conditions of what is left of #CampHeartland. The recap of the previous week provides insight into meeting the drivers, the events of the race, and the ridiculous party atmosphere at the track. A Jim Kong update and the Tiger Woods arrest are discussed as well.
58:37 5/30/2017
Pat and the boys sit down with a man who knows more about rockets than Jim Kong, Indy car driver; Conor Daly. Pat asks the hard hitting questions we all want to know about Indy car drivers. Strap yourself in and feel the G's.
01:24:53 5/25/2017
Pat and the boys come to you LIVE from their RV in the Indy 500 infield with everything you need to know about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The crew talks about bowing to the queen, dueling, driverless cars, gods, and how god awful Will Smith is at acting. We also go "Behind the Badge" and take a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
01:20:42 5/23/2017
This episode features our first live music performance from country superstar Buck Coltrain. Pat and the boys talk about the upcoming week at the Indy 500. Also, the crew teaches us about history, science, dolphins, and the male romper. Todd takes you "Behind the Badge" and we take a trip past the DMZ to North Korea for a Jim Kong update.
01:20:12 5/18/2017
Pat, Nick, and Digs went balls deep in the meat of Arkansas to spend the weekend with golf legend and American icon John Daly. Meanwhile Todd stayed home in Indianapolis and headlined a comedy show. Jim Kong makes a visit and we take a trip "Behind the Badge".
02:07:24 5/16/2017
Pat heads off to the magical land of Detroit where he learns about amperands and Chinese culture. Nick and Digs finalize names for their Sugar Gliders, while Todd takes us "Behind The Badge". The crew also takes us on a trip past the DMZ for a Jim Kong update.
01:51:08 5/11/2017
Pat McAfee Show's first recording in the new temporary studio (Pat's basement). Today's guest was former NFL linebacker, Kamerion Wimbley, who will be featured on next season of MTV's Challenge: Champs vs Pros. Digs and Nick discuss getting new pets. Pat and the boys reminisce on television shows they watched as kids, recap the Kentucky Derby, and talk BBB Shoes. Todd takes us Behind The Badge.
01:50:38 5/9/2017
Pat's birthday surprise kid napping, hearing the future, Japan talk, upcoming fights, game shows, Pat's cruise ship offer, Digs' brain, Behind the Badge, jersey chasers, Colts team stories, Pat's NBA rebound average, ADD sports, Jerome Bettis calls, t-shirt previews, future of medicine, Pat's TV reviews, #JimKong update.
01:54:07 5/4/2017
First we celebrate Pat's 30th Birthday! Then on to Todd's story of gulping down a glass of box wine, Pat will die young, Purdue show announced for Sept. 23, 2017. The boys are impressed with Serena Williams winning while pregnant. Then cat talk, Lavar Ball, shoe deals, way-too-much Canada talk, Digs' brain, Noah is Pat's OG. Mike Florio from ProFootballTalk joins us. Mountain climbing deaths, Fyre Festival disaster, #JimKong update.
01:44:46 5/2/2017
Digs finds vindication within the Hernandez suicide, Achilles talk, Pat learns about Batman, Pat relives his draft weekend back in 2009, Pat divulges his amazing TD celebration that never happened. Jeter buys the Marlins, ESPN layoffs, Skip Bayless and Fox Sports. #JimKong update, wild boars, Pat has yet another ISIS rant and Ice Beer.
01:37:48 4/27/2017
First a Pittsburgh trip recap, getting pulled over stories and Pat has something to say about the reporter/Westbrook incident. Pat then gets punched in the face. Super Bowl Champ Chris Long calls. #JimKong update, Bitcoins and Banks, and Pat rants on terrible food/service.
01:50:28 4/25/2017
The boys speculate A LOT about the death of Aaron Hernandez, get upset over the Adidas gaffe (but are willing to fix it). Pat gets very upset over a bald eagle shooting and ups the $$ for a tip leading to the guilty idiot. Pat also does a voiceover for a porno. "What if Digs were a dictator?" and of course, A Kim Jung Un Update.
01:21:28 4/20/2017
This episode features a phone interview with Ryan Whitney. Ryan is a former NHL Defenseman, an NHL Analyst and the host of the hit podcast "Spittin' Chiclets" presented by Barstool Sports. Pat and the boys also caught up with their "6th Man" Kim Jong Un and talked a little sports and world news. This episode also features a Behind the Badge segment.
01:31:33 4/18/2017
Fellow former NFL punter, Steve Weatherford joins Pat and the boys in NYC. They discuss who is more America, they also recall Pat intimidating Steve during pre-game warmups, driving around the Indy 500 track with a Mario. Michael Cohen calls to promote the show on the show. Tebow talk and out-hustling the hustlers.
