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The Social Feed Podcast is created to help business owners and marketers discover what works when it comes to social media. Each week, we update you on what's new in the social media world, highlight an app that will make your life easier, & give insight on topics like Facebook organic reach, dealing with negative reviews, and much more.


The Social Feed

Elevating Your Brand: Building an Online Presence Within Your Niche (ep69)

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Some brands market themselves to a broad audience and have wide appeal while others have to find a select, small audience. Social media is a great tool for a business to reach a wide audience, but it has immense power to find niche audiences and target them with social post and ads. Even before Facebook and Instagram became paid ad platforms, they were powerful brand building and marketing tools. As with businesses, clothing comes in all shapes and sizes. The King brothers, Kenny & Danny of King Bros. Clothiers, have built their brand customizing clothing and fitting suits for each one of their clients. They used Instagram to build their brand, find an audience, and even find clients to fit with custom suits. In the niche of custom, bespoke suits, they have found success with hard work and the right partnerships. They have worked with a lot of clients - from athletes & celebrities to business people and people who simply wear suits to work everyday. In this episode we talk with Kenny & Danny King about taking the leap of faith to start a business, and how they have had to evaluate and change their business as digital marketing changes. We were able to find out what it's like working with Thor Björnsson - "The Mountain" from Game of Thrones, and the Timberwolves' Karl Anthony Towns. They talk about the role of passion and hard work in making their business a success as well as how they were able to educate people and elevate their brand in a relatively unknown industry.
00:42:09 1/15/2019

Past Episodes

Standing out in a crowded market is hard. While there's no silver bullet that will fix your marketing and get you a win every time, using some unconventional tools and tactics can get you noticed. The Isaacson brothers are doing just that. They are realtors in a saturated market, but they are also carving out their own space by being open to new marketing methods. They are willing to sponsor events and be themselves - however weird that is - on social media in order to build a long-lasting relationship with buyers and sellers through an exciting and unconventional process. In this episode we talk with Tony and Sam Isaacson about starting their own real estate business in such a tight industry. They are honest about successes, struggles, and what it's really like working with your brother. There was a fair amount of teasing and joking, but they share some valuable insight into the entrepreneurial process and real estate world.
00:37:55 1/8/2019
As we start 2019, our producer, Pat, takes over hosting duties for an episode to talk about how Hubbard Interactive works and what we've learned in 9 years of business. Bernie Laur and Missy are the leaders for Hubbard Interactive, so Pat goes right to the top to find out what coming next for business marketing online in 2019 from an agency perspective. Missy and Bernie get a little nostalgic as they remember the early days with MySpace and before Facebook was a paid advertising platform. Bernie talks about leveraging his radio experience to push digital marketing forward and Missy gets excited about influencers and event activations. As we uncover a bit about what makes us tick, we hope you can learn from some of our experience and grab some useful tactics and ideas to try with your business marketing in 2019.
00:35:47 1/1/2019
In December, we podcasted from our biggest event of the year, Hubbard Digital Academy at Mall of America - a one day marketing event that includes sessions on Facebook advertising, videography, design, SEO, PPC and much more. We mixed things up a bit this time, and in this episode we spent a few minutes with a variety of marketers and business owners to talk about their biggest business hurdles for 2019 and what they can do to plan their marketing efforts to clear those hurdles.
00:44:39 12/25/2018
The cannabis industry faces unique challenges right now. Different strains are legal in some state but not others, and it's still not federally legal. Yet at the same time, there are cannabis products that you can buy at certain grocery stores in all states. Boveda humidity control packs have uses in the cannabis world, and also are used for cigars and wind instruments. In this episode, we talk with Devin Johnson from Boveda Inc. about the struggles and triumphs of marketing a product that can be used as an accessory in the strictly regulated cannabis industry.
00:40:12 12/18/2018
Getting your website found online can be a tough task. Between competitors and search engine algorithms, what's the best strategy for website content? In this episode we talk with Alex and Jason from Brandography about how to optimize your SEO efforts and keep your website relevant and up-to-date.
00:37:07 12/11/2018
In an industry that includes giant hotel chains and hyper-individual vacation rentals, how do you navigate the changing climate of the travel and hospitality arena? GrandStay Hospitality is a growing national chain of hotels that has a unique focus on local community features. In this episode we talk with the marketing team from GrandStay about their marketing strategies and tactics as they continue to learn and improve their hotel offerings while pushing forward in the digital space.
00:30:18 12/4/2018
Polar Plunges have become a big event in Minnesota, and Special Olympics of Minnesota has spearheaded the movement and raised a lot of money for their cause through individual and corporate involvement. In this episode we sit down with part of the marketing team from Special Olympics to talk about the work that goes into the Polar Plunge and how they continue to make it a success every year.
00:28:01 11/27/2018
Short animated posts are everywhere on social media right now. From stories to posts to ads, the animated video content includes short, animated text posts to longer, fully animated videos. So is animated content better than still images? How do you make the transition to animated content? In this week's episode, we talk about the pros and cons of animated content on your brand's social media channels.
00:38:11 11/20/2018
Agencies and the clients they work with have a unique relationship that requires unique tools to stay connected, efficient & creative. Coming from the agency world, Joe Teo has a really good idea of what one of those tools should be to help agencies work with clients to create and distribute quality content. In this episode we talk to Joe, the CEO of HeyOrca, about the tool they've created and what it's like to build software from scratch.
00:31:07 11/13/2018
Missy recently learned about something called ASMR. Since then she has submerged herself into this strange world of sounds and the people who make them. If you aren't familiar with ASMR it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It has become very popular on YouTube. In this episode, we try our hand at making our own ASMR sounds and read some marketing tweets. WARNING: this podcast might not be for you - if you do listen, find a relaxing spot and take it all in.
00:18:26 11/6/2018

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