The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

Dale Tondryk hosts The Retirement Playbook -- lessons on retiring strong. Dale will help you win the game of retirement.


The Retirement Playbook with Dale Tondryk

The Retirement a football team...everyone needs to be on the same page in your retirement plan!!

So you might sort of have a retirement plan right? Put it off no more! Get the retirement playbook plan today!! Call Dale your retirement coach and get yours... 952-401-1671. As part of that plan, do you have an emergency fund? How much is in it?
00:00:00 1/18/2019

Past Episodes

Dale is fantastic today with some great info and has the playbook that will help you get to the Super Bowl of retirement planning! Maybe consider a Long Term Care insurance policy to protect your income and take of the care giving also!
00:00:00 1/11/2019
A meeting with Dale should be in your planner or on your calendar for this year!! Make this year the year you make the personal retirement plan and move that plan over the goal line!!
00:00:00 1/4/2019
How Dale can help you get to at least $250k for retirement!! Its not going to bust your Christmas budget by meeting with Dale who is one the best! In fact, meeting with Dale will be the best gift you could give yourselves!! Listening to this show will help you. Happy holidays from Dale and gang from TWM!
00:00:00 12/21/2018
What kind of money do you need each month. What kind of growth does your money need? Active vs. Passive? The cost of meeting with Dale is a small investment into your retirement future!!
00:00:00 12/14/2018
At times...yes! Spouses sometimes don't agree on some things and then one person takes over and is the only one meeting with Dale! That is not the best way to do this. Both need to be in on plan development even if they don't agree on some things...compromise!
00:00:00 12/7/2018
Today Dale talks about retirement savings to retirement income! Time to get make your game plan and get a Retirement Playbook for yourself with Dale!!
00:00:00 11/30/2018
If you have a long term care issue in your future...will you be able to protect that retirement income? Some costs could get to $125k a year!! Get a plan, a Retirement Playbook Plan...with Dale!!
00:00:00 11/23/2018
By not listening to Dale and this show, that will not help your plan...and if you fail to can plan to fail. Follow me on that? You need help from an expert like Dale...who is one of the best in the business...check it out!!
00:00:00 11/16/2018
We all fear of running out of money when we retire. Are you in the right investments and have the right kind of savings today that will bode well for your future retirement and not run out of money? Call Dale today and order your own Retirement Playbook!! 952- 401-1671
00:00:00 11/9/2018
Oh yes a tough week for the markets no doubt. No better time to make a plan with Dale!! Please don't wait! Have a written plan...your retirement playbook that will take you saved money and make it last for your 952-401-1671.
00:00:00 10/26/2018

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