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The Social Feed Podcast is created to help business owners and marketers discover what works when it comes to social media. Each week, we update you on what's new in the social media world, highlight an app that will make your life easier, & give insight on topics like Facebook organic reach, dealing with negative reviews, and much more.


The Social Feed

How to Simplify Your Content Creation Process (ep60)

Agencies and the clients they work with have a unique relationship that requires unique tools to stay connected, efficient & creative. Coming from the agency world, Joe Teo has a really good idea of what one of those tools should be to help agencies work with clients to create and distribute quality content. In this episode we talk to Joe, the CEO of HeyOrca, about the tool they've created and what it's like to build software from scratch.
00:31:07 11/13/2018

Past Episodes

Missy recently learned about something called ASMR. Since then she has submerged herself into this strange world of sounds and the people who make them. If you aren't familiar with ASMR it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It has become very popular on YouTube. In this episode, we try our hand at making our own ASMR sounds and read some marketing tweets. WARNING: this podcast might not be for you - if you do listen, find a relaxing spot and take it all in.
00:18:26 11/6/2018
As the business and media landscape changes, the way companies - large and small - manage campaigns is shifting. Social media has given smaller brands a voice and a channel to compete with larger companies. In this episode, Missy talks with Deanna Baisden about her award winning, viral LaCroix hair social media campaign and how PR and social media are changing the game for marketers.
00:23:09 10/30/2018
Like the business world, the media world is changing rapidly. The transition to a digital world is causing some disruption that is forcing some legacy media brands to change their business models. One of those brands is 1500ESPN. 1500ESPN has been around as an AM radio station for a long time, but Phil Mackey is leading the charge to transform their brand and image into something that thrives in our digital world today. In this episode, Phil talks about some of their strategies and mindsets as they move forward and create something brand new that is rooted in the long AM1500 tradition.
00:34:31 10/23/2018
The podcast industry is booming right now, and there are often many podcast on one subject. So how do you promote your podcast in a way that helps you stand out from other similar shows? In this episode we talk with Marley McMillan about her podcast, "You Get A Rose", and pick her brain on podcast promotion and marketing tips that made her show a success.
00:27:24 9/25/2018
Creating a website is a daunting task. Sure there are tools that will help you build a website, but what do you need in order to create a website from scratch. What goes into building and hosting a site, and what process does a web build/design agency go through to make a website? In this episode we talk about the steps to creating a website - from wireframes to production and everything in between.
00:30:43 9/18/2018
We all love great leaders. We're attracted to them in life and in business. But we don't often have great leaders in our organizations. Development and training are often thrown around as the same thing, but Think GREAT leadership coach and speaker, Erik Therwanger, is passionate about differentiating the two terms. In today's episode, we talk with Erik as he offers some insight on developing leaders at all levels of an organization instead of simply managing and training employees.
00:32:09 9/5/2018
Big brands do a lot of creative, fun things on social media. Even though small businesses don't often have the big budget for photo and video shoots, there are pieces that we can all take from the big brands' social media and bring to our businesses. In today's episode, we talk about some specific campaigns we love and the common thread amongst a lot of the big name brands when it comes to the type of social content they post.
00:29:47 8/29/2018
Event marketing presents some unique and exciting challenges for businesses and marketers. Especially if the event is not your own - like the great Minnesota get-together. Our team manages a couple business's social media efforts during the Minnesota State Fair, and with the state fair starting this week, we take some time in this episode to talk about marketing individual businesses within a large-scale event.
00:28:56 8/22/2018
Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat recently announced new features - some are already rolling out and some will be coming to users soon. Some of the changes look to be really good for brands and business pages and others are more focused toward consumers. In today's episode, we run through several changes coming to the social networks and talk about what each one means for consumers and businesses.
00:30:59 8/15/2018
Smart speakers - like the Amazon Echo line, Google Home products, and others - have taken over our technology landscape very quickly. They are very convenient devices to have at home, and provide a new way for consumers to take in media and interact with brands. In this episode, we talk with Jeremy Sinon and William White from Hubbard Radio about their findings with smart speakers and where they think the technology is going.
00:31:09 8/8/2018

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