01:32:12 4/13/2017
Pat and the boys are still at Barstool HQ in NYC... Pat still hates NYC, but it's growing on him. Entrepreneur and motivator, Gary Vaynerchuk joins us and brings the heat. We talk motivation, execution, hustling, football and more. Plus he challenges you to support #1PagePat and if you have ANY question for the guys, use #PatandGary
01:12:16 4/12/2017
Pat and the boys are in Barstool HQ in NYC. Pat hates NYC, but he doesn't hate speaking with one of his favorite co-workers, Chaps from the Zero Blog Thirty podcast. Stay for the entire episode because Chaps ends with an epic story of the day he was injured in battle and pays tribute to his brothers in arms.
01:11:45 4/11/2017
Pat and the boys talk a lot about Kim Jong-Un, the NHL's efforts to deny players the opportunity to represent their country in the Olympic Games, and Pat's plan to get in peak physical condition now that he's out of the NFL.
01:08:38 4/6/2017
This episode features an amazing interview with retired NBA player Stephen Jackson. Jackson had an illustrious 14 year career and is regarded by many as one the best players to never be voted to an All-Star roster. He was a major contributor to the San Antonio Spurs' NBA Championship in 2003 and is now focusing on his career as an analyst with ESPN and a future in coaching. As usual, Pat and the boys also talked a little sports, world news and they caught up with their boy Kim Jong-Un.
01:31:03 4/5/2017
Pat and the boys recap their quick trip to New York to party with "El Pres" and the gang. They absolutely killed themselves so they were still recovering from the damage of Saturday night. They talked a little sports, they talked a little world news and they caught up with their boy Kim Jong-Un.
01:39:03 4/4/2017
Our boy Tactical Digs turned 29! Pat and the boys talked sports, covered some world news, checked in on Kim Jong-Un, Pat conveyed a heartfelt message to the fans of his show and Barstool Indy, and then wrapped things up with Behind The Badge.
01:05:19 3/30/2017
PGA legend John Daly was our guest. John hits it hard man and Pat is his biggest fan. They had a legendary conversation that will undoubtedly lead to a beautiful friendship. The boys covered everything from Lavar Ball to Kim Jong-Un and Pat rounds out the Vegas aftermath.
01:10:42 3/29/2017
WARNING: This episode was a hilarious train wreck and we didn't edit out a single moment. Pat and the boys give Todd and the listeners a full recap of their Vegas trip this past weekend. You should know that Pat, Digs and Nick landed back in Indy 4 hours before this episode was recorded and their bodies and minds were still tore down from their insane weekend in Sin City. But the show must go on! To our're welcome. To our sponsors...we're sorry.
01:07:19 3/28/2017
This episode features an interview with Arizona Cardinals center and food enthusiast, A.Q. Shipley. Pat discusses what retirement has been like for him thus far and reveals his plans for the future. Pat and the boys attempt to reach out directly to Kim Jong Un and they talk a little sports and world news. This episode also features a jazzed-up segment of Behind the Badge.
01:52:38 3/23/2017
Wednesdays are for the crew. No guests, no ad reads, just Pat and the boys chilling out and having a conversation. They discussed Pat's past trips in Vegas, Dave Chapelle's return to comedy standup comedy and what's happening in the world.
01:11:51 3/22/2017
This episode features a March Madness rundown with ESPN analyst and radio host Dan Dakich and an interview with Colts cornerback turned safety, Darius Butler. Pat and the boys also discuss Pat's win in Barstool Sports' Bud Light Busters Challenge and his subsequent upcoming trip to Vegas.
01:36:00 3/21/2017
This episode features an interview with former NFL running back and future Hall of Famer Edgerrin James. Pat and the boys discuss what's happening in sports and world news and they unveil the long-awaited Chicken Story during this week's segment of Behind the Badge.
01:28:28 3/16/2017
There was no guest this episode. Just Pat and the boys talking about what's going on in the world.
01:14:42 3/15/2017
This episode features interviews with ESPN analyst and radio host Dan Dakich and founder of Barstool Sports, Dave "El Pres" Portnoy. Dan Dakich breaks down his NCAA Men's Basketball bracket and Dave Portnoy breaks down his opinion of Soul Cycle instructors. The boys cover what's happening in the world with sports and other news, Uncle Todd answers the weekly cop question in Behind the Badge, and Pat shares his opinion on how America is getting soft.
02:10:23 3/14/2017
This episode features interviews with Strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis and retired NFL running back and potential wolf slayer Arian Foster. The boys also discussed what's going on in the world and they introduced their new "Ask a Cop" segment.
01:20:37 3/7/2017
This episode features interviews with Washington Redskins lead receiver Pierre Garcon, Sports Agent Drew Rosenhaus, Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus and Former NHL Defenseman / podcaster and NHL Analyst Ryan Witney.
02:48:00 3/2/2017
The first official episode of The Pat McAfee show features interviews with The 2017 NBA Slam Dunk Champ, Glenn Robinson III in the first hour, Former NFL quarterback / ESPN analyst Matt Hasselbeck in the second hour and ESPN sportscaster / radio host Dan Dakich wraps things up at the end.
2:44:38 2/23/2017
The Pat McAfee Show presented by Barstool Sports

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