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The Show with Austin Huff is a late night talk show for your ears. Each episode brings a fun, easy-to-listen conversation with a guest who's much more interesting than Austin, with a mix of sports, pop culture, movies and music.


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Blaine Bishop (10-year NFL veteran) and The Most Punchable Faces In Sports

Blaine Bishop (former Tennessee Titans strong safety) joins Austin to talk about his 10-year playing career in the NFL, playing in Super Bowl XXXIV against the St. Louis Rams, who the toughest receiver he ever faced was, what kind of music he would listen to before games, what to make of this year's Tennessee Titans team and what the expectations are for Mike Vrabel, and what his transition into sports talk radio was like. Plus, Austin brings in The Show regular Spencer Graves to break down the most punchable faces in sports.
01:14:26 11/12/2018

Past Episodes

Andy Benes (14-year MLB veteran, former #1 overall MLB Draft pick) joins Austin to talk about winning a gold medal in the 1988 Summer Olympics, throwing the first pitch in Arizona Diamondbacks history, striking out Ken Griffey Jr., playing with Ken Griffey Jr., what his pitch would be to get Bryce Harper to join the St. Louis Cardinals, and the beauty in adopting children. Plus, Austin breaks down the weird shopping habits of Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco.
01:10:23 11/7/2018
Charlotte Wilder (Sports Illustrated) joins Austin to talk about the time she got in trouble for lip syncing Salt-N-Pepa's 'None Of Your Business' at her senior talent show, the Red Sox winning the World Series, Tom Brady's now defunct The TB Times, Lipscomb University, growing up in the '90s, advice she has for young women entering the world of sports media, and her imaginary friend Ellen who she really doesn't like all that much. Plus, Austin gives some Halloween movies you should watch and breaks down the greatness that is Mike Gundy press conferences.
01:03:40 10/30/2018
Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole (TSN, previously of FS1) join Austin to talk about the current state of sports highlight shows, people who have names that sound like cops, how other sports leagues would be different in Canada, what celebrity they would like to see as Canada's next Prime Minister, and an idea for a potential FRIENDS movie. Plus, Austin shares a story of his quick trip to London, and brings in Spencer Graves to talk about British accents.
00:50:50 10/22/2018
Lauren Zima (Entertainment Tonight, MTV's Disaster Date) joins Austin to talk about high school reunions, the truth behind MTV's Disaster Date, details on MTV's reboot of The Hills, stories from working award show red carpets, and what a groutfit is. Plus, Austin pays his respects to the Miami Marlins Home Run Sculpture and explains how we got here with that franchise.
01:09:16 10/16/2018
Will Leitch (founding editor of Deadspin, contributing editor to New York magazine, correspondent for MLB) joins Austin to talk about Scholastic Bowl, living in Athens, Georgia, the inception of, Deadspin's negative of his favorite team - the St. Louis Cardinals, his awkward run in with Buzz Bissinger as a panelist on HBO's Costas Now, his all-time favorite movie, his thoughts on Stanley Kubrick, and what SNL skit turned movies was the best. Plus, Austin is joined by Spencer Graves ('Me and My Weird Friends with Spencer Graves' podcast) to break down the best baldspots in sports.
01:28:17 10/8/2018
Randy and Jason Sklar (ESPN's Cheap Seats, Better Call Saul, Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a million other TV shows) join Austin to talk about high school, the creation of Taco Bell's 4th meal, working with siblings, the Beastie Boys, the 1987 World Series, Jose Oquendo, and the Project Wake Up innaugural comedy night event they're headling on November 24th in St. Louis. Plus, Austin talks about sleeping in a coffin for 30 hours at Six Flags. And did ESPN really try to drop a Good Charlotte halftime show on us during Monday Night Football and think we wouldn't notice?!
01:24:01 10/1/2018
Benjamin Hochman (St. Louis Post-Dispatch sports columnist) joins Austin in-studio to talk cheeseburgers, Andy Cohen, the play Hamilton, looking like Elijah Wood, trying to date Lindsay Lohan, the pressure of meeting deadlines as a sports writer, the importance of David Freese's 2011 World Series Game 6 to him personally, the absurdity of the Rockies mascot, Ken Griffey Jr., his book, and more cheeseburgers. Plus, Austin tries to break down Kanye West's beef with Drake and Nick Cannon? And also, a few ideas for Space Jam 2.
01:28:21 9/24/2018
Allie Mac Kay (co-host of Kevin and Bean on KROQ in Los Angeles) joins Austin to talk about mock trials, Michelle Beadle, the only bar fight Allie has ever gotten in, Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana, morning TV, first jobs, whether or not Dippin' Dots is the ice cream of the future, and a game of Who Would Win In A Fight: Serial Killer Edition. Plus, Austin breaks down NFL Week 2, including Mike Zimmer not owning a TV, Pat Mahomes is the next Frank Cushman, and Vontae Davis just quit. Also, a call to Steve Gorman (The Black Crowes' drummer) to talk about the Beatles' masturbation parties. "Fat girls shouldn't wear pleats." -Allie Mac Kay, 2018
01:28:30 9/17/2018
Ernie Johnson (NBA on TNT, MLB on TBS) joins Austin to talk about St. Louis, Atlanta, the great food in both cities, the dream baseball game to broadcast, bow ties, Ernie's father and their relationship, social media burner accounts, working with Shaq, Kenny and Chuck, his viral monologue following the 2016 presidential election, and "blackberry moments." Plus, Austin gives his take on the new Minnesota TimberBulls and the best voices of the NFL.
01:22:52 9/10/2018
Wells Adams (ABC's The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise) joins Austin to talk about radio, Ole Miss, Back To The Future, playing ping pong with celebrities, his girlfriend Sarah Hyland (Hayley Dunphy in Modern Family), Chris Harrison IRL, drunk SnapChats, Taco Bell, Carmen Sandiego, and what's next for Wells Adams. Plus, Austin uncovers your eyes with a conspiracy theory about the names of guys picked to be The Bachelor.
01:21:07 9/3/2018

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